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Homily 2018 05 28 – Memorial Day


Before Mass at Noon we all marched outside and recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Then, as is the custom on this Memorial Day, we raised the flag which had been at half mast in honor of the fallen heroes, and then quickly raised at Noon to honor their achievements for the country and the world. I was sopping wet under the vestments, as I had just been to the cemetery. It was raining. But, you’ll hear about that. And about this 16 year old…


That kind of brings it home. You’ll hear about that…

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Memorial Day Weekend Best Speech


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Days later. Lest we forget. Standing up.

memorial day 2

This is called serving under the flag. It is an honor. The highest in any country. It still is in these USA despite those who hate us within and outside of our borders. Thanks for serving. The following picture shows that we can forget even while we are remembering. Shame on us…

memorial day 1

Our little memory thing is rubbish if we merely say “Oh, what great heroes we honor!” Instead, as one Vet told me, if we really want to honor those who have borne honor in their lives and deaths, we strive to take their example of service to our fellow man. We begin by taking a stand.


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Uncommon valor was a common virtue: Updated

Thanks, guys.

May you rest in peace.

Update: See this great article about a chaplain in Afghanistan.

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