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Laurie list: James McLaughlin – The rest of the story. The bombshell that may open doors.

This involves the great priest, Father Gordon J MacRae.


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FBI terrorizes Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville? No. Survivors are just angry.

So, within the boundaries of these United States an anti-Israeli Islamicist terrorist takes Jews as hostages in a synagogue on the Sabbath during services as leverage to get an anti-Israeli Islamicist terrorist out of prison also within the boundaries of these United States, terrorizing a whole class of people (and anyone of good will) to further this end, the very definition of terrorism:

  • “18 U.S.C. United States Code Title 18 – CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE – PART I – CRIMES – CHAPTER 113B – TERRORISM – Sec. 2331 – Definitions – […] (5) the term “domestic terrorism” means activities that — (A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State; (B) appear to be intended — (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and (C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.”

Let’s think for a moment about the actual terror. For hours and hours and hours the hostages have to go through hell. They are, again by definition, terrorized when they go through the same flash-bang experience (damn rough, that) and then instantly witness the gunfire that rips up the body of the terrorist guy right in their faces, blood and bits of flesh all over them. All of that will throw them surely into at least some form of traumatic stress. They are grateful to be rescued. Great work to the guys who successfully carried out this rescue operation. But these wounds go deep. But that’s nothing compared to what happened next.

The FBI declared that this had nothing to do with terrorism, even before any investigation could be carried out. That means that the FBI wants the Jews to feel like they are second class citizens, that the government has, at their expense, gone out of its way in this declaration to now invite terrorists to do what this guy did in taking Jews hostages in a synagogue on the Sabbath during services because for some Islamicist purpose, and… – hey! – the FBI will make sure that it turns out differently next time, that the guy kills some Jews, gets his demands, and escapes. The FBI insists that the perp was no terrorist. I bet that this means that the DOJ will bring the SWAT team up on charges for taking out the threat the way they did. Under pressure, they walk this back a bit. It was misspeaking. Sure. But we know what’s really meant.

These FBI guys have unending training on manipulation through verbiage. It’s what they do. It’s their lives, day-in, day-out. They know exactly what they are doing so as to elicit whatever reactions they want. They are so arrogant and cynical, so far above the law that they think everyone believes their self-congratulatory charades.

You want the truth of it? I don’t think for a second that the Jews who are now hostage survivors are all that traumatized. They are angry, and not so much with the terrorist guy (one expects his sort), but rather with the FBI. Yep. It is precisely this political manipulation by the FBI which will do unimaginable moral injury to the freed hostages, the terrorism survivors, to all members of Beth Israel synagogue, to all Jews everywhere. What the FBI has done will throw whatever level of traumatic stress hostages might have endured into an ongoing terror, that of one’s government telling you to your face that you imagined the whole thing, that the Islamicist “religion of peace” always and only has members who are peaceful and who love Jews, always, everywhere.

A message to the FBI: “Je suis Beth Israel.” Why’s that? Because I’m a Catholic priest. And don’t think that’s some form of threat. No, no. It’s a promise to unite my prayers for you with those, surely, of the terrorism survivors.


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Hiding Laurie-List names. Is that Jimmy “the liar?” McLaughlin? Dang! I think it is!

Above is a detail of the list as a screen shot when that Laurie-List came out. I’m sure there were those other than LEOs who didn’t want Jimmy’s name out there like that. There are conflicts of interest to keep him in good standing in the view of the public all the way to Congress, all the way to the Vatican. This also involves the case of the great Father Gordon MacRae, who is still in prison because of McLaughlin’s dubious activities. Here’s a screen shot of the immediately edited and re-published list:

See any particular name rhyming with “McLaughlin, James” on that revised list? No. No you don’t.

For the full story: HERE.

And here’s a picture of Jimmy with his reward (below). I gotta wonder if that’s the only reward he will get for his life here upon earth when Christ Jesus comes to judge the living and the dead and world by fire. Jesus doesn’t care about any manipulated Laurie-List.

It’s been said that Jimmy paid accusers to up his numbers of convictions, thus, I’m guessing, so as to ensure his continued activity in contravening the truth, as that was making him look like a hero.

Isn’t that correct, Jimmy? Just a question. If that’s true, I think that’s called RICO, Jimmy. I’m thinking that a class-action law-suit is going to net hundreds of counts, each of them, under RICO law, able to be multiplied for sentences consecutively served. It’s in your best interest to confess right now, Jimmy. Maybe you’ll be given a plea-deal. And those you unjustly had thrown into prison will be let out, isn’t that right, Jimmy? Just a question.

No matter how your law-suits turn out in this world, Mr McLaughlin, you should know that Jesus always has the last laugh. Yep. Think about it. Your move, Jimmy.

P.S. There is no one more despised by honest law enforcement officers than a corrupt cop.


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On not taking the head-shot. Analogies abound.

Criminals are pretty sloppy. In the still of the video above, we see that this guy has his trigger finger on the trigger. Let’s take another screen shot, one of at least a dozen that could be taken:

Judging that the body-cam is on the right side of the cop, the perp is taking direct aim at the head of the cop. As the video proceeds the cop has any number of occasions by which he would not have a risk of hurting someone else because of a pass-through bullet going into the window of a building, but, he didn’t take the opportunity to take the brain-box shot and drop Mr Perpy like a sack of potatoes. That puts fellow responding officers and other citizens at risk.

Why a brain-box shot? Because shooting at his feet is only going to make this guy pull the trigger and your cop is dead, that’s why. It’s called ending the threat. You don’t intend the guy to die, just to stop the threat. Sometimes quick action is needed more in some circumstances than others. This is one of those times. Not two to the spinal cord and perhaps one to the brainbox but one to the brainbox and perhaps two to the spinal cord. It’s called immediately necessary self-defense. It’s called protect and serve.

Having said that, just so you know what I’m exactly talking about, let me tell you a story. I know the Sheriff in another county (and he personally told me this story) who did up a foot-chase of a perpy guy who was continuously shooting at the Sheriff. But the Sheriff did not respond in kind, just ran after him. Finally tackling the perpy guy, cuffing him, the Sheriff threw the perpy guy in jail. He “read” the perpy guy correctly, that Mr Perpy guy was doing up a suicide by cop, and that the shots the perpy guy fired were so wild that the perpy guy couldn’t possibly have wanted to hurt the Sheriff. The perpy guy, after a year in jail, confessed as much after requesting a jail-meeting with the Sheriff, thanking the Sheriff for not shooting him. But the guy in the lead video up top is not like that. He’s just really confident over someone whom he calls a rooky cop, and knows he has an easy mocking event to feed his adrenaline needs. Regardless of his motivations, his sloppy gun work is too sloppy, mortally dangerously so. No one got hurt in the video up top, but that’s beside the point. This exaggeration in not participating in self-defense, in not participating in protect and serve, is what gets officers killed, what endangers the whole community.

Analogies abound:

Say some fabulous ecclesiastic is trolling believers by hotly desiring they do up some demon idol worship glorifying the sacrifice of children, you know, like with anything Pachamama.

Should the faithful member of the Lord’s Little Flock just be a doormat, not say anything, pretend that it’s not his place, that he has to be a man of consensus because that’s the super-dogma of tyranny for which he was ordained and nobody is daring to say anything and it’s expected he shut his face as well and…?

If some fraudulent ecclesiastic is publicly scandalizing the Lord’s Little Flock, that son of Satan, that squirmy serpentine brood of Satan, that white-washed-tomb full of filth and dead men’s bones, that hypocrite who is trying to make proselytes unto Satan twice as bad as themselves, that freakoid is to be called out, publicly, and rightly so.

These are Jesus’ trials when His little ones are being scandalized. What you have done or not done to the least of these you have done to me, says the Divine Son of the Immaculate Conception, the Divine Logos of the Father now Incarnate, with the wounds still upon Him, He who will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire. Though I am always the most grievous sinner if I am not in grace, I do rejoice in the forgiveness of the Lord, in absolution in Sacramental Confession (if we can even find it anymore). I do have hope of finally getting to heaven. I want to go to heaven, blessed by Jesus. I’m sure that’s the case for all y’all as well. I’m not so sure that’s the case for those fabulous ecclesiastics who forbid priests to grant absolution or provide Last Rites just because those priests don’t have proof of “vaccine” status.

Oh, and what’s the “head shot” dropping such ecclesiastics like a sack of potatoes? The Hail Mary prayer of course. And just to be infantile, as I am, let’s do that in Latin:

Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum.
Benedicta tu in mulieribus, et benedictus fructus ventris tui, Iesus.
Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis peccatoribus,
nunc et in hora mortis nostrae. Amen.

Oh, and stopping the threat involves ending the scandal by publicly reprimanding the perpy guys, those ecclesiastics who have taken the side of Satan, not of Jesus Christ. We must protect Jesus’ Little Flock. We must not run. We must stand with Jesus.

  • “But Jesus is gonna, like, get ripped to shreds,” they say.
  • My response: “And? So? Stay with Jesus. And go to Confession. And pray a Rosary.”

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Arizona Department of Public Safety DPS director pulled over because… Wait! What?

I haven’t watched this in a while but this director of the Arizona DPS Department of Public Safety tries to use the funeral of a law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty as the reason he’s way – and I do mean waaay – over the speed limit, and the cop who rightly pulled him over gave him a pass. Just as bad.

So, he gets out of a ticket etc. over the body of a dead cop.

Let’s do an analogy, shall we? Is there one?

  • Hey, I’m entitled to be a hero by promoting “vaccines” over the dead bodies of babies murdered for research, development, testing, and I’m a bishop so I get to do what ever the hell I want – and I do mean whatever the hell I want – because the Church is here for me, so that I can be a hero! And I can smack down anyone who gets in my way, because I’m the one, I’m the only one. I say what law is; I say what justice is; I… I… I…

What’s really disturbing is that all this is done with smiles and niceness, you know, it’s polite society. Really creepy. Murderers always are. They give themselves a license to murder.

Do they really think Jesus is going to listen to their rationalizations: “But Jesus, I had to play the hero by murdering the least of the brethren in the womb. I’m a hero! I’m a hero! I’m a hero!”

Pope Francis’ latest move about forbidding a testing option, and instead just demanding “vaccine” jabs for all is cruel, raw power cut off from reason and justice. I will not comply. But many (Cardinal) (Arch)bishops do comply and direct their priests to comply. No testing options. Get the jab! they scream. And, thank God, there are some priests with integrity who do not comply, and so are thrown a trash heap of history, amongst the bodies of the murdered babies. It reminds me of that scene recounted by Fulton Sheen upon the liberation of an extermination camp. There was a small mountains of bulldozed bodies. Sitting on top was a teenage girl. When asked what she was doing there, she answered, “How can I live when all my people are dying.” Good for these few, these very few honest priests.

Sure, I’ll probably be put under interdict or excommunicated for speaking about cruel, raw power cut off from reason and justice, but that’s what it is, cruel raw power, and such a reprimand is necessary:

  • “When Cephas came to Antioch, I opposed him to his face, because he stood condemned.” (Galatians 2:11)

Just because someone has hurt feelings over this citation, well, I don’t care. I want them to go to heaven, even at the cost of their having momentary hurt feelings, even at the cost of my being smashed down by way of interdict or excommunication. All of that is illegitimate, for I have not committed a crime of causing such ecclesiastics to be hated. No, no. I ask people to pray for those who so hotly desire babies to be murdered for their own benefit so that such prayers might help them to convert. But, again, Jesus is the last One they want to hear about. Hail Mary… [“fruit of thy womb, Jesus…”]


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Laudie-dog the Fire-Walker-dog, Shadow-dog the Dance-of-Death-and-Martial-Arts-dog

I’ve gotten quite a number of hints that I haven’t been posting enough about Laudie-dog and Shadow-dog. Today’s the day.

Laudie-dog, the fiery-orange dog as the fire-dog was captured in the picture above was last evening. For about the last six months she’s become quite a bit more frail in her old age of eleven to twelve years. She gets super-pampered, of course. She’s the princess! Treats have recently been hand-delivered by a guy who, in his 28 year military intel career, once was in the habit of messing around with DISA across from the NSA. Laudie-dog very much likes both the shish kabob and the bacon treats, as does Shadow-dog.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wp-16239340765054358134876731984115.jpg

Meanwhile, Shadow-dog is forever the dance-of-death-dog, as was captured in the picture below early this morning. His shadow seems to be more solid than himself as he dances the death of the rope he’s ripping to shreds. The rope, mind you, is 1.5 inches in diameter, and three feet long but with five huge knots, bringing the real length to six feet and weighing in at just over two pounds, the average weight of a full grown Timber Rattler or Crotalus horridus horridus. The rope itself, being ripped about like this at lightning speed, can just about break your leg if it hits you as you walk by. I know. And Shadow knows this as well. He’s proud to report his advances as a martial artist with his arsenal of weaponry.

Shadow is at the perfect age, at the top of his defense game over against the constant flow of druggies around the house, but is also the perfect gentle-dog with me. He’s now inside with me at night, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t perfectly aware of what’s going on outside. The other night, for the first time, he went ballistic at the front door and then came running through my little rectory to get me, insisting that I follow him as he barked at the front door. That scared off whoever was there. Now they know not to mess with this house at night.

Maybe. In Kansas the other day, a cop was at home for a quick nap, cruiser in the driveway. Someone, awaiting the opportunity for terroristic threat logistics, grabbed the cop’s puppy silently, perhaps a baseball bat to the head to keep it quiet, removed the dog to another location, beheaded the puppy, brought the body back (not the head), smashed the house open to dump the dog inside (blood everywhere, of course), then fled, knowing the cop was inside and would come to that door but would be stopped.

Stats are that anyone who does that to an animal will do that, will already have done that to human beings. Here’s the puppy, just before all that, alive, just like a little Shadow-dog:

This reminds me of a couple of other dogs:

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Hundreds of miles, 5 hours in Sheriff’s Office

So, that was one of the many posters hung in the lengthy corridor of that out-of-state Sheriff’s Department, where I spent five hours yesterday morning. That’s been the fourth time in as many months. It’s over now. Certificates of training and class pictures were taken. More encouragement for common sense ICPC law enforcement chaplaincy and some networking is what this all amounted to… Great! After publishing that early post yesterday on guardian angels and the vax, another was scheduled to be put up while I was gone, the Sankt Gallen post. That’s how that works.


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People giving up freedom


You might have to copy that link and paste it in the URL Address Bar…

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ICPC postcritical-incident non-minutiae advice

So, the other day I spent five continuous hours at the best Sheriff’s Department in Georgia, namely of Forsyth County just north of Atlanta. This was for some updating for law enforcement chaplains and others taking advantage of the presentations provided by the ICPC (International Conference of Police Chaplains). This was the third day. One more to go in future.

In the screen above we read a list of what might seem to overbearing “rules” to be ignored as fast as one can, but there’s a lot of wisdom here for the still adrenaline pumping immediacy of post critical incident unwinding.

I’ve never seen on-duty alcohol going on, ever. Nor finger pointing. Nor keeping anger, fears and anxieties inside, and I’ve done really a lot of ride-alongs in my days as a law-enforcement chaplain. All the guys have been upstanding and well balanced and talented in what they do.

Having said that, in contravention of the very first two rules, I admit there has been a bit of backsliding in my experience:

  • There have been a few donut stops. See number two above. :-)
  • And for number one, there was a good laugh when I said that in my town we frequently stop at a Red Bull drive-through. Yes, that was a thing for sure. Hahahaha. That was my introduction to Red Bull. :-)

Anyway, some of the presentations we’ve had so far on this level (and there are many levels) include:

  • Suicide prevention
  • Death notifications
  • Ceremonies and events (funerals, swearings in, Police Week tolling of LODDs…)
  • Ethics (lots of areas covered here)
  • Crises, critical incidents
  • All things controlled substances

Anyway, there’s not only Red Bulls, but Monsters, etc. Ooops.

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Pope Francis: Samaritans are rapists and murderers

So, Pope Francis is sick and tired of Jesus’ Church. Pope Francis interprets everything through violence, looting, assault, rape, arson, murder, all the dark mayhem of dialectical materialism, saying that those things collectively, those who do them – BLM, AntiFa – are like the Good Samaritan in that parable of Jesus. But the descendants of the Samaritans in Samaria, you know, in Nablus, in Shechem, are insulted by his characterization of them. They don’t think such violence is good. But Pope Francis does. The answer to any lack of justice is not more lawless violent aggression.

It’s not evil that here in these USA we have a constitutional republic with the rule of that law which is to respect God-given rights of the individual. Sometimes that respect is not afforded by whatever fallen individual. That’s not the fault of God-given rights, nor of the law, but of those individuals who disrespect those rights. There are laws and penalties about abuse of power as well. What’s for sure is that demonic violence is not the answer. Right, Pope Francis? Guess he disagrees. Demonic violence is what he wants.

Let me give you an example of who Samaritans are in my own life, you know, during a deadly force incident in Samaria. I was there despite a curfew delivering gas-masks to the Missionaries of Charity orphanage in Nablus (Shechem) during the beginning of the Gulf War. A barrage of gunfire broke out close to me. I was a dead man for sure. Except that a Samaritan literally dragged me into his house, risking his life to do this, keeping me there until the danger was past.

If he were like the “Good Samaritan” described not by Jesus but by Pope Francis, that Samaritan would have shot a gun into the air, getting the attention of those controlling the curfew just around the corner, then closed his door, ensuring I would get shot.

Go ahead. Be brave. Only 35 seconds. Pope Francis’ heroes are seen in the video below, not Jesus, but thugs and buffoons…

You should apologize to the Samaritans, Pope Francis. Oh, I forgot, you’re also a thug and a buffoon. What’s your rallying cry, Pope Francis? Is it: “Assassinate Police!” ???

  • “But Father George! Father George! You don’t understand! You can’t criticize Pope Francis because he’s like the Pope and everything and stuff like that there! You’re an ol’ meanie, Father George!”

Sure. Like there’s no prophet nor any greatest of prophets nor any Son of the Living God Himself who ever criticized anyone ever. You be loco in the head if you think that. You’ve never ever read the Sacred Scriptures if you think that.

I mean if these woshippers of Pope Francis as god want to prove that they don’t criticize him, they really have to agree with everything he says, explicitly, and do what he does explicitly. Yes, let’s have more of the men of consensus who are so sycophantically politically correct with everything Pope Francis says and does go ahead and themselves bring Pachamama idols into their own cathedrals to be enthroned on the Altar of Jesus’ Sacrifice so as to be adored; let them go to Nablus and tell the Samaritans themselves that they are all rapists and murderers. No, really. Can’t do it? You worthless scum of the earth cowards.

It’s difficult to stop now… They should go ahead and have a Blue Mass (Mass for the Police) in their cathedrals, and then scream: “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” No, you won’t do that? How come? You worthless scum of the earth cowards. Go to Confession. Oh, I forgot. You forbade priests who would give a valid absolution from doing that because they are not vaxed… Sigh


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*Don’t Give Up On Me* Police Tribute

The Department of Justice Arlington (sarcastic Rosslyn) funneled through the George Bush Center for Intelligence (careful McLean) visited the blog last night, surely at the suggestion of the FBI’s CJIS (apoplectic Bridgeport), and right quickly after that post on Jewish Catholic Dialogue was published, and not because of any comments on Jewish Catholic Dialogue. Maybe it was the title of that post that set algorithms screaming with all seven levels alarmed. ;-)

But that title wasn’t click-bait. It was quite the good time.

Question is, am I about to get red-flagged for being too good of a shot with a mere Glock? Not to worry, guys and gals, I got your six. See the video above.

Sure, I’ve been hearing really a lot about corruption of “State” and “Justice” etc. Whatever. That’s to be found everywhere. It’s how to work with it, right? Life is bigger than the corruption of some. For my part, I’m continuing to spruce up training from ICPC, you know, about Death Notifications, PTSD, Suicidal Ideation Among Officers, Ceremonies, etc. It’s the least I can do.

I fully realize that some at “Justice” may well have difficulties tolerating the very existence of law enforcement, but here’s how I look at it: Take note of the individual officer. These are fellow human beings doing a service to the community. There are plenty of superb officers, just as there is a multitude of great people at “Justice” and “State” and amongst “Intel”. Right? The greatness of these USA is that we don’t throw everyone in different categories but rather recognize the God-given rights of all.

It’s true though, I would like to see honor honored and promoted just as dishonorable and murderous traitors of these USA should have an honest court hold them to penalties applicable in law. But, whatever. I say: Saint Michael, pray for us.

Don’t give up on me.

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I’m NOT Scared of the Dark: Police Tribute

The best summation of the best of The Finest. Just my nsho. I’ll soon be chasing off for another refresher of courses for law enforcement chaplains.

Some might be “offended” by the violence depicted in this tribute. I ask them if they are offended by, say, a memorial to those fallen in battle, or by a crucifix.

Anyway, there are also many super-cool moments in this video. I really appreciate the inclusion of the scene of the bald officer getting out of the cruiser at 6’24” …

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Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office and the International Conference of Police Chaplains made for a great day

The other day Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, not too far from the parish here in Western North Carolina, sponsored a day in their facilities for the International Conference of Police Chaplains, of which I am a member. There were some refresher courses offered, five hours worth, almost non-stop. Really good. Lots of good guys there. There was a chance for some networking. I met a Catholic Deacon, also a chaplain, stationed not all that far away from my own parish. There was a Jewish DOC guy. I sat next to a Presbyterian minister. There were police with three and four decades in law enforcement and are now interested in becoming chaplains.

There was a lot of useful introductory review which I was able to follow and agree with, having done many hundreds if not some thousands of hours of ride-alongs. Well done. Obviously the presentation stemmed from broad experience.

We then moved on to death notifications. The “Things not to say” module for death notifications – including death notifications for families of fallen officers – was actually pretty humorous, but necessary, in that you’ll always get the guy who will say something that is likely to get him punched in the nose. Yes, there were a list of platitudes to make sure NOT to say to anyone, ever. Goodness!

After this there was a stress management overview especially helpful in these anti-police times. A myriad of things just to notice but, again, balanced by a great deal of experience, were presented. Great.

This was all so very refreshing, being among the like-minded. Next time we will meet in the brand new conference center of the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department.

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SheepDog: Police Tribute. Why this priest posts law enforcement, military tributes.

If you look at a crucifix, you can watch this short video, right? Loyalty to all that is good gets me choked up, every time. That’s just one reason among many for me to put up tributes like this with some frequency. But The Reason is that this is the kind of dedication to all that is holy that I would like to see among my fellow priests, among the bishops. It is rare. I encourage more of it. As Thomas the Apostle said, “Let’s go to die with Him!” Yes. Let’s go to die for the Living Truth, our Creator, who is Love, our Way, our Life.

Is that to say that I’m dissing my fellow priests and any bishops? Not at all. Here’s the deal: All the Apostles ran away from Christ Jesus. I would have done the same, guaranteed. John came back. Would that I could be with John next to the Blessed Mother, next to Jesus. Would that all of priests and bishops could be John. Get it? Is that a good thing to say, like, I mean, out loud and everything? Yes. It is.


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Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (still no police, edition)

Sunday mornings, when I’m on my way back into town from across the mountain, pretty much every Sunday, I slam on the brakes in favor of a guy who is running red lights in town going perhaps three times the speed limit. I watched in horror as he nearly T-boned another vehicle the next street down. That I just happen to see him like this at varying times on Sunday mornings means that he’s probably running up and down main street running streets lights just to do it, actually wanting to hit someone or get hit. But, for some reason, we still have no police.

Also on camera are a very large group of just-graduated High School Seniors who just destroyed the school (just up from the rectory) both outside and inside. Perhaps the administration doesn’t want to bring this matter further, you know, because hopefully this doesn’t speak to the character of students (or the type of education they dished out to them) but it was just a being caught up in the situation kind of thing, you know, like those who raped and killed and committed arson during the riots all over the country. And anyway, for some reason, we still have no police.

I think I saw some of this group the other day at the supermarket. It was not a good scene. I was fully expecting they were going to start throwing all the products onto the floor all over the store. It sounded like they had started a fight with a customer just one aisle over from me. Very loud. Very obnoxious. Full adrenaline for them, like they had also just snorted up cocaine. One of them got a pack of high-energy drinks. Not sure if he bought them. Then they were gone, just like that. Thank goodness they didn’t escalate stupidity. And anyway, for some reason, we still have no police.

I could go on, but you get the idea.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of flowers that are next to the statue of the Immaculate Conception out on the front steps of the rectory, you know, also next to the Thin Blue Line flag (most appreciated by county law-enforcement). Why is that?

Because Mary was immaculate, had purity of heart and agility of soul and clarity of vision and profundity of understanding, she saw all the horror of her day and ours. She knew that while secular policing was necessary, it is conversion of heart and mind and soul to God which is the only way, and it is for that which she interceded. Remember the (one time) Chinese Communist Party guy who said that without God society needs an almost infinite number of police just to barely be able to survive, while a society with God needs very few police, as people police their own actions by the grace of God. But anyway, for some reason, we still have no police on active duty, not even one officer, and that’s not because everyone in town is a believer, that’s for sure. We need police.

And while Jesus’ dearest mother is surely interceding for the conversion of souls, she is also interceding with her Son that have our police department restored. Here’s flowers for you, Mary.

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School Board tries to silence mom fighting critical race theory: instantly regrets it. :-)

Alerts to this mama bear protecting her cubs came in from New York to the Asian sub-continent. God created mama bears to protect cubs. Yep. I love this.


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Supporting and praying for police?

The sign is now gone. Don’t know why. We have no police on active duty. We should be supporting and praying all the more. Right?

Those who benefit are the druggies and buffoons. Some hours ago, a couple of hundred yards away from me, a girl was attacked by some guy with a pitchfork, stabbing her. Because this is the new normal. It’s been going on for the last, say, three and half years, meaning that we rarely have police on active duty in town.

Why’s that you ask? Good question. Let’s investigate that. And then, let’s investigate that. And after that, let’s investigate that.

At this point I’m getting a bit cynical of “investigations.” Seems to me that as often as not the word investigation is thrown out to hang in the air while people say, “Oh! An investigation! So, someone’s doing something about it! Yay!” but really what happens is that there is no investigation at all, just laughter. Right?

I mean, I will be happy to be proved wrong about this. But after years of this, I’m really very, very cynical. And this one of my little ways to use a cattle prod on those who could do something to just go ahead and do it.

I’m sick of seeing little kids at drug houses. Just letting it go, live and let live, is tantamount to watching a slow murder. When a little kid is at a drug house it’s likely to mean that that kid is getting raped even multiple times a day, and made to be a drug addict, you know, a new scout, a new runner, a new distributor, a new money collector, a new… enforcer… a new… rapist… a new guy who takes a pitchfork and stabs some girl just down the street. But live and let live, right?

The good ol’ boys club at work? Dunno.

As for me and my house, we will continue to support and pray for the police.


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Boys will be boys. Girls will be girls. Biden’s rule for college showers.

So, I bet that will be appealed. The judge, using Biden-logic, is trying to force the usage of girls school showers by biological males who pretend they are girls. I mean, girls being girls, you know, with a maternal instinct, if an 18 year old biological male was in an open shower “accidentally” bumping into girls, I mean, just guessing, but I’m guessing that the 18 year old biological male sexual assault rapist would have an explanation of how things really are by a mob of girls, just like that. Just guessing, girls being girls with a maternal instinct, after all.

And, just guessing, if the biological male sexual assault rapist survives that explanation, and shows up at campus again, just guessing, but methinks the straight guys are going to man up and teach yet another lesson, explaining the matter even more thoroughly in a manner that will not be forgotten.

And, just guessing, if the biological male sexual assault rapist survives that, and if the father of the girl hears what happened, I’m guessing he’s going to find the biological male sexual assault rapist who “accidentally” bumped into his daughter, both naked in those Biden-showers, and will teach that biological male sexual assault rapist yet another lesson, explaining the matter even more thoroughly. I’m not encouraging violence. No. I’m just stating what I think is likely to happen.

And then what might happen? The biological male sexual assault rapist is going to be the national LGBTQI+ poster-“girl”, and be awarded with Presidential and Congressional medals. At the same time, the young men and the father who explained the situation to the biological male sexual assault rapist will be imprisoned for hate crimes for their enhanced explanations by the exalted Department of Justice, right?

So, just guessing, but this is already going on in secular colleges and universities. The Dems pick on the Christians (because Catholics cave, right?), to make a lesson of them, like raping them, raping their little girls.

Where are the men in America? Are they incapable of providing explanations, enhanced explanations? Or have they all lost themselves to… wait for it… porn? It’s all the new normal. No big deal.

But Jesus, Himself stripped down and crucified so as to mock Him for all His integrity and honesty and chastity, will Himself come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire. And that judgment will last for eternity. Amen.

Oh, I forgot, Biden with his Biden-rule favoring sexual assault and rape, is administered Holy Communion. Sigh.

For those Catholics with Catholic Schools with sports programs, unless y’all win on appeal, you’ll have to have sports which don’t necessitate showers or locker rooms for anything.

Solution: Sports in school can be along the lines of weaponry marksmanship! Clean, fun, no drama. If I remember correctly, youth marksmanship programs at the public schools in my parish saw them take first place trophies. Do it!

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Covid-police: “Just following orders”? Covid-clergy: “Just following orders”?

ON THE ONE HAND: Let’s take a look at wrong-headed LEOs. But first of all, let me say that the misleading headline of FoxNews should instead read that the Police had unlawfully confronted a pastor during a religious service and then later arrested him. FoxNews makes it look like the pastor is at fault. He’s not.

Let’s see the video of their actually hunting him down and arresting him. It took them – what? – something like six weeks to find him, when he was out and about as always taking care of street people, as if that’s a bad thing, you know, like outdoors, where Covid has zero chance of spreading. Oh, I get it, they had to have overwhelming force and that took six weeks of planning.

And then there is the fencing of churches because, you know, there are more “cases”, which means that there are heaps of people with no symptoms, maybe some few who have a 98.7F temp just because of normal body-temp fluctuation. The Canadian Prime Minister has long said that this is all about the “great reset”, that it has nothing to do with any coronavirus. Get it? No religion allowed. In the USA, Dems voted God out of their “party.”

And there are more arrests rendered against pastors. And there is the fencing of properties:

The pastor of the GraceLife campus was in jail for a month. I wonder if the DOC had him purposely raped and beaten.

Outside of the SSPX in Ireland, I don’t know of any Catholic churches that have been harassed. You know why? Because pretty much every Catholic church is closed in Canada, relying on Chinese controlled Zoom (as if that could provide the Sacraments).

Here in these USA, so many Catholic churches are giddily enjoying political correctness with the likes of Joey Biden and opening their churches but as converted over to being injection clinics. This is true, even though all available “vaccines” have purposely aborted super healthy well developed babies for research, development and testing of “vaccines.”

We’ve come to a time when atheistic dialectical materialism holds that proper worship of God (tongue in cheek) is the murder of the most defenseless among us. See how the Catholic pastors fall. I thank these non-Catholic Christians for giving us a good example. But will we follow it?

Here in Cherokee County of North Carolina we have a town meeting on film showing how, in a packed meeting, like sardines, no law enforcement – all the leadership of which was in attendance – were wearing masks, none of the town leaders were wearing masks. Nobody in the room was socially distanced.

But that wouldn’t stop Federal police of whatever kind smashing people down in a church and arresting everyone, desecrating the Blessed Sacrament during Mass (in a Catholic Church), terrorizing everyone.

ON THE OTHER HAND: We have this from Father Kirby. He has high praise of LEOs, as do I, but he points out, as do I, that there is total hypocrisy when LEOs go against their oath to protect the murder of the least among the brethren. Great homily, Father Kirby:

The same “higher standard” applies to those who as Catholic priests and bishops profess to uphold the protection of life from natural conception to natural death, protecting the very image of God in creation, but then hypocritically attack God’s image among the most defenseless in the womb by defending and promoting (God forbid requiring) abortion-tainted “vaccines”.

How very arrogant and entitled we are these days. Will Jesus find any faith upon the earth when He returns?

BY THE WAY AND JUST TO SAY: LEOs that I know have said that they would never infringe on anyone’s Constitutional rights, no matter for what “reason.”


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“You’re a murderer. You’re always gonna be Mexican, never white.”

This is tagged “Humor” because I had to LOL when I heard the officer ever so politely say things ever so calmly like “O.K.” and “Thanks.” I mean, this is sad, tragic, that anyone whomsoever could have such an attitude as does this woman. Wow. But it’s great to see the officer give back utter professionalism. So cool. LOL.

Look, all lives matter, black and blue and white and whatever. We’re all God’s children, well, except for those who don’t want to be. But nobody is beyond Redemption and Salvation, even this lady. Jesus’ grace is more than sufficient, but we can’t go around rejecting Jesus, meaning that we have to love God and neighbor, and racism like this is forbidding that love of God and neighbor, right?


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