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Now I have to live up to my reputation


I let it be known to my “Shadow” in a flurry of texts just now that I’m the best chainsaw forester woodcutter tree feller anywhere around. He downplayed the need for such work, but then he sent me some pictures. So, off to possibly salvage his safe-house for him. That ought to be fun. Today’s the day for sharpening the chainsaw and getting it all in order with all that’s needed. Here’s the pics of his back yard…

irma 2

irma 1

I figure Monday morning sunrise until Monday evening ought to do it. It looks like my guardian angel will have to do the heavy lifting here. As I say: Yikes!

Too bad Jenny the Jeep isn’t highway worthy. She can only do off-road. But Sassy the Subaru (all wheel drive) has a towing hook up front. I have a super heavy tow chain. I just need to make sure not to pull the trees on top of my head. Or anyone else’s.


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Chainsaws – too cool!

nun chainsaw

The picture above was sent in from a reader from across the pond after hurricane Irma. I can’t make out whether or not sister’s hands have gloves on them or are covered with tattoos…

Meanwhile, I offered chainsaw help to my “Shadow” down on the West coast of South Florida. He said he had an electric chainsaw (awful) for when the electricity comes back on, as there are quite a lot of trees down at and near his little house. But, I’m at the ready! (picture is from some years ago)


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Update: My “Shadow” and Irma

cia memorial

I’m worried about my “Shadow” in these days. He’s in southern Florida at the moment, right in the path of Irma, which will hit his house as a Category 5 hurricane. He’s pretty frantic. Many times in text messages and phone calls I’ve invited him up to stay with me here in Western North Carolina. I hope he’s on his way, at least to get to a county shelter where he is. The storm surge map on NOAA looks like his house would be part of the ocean, with waves way over that level. He’s just sent me a text saying that he’s worried about people that he helps down the way.

Update: So, my “Shadow” survived, and well. Not even the drywall was affected. But, he might need some chainsaw work. Lots of trees and power lines down all around.


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