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I got an eyeful, so, a Hail Mary please

john wayne eye patch

I’d rather keep my eye. Apparently, it’s a kind of medical emergency.

I guess I’ll be busy today. The eye thing started while driving back after hearing four hours straight of Christmas Confessions in an “adjoining parish” that takes well over an hour to get to in these backsides of the back ridge beautiful mountains.

Actually it started when I was a kid. But that’s another story. But now it’s at crisis stage.

“Lord, that I may see…”


UPDATE: Thanks for everyone saying prayers. You’re very good to me. All indications were that there was a bit of vitreous separation of the retina. The ophthalmologist said there was in fact a bit of that, and however dangerous that can be regarding vision loss, he said that that was not the reason I was there. He came up with something altogether different, something which has nothing to do with the actual eyes, but which can be quite annoying altogether. I’m happy to something more about what I’ve been going through for a lifetime, and happy to know again that adjunct ocular symptoms are connected with that (also in the documented experience of others). It’s a fairly rare condition, but – Hey! – I’m already special. Anyway, I’m back home. The eyes are still dilated and so I see really good. I asked for that, right? Right now, the rectory is in cave mode, no light. And, btw, as it turns out, I would have done better with two eye patches for some hours today. But I won’t be wearing any for the foreseeable future.


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