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FBI baiting murder of LGBTQ+ & handicapped?

VIDEO TITLE: Fr. Michel Rodrigue – Great Calamities To Come By The End Of This Month! Make Your Souls Prepared!

@ 2:48 in the video:

  • “Pay attention to others, to the young, to those in need, to those who don’t fit the ideal concept of a man or a woman, those with impairments or anomalies. We don’t want them anymore. We may kill and exterminate them using any way at our disposal.”


This is surely not Father Michel, who should go after the creator of this video in court. There’s a sudden flurry of such videos all over YouTube, with the same mechanical voice, all of them maliciously skewing the words of those who are said to be cited, creating a parody that’s ever so malicious, endangering the lives of the vulnerable.

This seems to be State sponsored manipulation, perhaps of the FBI, which is presently holding Catholics to be domestic terrorists. The FBI will be vindicated if only some people are murdered because of such videos to which some people might give credence.

Sound far-fetched? It’s just that the tradecraft is way too perfect. And the FBI has much to gain in credibility. Just the way to do it, right?

It can’t be anyone else, except maybe the CCP.

Oh, sorry, I already said that.


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