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The Joy of Unboxing Mantillas

That picture is from some time in Lent. It’s just to show what a mantilla is. I saw these in the early to mid 1960s when I grew up in Minnesota. But they are making a comeback in no small measure due to our more devout Latino community. Mantillas are catching on with our “Anglo” community.

Before Holy Mass the other day one such “Anglo” lady was opening up a box she had received, opening it up in church. She was so excited that she couldn’t help herself. Her order of mantillas had arrived. Black and white and gold, simple and ornate. She wants to start a business making mantillas. Cries of joy. Meanwhile, other ladies coming in for Holy Mass shared her joy and got to wear one of the mantillas and declared their enthusiasm to start wearing the ones they had once again.

I declared again that I think I have the best parish in the world and we proceeded to the Holy Sacrifice.

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