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Really deep-fakes in State and Church

Just as the jackass had to point out to the false prophet that he was a false prophet, so people just cannot wrap their minds around the obvious truth, that the anti-Christ looks just like the real Christ, but is not. Is that the anti-Christ directing the violence, pointing a finger, or is that the finger of Satan?

You’re dead. You hesitated too long. Let’s see… something more up to date…

When it comes to deep-fake, there’s no better perpetrator than DARPA Compass as they seek to fill out million-column database entries, having field personnel bait targets, forcing those targets to react one way or another to faked circumstances, events, incidents, whether in the digital or “real” world. Just Google – DARPA Compass – without quotes, if you want to get the gist of this post. It’s a thing…

Baiting targets, including citizens in good standing, works to get reactions or lack thereof (which also tells you something), or, if it doesn’t work at all, they admit that they then turn up the heat until it does work. They will get what they want out of an individual, getting to know him, perhaps destroying him in the process, even “accidentally” killing him. It’s all part of it, right? It’s counterintelligence on steroids and a panacea for analysts simultaneously. Values are plugged into gaming theory algorithms jacked up by a complex of situational awareness field operative decision making policies, thus spitting out recommendations, such as the assassination of someone that number crunchers say might be thinking, could possibly be thinking about facilitating or actually engaging in asymmetric warfare possibly in the even distant future, maybe. Such targets can include anyone who is not going along with the normal brainwashing of the MSM, an independent thinker, a patriot (such a dirty word these days).

What could go wrong?

What’s the basic philosophical-theological-economic-emotional (etc) balance or imbalance of those creating the algorithms so as to skew results for political or job-promotion objectives (while thinking they are at the top of their game in being objective and sincere)? There are much deeper currents going on in any given target or any given DARPA Compass analyst. Vetting by way of boatloads of Yin-Yang tealeaves of interrogation answers or deep-faked baiting is simply a way to abscond from being responsible for what one knows will be the results of such provision of supposed actionable intel. There will be something like a 99% failure rate, always acceptable if you get one target who’s actually a threat, right?

Wrong. What’s great about America is due process. But that’s what’s hurting right now. And that’s what’s been tossed by DARPA Compass. Military leaders think they are clever, but have been played totally by deep-faked Asian-Communist mentality. There are no individual rights, just kill ’em all, taking no prisoners.

The problem is that targets are targets because they are smart, capable people. Terrorists who end up killing hundreds or thousands of people in whatever event don’t do what they do because they want a job or need a hobby. It’s because they have an ideology that has incredibly deep currents. These people are usually at the very top of their game: heads of teaching hospitals, academic deans at famous universities, already rich, already famous, already with lots of power.

Are they so stupid that they cannot bait the baiters whilst the baiters are baiting them? Of course they do that. Is that what I’m doing in this post? Oooo! Mysterious! But that’s the vortex of counterintelligence insanity. These are the games people play.

The arrogance of thinking that one is “in control”, a real temptation for those with unlimited access, can easily lead one to be overconfident, that one is absolutely untouchable, above the law, above God. So, one becomes less careful. This results in whatever violent smackdown resulting in unwanted community backlash, even involving Congress, you know, with all of it being way too obvious that this was a politically motivated removal of an oppositional voice getting inconveniently way too close to truth, with the haters of the U.S. Constitution nervous that anyone might want to uphold the Constitution. So, what to do? You prepare deep fake fall guys, with flesh and blood fall guys being too risky anymore (though there are still untold numbers of such unfortunates). But what you do now is create an ongoing history of deep-fakes to be used when needed in kangaroo courts:

If you didn’t realize it, that’s a very clever usage of such a topic to attack those dissenting from any viewpoint the Gray-Lady presents. The NYT claims the moral high-ground and condescendingly deigns for you to stand there with these MSMers. You see how she did that? You’re a fool if you think the Dems would ever lie, she says. You must accept that “Everything bad is Trump’s fault!” she says.

Anyway, the “Jason Bourne” thing up top… just say that there was such a “program.” Was it really about operatives doing operations, or was it about studying the parameters of manipulating such operatives, so that the whole thing was ultra-deep-fake taken to a whole other level of hell.

That would make for a great sequel. Except it’s all classified. ;-)

Here’s the deal: there’s always an analogy to be made. Fiction imitates life. Life is more surprising. Who would think that there are deep fakes amongst individual “members” of the Church? Judas was a deep fake. If it’s reported in the Sacred Scriptures it’s also happening in every culture of every age. Judas, the deep fake, is around today, as always. The difference is that any deep fake amongst members of the Church whomsoever is going to be much more cut-throat than anything in the secular world because there’s more riding on such a deep fake: eternal salvation of souls. And it’s not so much Judas who is any kind of frightening deep fake. No, no. The real deep fake is Satan, who, by the way, possessed Judas at the Last Supper, with Judas then going out into the dark to do what he had to do quickly.

The trick of the deep fakes is to make the sheep and lambs of the Lord’s Little Flock into units of manipulation, those who, forgetting doctrine, morality, spirituality, liturgy, instead hold up “policies” that are ever changing:

  • Let’s murder babies and force “vaccines” on everyone.
  • Let’s have idol worship, establishing the abomination of desolation on the Holy of Holies, with Jesus in His Sacrifice of the Mass on the Altar of Sacrifice.
  • Let’s insult the sacraments of Holy Orders and Confession and Holy Communion and Marriage by having Confessors solicit sin in Confession by having fake penitents not repent of adultery but encourage them to continue receiving Holy Communion. That brings automatic excommunication on the priests, btw.
  • Let’s insult the image of God by dissing male/female/marriage/family being the image of God and saying that homosexualist sex is what it’s all about.
  • Et cetera and so on and so forth…

How far can an ecclesial “Jason Bourne” be pushed with the programs we’ve put him through? Do we need to tweak our manipulations, rachet it up a level? How can we make him more of an agent of Satan or how, at least, can we turn him more into being Styrofoam in mind and soul?

And if that doesn’t work, how far can we go in making those who remain faithful to Christ into those who are perceived by the great unwashed to be the deep fakes themselves? Can we say that those who remain faithful to Christ are always hiding serious psychological problems? Those who are faithful, surely it is they who are the deep fakes. Yes, we can make them out to be their own fall guys. There’s an ecclesiastical thriller in there somewhere. Speaking of which…


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Extreme Ways (Moby) Lyrics Analysis

[[N.B. These are not necessarily the lyrics claimed by the artist Richard Melville Hall, Moby, that I’ve written out below. The lyrics below are merely what I “heard”. Not necessarily the same thing, but the lyrics, whatever they are, are his copyright. The comments are my personal interpretation, surely not the perspective of Moby. [My comments].]]

Extreme Ways by Moby

Extreme ways are back again [It’s not that they weren’t there all the time. It’s that we didn’t notice them. And then, there they are, in our face. Providence.]
Extreme places I didn’t know [This is a confession, a regret, a call to reform, to come back to reality of the way things are, like a “Vatican Commando!” ;-)]
I broke everything new again
Everything that I’d owned
I threw it out the windows [“I’d owned” = rejection of, in reality, being owned by what one just thought one owned. Brilliant rejection of that rejection. So, out the windows!]
came along extreme ways I know will part
The colors of my sea
All perfect coloring [A reference to Moses at the Exodus at the “Red Sea”, which in all the dark circumstances is about the most colorful place on earth.]

Extreme ways that help me
That help me out late at night [We’re all in darkness, in extreme peripheries, due to our own blindness about where we’re actually at in this world. Providence of extreme ways gets us to recognize what’s going on in the darkness. In that case, that dark night is not to be feared. Providence of extreme ways can handle any extreme places, any extreme worlds where we are at and don’t even know it until extreme ways come along to point the way. Thus:]
Extreme places I had gone
But never seen any light
Dirty basements
Dirty noise
Dirty places coming through
Extreme worlds alone
Did you ever like it then? [Again, this is where we have all been if without extreme ways. We didn’t even know we didn’t like it until extreme ways came along.]

I would stand in line for this
There’s always room in life for this [I laughed out loud when these two lines came along. This is it, exactly. Providence of extreme ways has us face the extreme dark peripheries where we are.]

Oh babe, oh babe [Sorry, but for me in my own little world this is my exclamation to the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church, to whom, as a priest, I am, as it were, married :-) Perhaps my enthusiasm is unbounded. It is what it is.]
Then it fell apart, it sell apart [“it” = the extreme places and worlds of the darkest of existential peripheries which fall apart upon the entrance of extreme ways. The extreme places and worlds, that is, “it” (as a collective) “sell apart” in that they just prostitute themselves to the next taker.]
Oh babe, oh babe
Then it fell apart, it sell apart [Repeated for the joy of seeing extreme ways smash apart the darkest of existential peripheries.]

Extreme songs [=extreme ways] that told me
They helped me out late at night [so as to face the way things had been up until this time in which extreme ways entered in; what follows is an incredible description of the darkest of existential peripheries. Yikes!]
I didn’t have much to say
I didn’t give up the light
I closed my eyes
I closed myself
I closed my world
And never opened up to anything
That could cut me at all

I had to close down everything
I had to close down my mind
Too many things could cut me
Too much can make me blind
I’ve seen so much in so many places
So many heartaches
So many faces
So many dirty things
You couldn’t even believe [Well put. Yikes! But with all that hell, now extreme ways move in and facing such a hell so as to conquer it with extreme ways is that in which we rejoice:]

I would stand in line for this
There’s always room in life for this [Again, I laughed out loud when these two lines came along. This is it, exactly. Providence of extreme ways has us face the extreme dark peripheries where we are.]

Oh babe, oh babe
Then it sell apart, it sell apart
Oh babe, oh babe
Then it fell apart, it sell apart [Up to now, this song has concentrated on one’s own self being rescued by extreme ways entering in. But now the emphasis, rightly, is immediately put on all others. Firstly, it’s an appeal to the listener, who is directly addressed. The singer wants help, and now points to those who have been just like him. He’s been rescued but he wants help in rescuing others, especially in the face of nobody caring at all about those still in the darkest of existential peripheries… This is gripping:]

Can you see my people?
Can you see what I mean?
Can you see my people?
Can you see what I mean?
Oh nobody cares
Oh nobody cares
Oh nobody cares [Kudos to Moby.]
If we’re living here [In solidarity, he stays with those suffering, but with great enthusiasm:]

Oh babe, oh babe
Then it fell apart, it sell apart
Oh babe, oh babe
Then it fell apart, it sell apart
Oh babe, oh babe
Then it fell apart, it sell apart
Oh babe, oh babe [This is completely justified triumphalism. I love it. I absolutely love it.]
Like it fell the stars, fell the stars [This is a direct reference to the fallen angels. Moby, for all his eclectic searching going on, knows Scripture pretty well and is most at home with Christianity. I’d love to have a discussion with him offline about how mercy is based on justice and what Jesus is on about, who Jesus really is as the Providence of Extreme Ways in the darkness leading us into solidarity and goodness and kindness.]


Anyway, thanks for that Moby. Really cool. I hope you don’t mind my commentary.

Thank you.


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