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ALL Mass vestments banned in Costa Rica

The FSSPX provided the quotation: “the liturgy, celebrated according to the books promulgated by Saints Paul VI and John Paul II, must be preserved from any element coming from ancient forms. Prayers, vestments, or rites that were specific to the liturgy before the 1970 reform should not be introduced into our celebrations.”

  • Humor: I changed to “vestments” surely what is their google translation of “clothing”. :-)

But seriously… How apoplectically angry, sarcastic, vicious do you have to be ban the only kind of vestments many parishes have, you know, just in case someone might vaguely recall the Traditional Latin Mass, surely the worst of all sins damning you to hell for all eternity?

Lets be precise, making helpful distinctions, and see how stupid all of this is:

There were all kinds of vestments used in the Roman Rite in its traditional form, such as the Gothic style vestments we see rite – I mean right – around the world these days. Are all those vestments to be burned as well? In the very center of the city of Rome itself, St Philip had made up his own style (fuller cut, which I really like). But anything that could remind one of the Mass of the ages is to be burned. These bishops are so incredibly ignorant. Or are they being maliciously sarcastic in their extreme pettiness?

Here in my little back-mountain parish someone donated sets of “Roman” vestments (whatever that means) in all liturgical colors. But I won’t burn them. All of this apoplectic idiocy is not good.

Also, such legislation is indecipherable: Is it Philip Neri vestments that are banned? Is is Gothic vestments that are banned? Is it “Fiddleback” vestments that are banned? They don’t make distinctions.

As far as I can see, since basically all styles of vestments in use today were also used in the Traditional Mass of the Ages, therefore, basically all styles of vestments in use today are all banned.

Wait…. What?

UPDATE: What if there were Pachamama “fiddleback” vestments? I bet those would be acceptable! These are obviously photoshopped, but I think they are also a dark prophesy.


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