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Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (October Bean warfare, edition)

These October Beans are catching on now, though they had a very rough start with white mold, etc. They are already putting out blossoms. Uh-oh. There must be something about October Bean blossoms that attract murderous wars of the creatures pictured below (an older picture from near the hermitage of yore) …

As the vines grow up high and wide, hopefully, there will be perhaps a hundred some blossoms (with future beans), and that will attract Humming Birds. I’ve never seen more frightening “dog-fights” than Humming Bird dog-fights over October Bean blossoms, and my dad was a highly decorated USMC fighter-attack Corsair Squadron Commander.


Just some entertainment supplied by Immaculate Mary’s Divine Son, Jesus, for her.

What? You think Jesus’ good mom wouldn’t appreciate her Son’s good creation?

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