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Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (“It’s the end,” edition)

This picture was taken the other week on the epic “Day Off” when I assisted the move of my neighbors of the hermitage to another local far, far away. That rose is at their new-old-house, so to speak, which needs quite a bit of work. They do have a shed outside, and I was able to bring them some of the wood of Holy Souls Mountain.

They can testify that the very first thing I did was to take that picture of that rose right when I stepped out of the new-twenty-year-old Taco. Honoring our Lady always comes first.

Here’s some pictures of them leaving the old property, making this, after years of threats of the property being sold, a reality… the property being under contract:

And then they were gone:

And that means the hermitage is also gone. Sigh… I’m sooooo nostalgic.

Before my mom and dad died in the early 1990s, they attended the speeches at the closing ceremonies of Myrtle Beach Air Force Base. Mom and dad used to love to sit amidst the trees along the runway or out on the beach and watch the practice runs of the new guys in the new fighter jets. I did that with them many times. Dad had been a Top Gun instructor up in Andrews AFB just outside of D.C. before there was a Top Gun program. Anyway, at those closing speeches a highly decorated Airman said with some great emotion:

“It’s the end.”

Later, I was to find tiny scraps of paper citing that speech and that particular phrase. I knew that this went so deeply into her heart and soul as she took them to refer to their lives here upon this earth: “It’s the end.” Instead, as they were to find out in a way we cannot begin to imagine in this fallen world, the closure of our own lives in this world is just the beginning of life, for life is changed, not ended. I think she made those little notes at a yearly retreat they had gotten into the habit of attending somewhere not too far from there.

Memories are good, in season, out of season:

“It’s the end…” The Immaculate Conception has the joy of enlightening them about life being changed, not ended, even when it seems like the end refers only to an end:

So, let’s start this all again with that flower for the Immaculate Conception, Queen of Heaven and Earth, of angels and men, the Queen-Mother, Jesus’ good Mom.

And, yes, those are tiny little roses on that rose-vine right before Mary’s eyes. :-)


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