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Rejoicing in Rainbows?

rainbow church

I always rejoice when I see a rainbow because I love how nature works, including natural law. This double-rainbow was seen the other night with a good sized group of young priests over at the parish church where we were. Some of them had suffered in the seminary or in their priesthood from the lavender mafia, as it is called. All of them were happy to see the symbol that the castigation is over and the promise of good things to come has arrived. None of them thinks of God’s promise of goodness symbolized by the rainbow as a symbol of continued sin, but instead find such an interpretation of self-congratulation for sin to be disgusting, blasphemous. All would agree with this:


For myself, in this year of the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, of Our Lady of the Rosary, of graces and mercy, I think of another splash of light across the otherwise threatening skies:

fatima lucia trinity mercy

And with much emphasis on Divine Mercy we recall this light coming from the Heart of our Lord and Savior:

divine mercy

As a priest who hears confessions, I don’t care what sin it is that people confess. We’ve all crucified the Son of the Living God with original sin and whatever other sin, right? I only care that people turn away from sin by turning to our Lord and His Divine Mercy. I rejoice in that Divine Mercy for all who want it, who want to be on their way to heaven. I know that His Mercy is a sign that the castigation is almost over, with the clouds dissipating, with the floods receding, with the promise of goodness and kindness to come. So, I hope I haven’t made the LGBTQetc crowd too upset. That’s not my intention. I’m just saying that mercy is for everyone who wants it. Is that a bad thing to say?


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“I’m not a chicken. I’m a duck.” Riight. Solving the astronomical suicide rate among the LGBTQ. Hint: Not pandering


Seen near the neighbors near the hermitage the other day…

She’s just missing a parasol. Otherwise, if this chicken walks like a duck, squawks like a duck, poses like a duck, it’s a duck, right? Well, no, not always. This one is still a chicken. A clever chicken, but a chicken nonetheless. The thing about chickens is that, even with their literally pea-sized pea-brain, they know that they are chickens and not ducks even if they should pretend in chameleon-like fashion to be a duck. It’s not about identity, it’s about the perception of others like foxes and panthers and such.

Meanwhile, there are those for whom such an admittedly make-pretend world is forced in 24/7/365 fashion into the make-pretend it’s not a make-pretend world, so that it is about an “identity” which attempts to force the perception of others to fit their own, the ideology of a bully: “You’re going to think like I think, or else!”

They fail, of course, also with the themselves. The suicide rate is so astronomically high among these unfortunate pretenders because they realize their non-identity is pervasive. Meanwhile, society panders to them pushing them headlong to suicide. If you want cruel, that’s what’s cruel. No one but no one in this forlorn world loves the LGBTQ et alii crowd more than the Catholic Church, for we tell the truth about gender, but with charity, compassion, with understanding, and with an introduction to what identity is all about in a friendship with Christ Jesus, apart from whom all of us are nothing, but with whom we find out who we really are.


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