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The Day of the Child in this parish. America learning from Mexico.


Besides Fathers Day and Mothers Day, our Mexican friends also have the Day of the Child. The piñata was beaten to death. Very sweet, that.

The suspension rope was attached to the shrine of Mary on the one side, and someone on the roof of the carport of the social hall held the other side, lifting the piñata now and again so that it would be even more difficult to be smashed apart by the blindfolded participant. Wildly swinging a stick much like a baseball bat can be pretty dangerous, but the insurance company hasn’t forbidden it, and, in the end, no one was hurt during this fun. What a good idea, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, AND the Day of the Child.

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Only because the parish social hall was too small to hold everybody


Every year the Mexicans in the parish put on a celebration for the sending up of “El Grito” which started the movement ending up with independence from Spain. Very many attend, including many non-Mexicans. There were those from Central and South America, and gringos were everywhere to be seen. Food is spectacularly delicious. Lots of prizes. Lots of dances. Lots of music.

Because this is spearheaded by the Mexicans of the parish, and because they wear their parish T-Shirts, and because everyone knows everyone anyway, this acts also as a bit of evangelization for those fallen away or who are all too conveniently pretending to rebel in some Iglesia Bautista or some other imaginary excuse for letting things slide. They all come. They all have a great time. They all figure out it wouldn’t be so bad to go to the Catholic Church. And in fact, there were new faces to be seen Sunday, the day after. And there were great conversations with some fallen aways. ;-) The above picture, leaving out the crowds below the frame, is in the town’s community center because our parish hall is too small.

We have some new police officers in town. As far as I know, like all law enforcement in the area of whatever kind, they have little interest in throwing the undocumented out of the country in a booming economy with workers in short supply. But things have changed. I asked if we should invite the local law enforcement and that idea was met with enthusiasm but it was also said that some might feel uncomfortable. It is what it is. That’s too bad. Just a few years ago the Latinos put on a meal for the law enforcement in town and then, later, law enforcement in town put on a meal for the Latinos.

I hope this doesn’t sound racist, but the truth of the matter is that our Mexican brothers and sisters work hard, and they show up for work, even for long hours, for emergency hours, for really early start times and really late call-it-a-day hours. Many of our “Anglo” brothers and sisters as they are called have lost the concept of work, of entrepreneurship, of any kind of go-get-em attitude. We need to get that back again. We can take good example from our Mexican brothers and sisters.

A fearless faith is the best way in every way.

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