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Father Mark White: cancelled and then more than cancelled

The picture above: who in Richmond Diocese is encouraging vocations?

The video below was from July 21, 2020.

The interview above was uploaded by Church Militant on 12 November, 2020.

Meanwhile, Fr Z has this update: https://wdtprs.com/2021/07/d-richmond-another-cancelled-priest/

Some points [with my own AriseLetUsBeGoing.com comments]:

  • “Bishop Knestout [Theodore McCarrick’s former secretary and roommate, now in Richmond VA diocese] suddenly showed up at St. Francis of Assisi in Rocky Mount and took over mass. [Though from the video of a local news station it appears that the bishop took the chasuble from Father Mark just before Mass.] Father Mark White was the pastor at the Church. He also served as Pastor at St. Joseph’s in Rocky Mount. [And now totally suspended and on his way to being dismissed from the clerical state, “laicized.”]
  • “During the televised service Bishop Knestout told viewers, ‘Father White and I are at odds.’ In the video shared with 8News, you see Pastor White is forced to stand in the background. [So, concelebration; therefore, no crime in secular or eccelesiastical law has been committed by Father White, certainly absolutely nothing deserving of censure of any kind. But the public reprimand of the Bishop against Father White during a concelebration is a terrible scandal, as it’s a clear statement by the bishop that the Holy Sacrifice is not at all about Jesus, but about grandstanding from a truly bully pulpit.]
  • “[…] Shortly after that mass, White was locked out of the churches, his apartments, and essentially kicked to the curb. ‘Thanks be to God I had a parishioner that was able to provide me with a place to live,’ White said.”
  • From a comment there, followed by my own comment further below:

“Emilio says: 15 July 2021 at 8:39 PM — The Archdiocese of Washington is my home diocese, and I am a former chancery employee. I got to know Fr. White when he was a seminarian and was assigned to my suburban parish for a summer. I also knew then-Father Knestout well, when he was priest-secretary to the saintly and last Catholic Archbishop of Washington, the late Cardinal Hickey. The key to understanding the situation between Knestout/White is to understand that the paths of both men began and had already crossed in the DC Archdiocese, and then both men wound up in the Richmond Diocese, each for different reasons. A much better way of saying that was that Fr. White had the incredible bad luck of having the former vicar general and auxiliary bishop (who didn’t like him already in his old Archdiocese), become his new Ordinary in the Diocese he managed to transfer to. Why was Fr. White disliked? He was thought of as “too traditional”… one of his first assignments was an über-rich, liberal suburban Maryland parish that complained about Fr. White wearing his cassock and birreta. It supposedly “weirded out” the parents of the parish school… or so they said. Knestout is a company man, a bureaucrat with no pastoral experience or backbone. He will change his stripes for whomever is in power, for whomever might promote him further. He will throw you under the bus, no questions asked, if you are a problem for him. Perhaps some of you will recall a sad episode where a faithful priest, on loan from a Russian Diocese, refused to give Communion to a lesbian woman who presented herself with her lover at her mother’s funeral (St John Neumann Church, Gaithersburg Maryland). Cardinal Wuerl mercilessly threw that priest under the bus, while apologizing to the mainstream Media. Knestout was his vicar general, and Wuerl had him do the dirty work of “cancelling” that priest. Many in the DC archdiocese will do the same, in order to climb. I didn’t know the incredible development that Knestout now wants White to be laicized. How outrageous. There are Richmond Diocese priests that have been spewing heresy from the pulpit for decades, but it’s Father White who has to be laicized? That confirms in my mind that Knestout knows that there is still ALOT of bad stuff that could still come out from McCarrick and Wuerl’s tenures, and is terrified of White…in addition to hating him. How ugly and how dark. My heart goes out to Father Mark White. Can laicization be undone by a future Pope?”

Wow. Within hours. The Bishop had the locks changed on Father Mark’s rectory with no warning, you know, because Father Mark was guiding people through the abuse crisis. Changing the locks certainly steps up the game, doesn’t it?

As I always say, I’m in the best diocese with the best bishop. But that can change. Bishops come and go, for instance. But 99% of other priests in these USA are at risk of being unjustly and instantaneously homeless. What are they to do? Literally get rid of personal libraries and a lifetime of research, all clothing and personal effects, you know, to be ready to zip up just a couple pieces of luggage as they are being home-invaded by “locksmiths”, only, you know, to have those couple of items knocked from their hands as they try to leave in a decorous manner instead being thrown through a picture window?

And in answer to commenter’s question above, the answer is “Yes!” Another Pope can undo any dismissal from the clerical state. It ain’t easy in times of unbelief, but we’re talking “all things being equal.”


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Priest responds to Catholic League’s Bill Donohue blasting Federal Electoral Commission Chairman Trey Trainor

Bulleted points (or in Italics on different platforms) in quotations marks are from Catholic League’s Bill Donohue (CL for short):

  • “Trey Trainor, the chairman of the Federal Election Commission, is accusing the bishops of refusing to partake in electoral politics because they are more interested in receiving federal funds than they are in mobilizing Catholics. He even goes so far as to say that priests should disobey their bishop.”
  • “Trainor says, “the bishops are using their non-profit status as a shield to hide behind from having to make a decision about who to support.” Why? Because they want federal dollars. “To look at the amount of money the Church receives for social services, I would say that they have a big fear of provoking the government into pulling money away from activities the Church is involved in.”

Up to this point, I agree with Trey Trainor. Great! But then CL has this:

  • “In actual fact, the bishops have always been reluctant—properly so—to tell Catholics who to vote for in an election. We don’t go to church to get lectured to by priests who are Republicans or Democrats.”

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Con paz! Con paz! Just. Wow. Trey Trainor did not command the bishops who to vote for in an election. Trey Trainor did not command us to go to church in order to get lectured to by priests who are Republicans or Democrats. Trey Trainor did not command priests to lecture their congregations from the pulpit, endorsing this or that candidate. No.

  • “To be sure, priests are entitled to discuss public policy issues that the Church supports, such as laws that restrict abortion or statutes that support school choice. But priests who go beyond this are crossing the line. None of this has anything to do with money—it has to do with prudence and respect for the conscience of parishioners.”

Just. Wow. As a priest, I’m allowed by CL to discuss public policy issues. Pfft! “Discuss.” No. I’m not going to discuss anything from the pulpit. I’m not going to throw up in the air for “discussion”, say, ripping unborn children apart in the wombs of their mothers and sucking them out with a vacuum cleaner, discussing this… No. These children are made in the image and likeness of God, and I’m going to declare with Jesus, who was in the womb of His Immaculate Mother for nine months that procured abortion is intrinsically evil always and in every circumstance. This is not up for “discussion.”

Does CL really equate procured abortion with school choice, the old lies of “Common Ground” and “Seamless Garment”. Unbelievable.

CL says that priests who go beyond this step over the line. Well, CL, I’m stepping over the line. Sue me. I’m going to say that procured is intrinsically evil and that this is not up for discussion at all.

CL says that this has nothing to do with money – it has to do with prudence and respect for the conscience of parishioners. I say, that’s bull crap. The bishops get tons of Federal Money for Catholic Relief Services, which is anti-Catholic, anti-Relief, and against true Services. The Bishops get tons of Federal Money for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development which is not Catholic, but is a campaign against that which is Catholic, and is entirely against Human Development. Let’s talk the Bishops’ support for groups supporting abortion. Yes. Let’s do that, CL. Let’s talk the prudence and respect of Jesus for the consciences of the money changers in the Temple, overturning their tables of money. Just. Wow. “Prudence.” “Respect.” I’ll tell you this, Jesus took us deadly seriously. He was tortured to death for it. Jesus doesn’t want us to go to hell. He instructs us without fear. What the hell are you doing, CL? Being men of consensus?

  • “Worse is Trainor’s comments on priests and bishops. ‘When a priest takes the vow of obedience to the bishop, it’s in the area of faith and morals, but they have a higher duty to Our Lord. If the bishop is putting out something that is not right, then the priest has an obligation to the faithful to correct it because he has the higher duty to Our Lord.'”

And what Trey Trainor said is absolutely correct. I’ve taken that promise of obedience, knowing that such a promise is made within the structure of Canon Law. No bishop can legitimately command any priest to commit sin, say, by way of a sin of omission or in any other way. No priest has ever made a “vow” or promise to any bishop to commit whatever sin any bishop might command him to do. This is absurd of CL. Totally absurd. I’ll tell you this, dear CL, I would go to my death disobeying any bishop commanding me to sin. If a bishop were to command a priest to sin, it would be the very height of arrogance. But then, CL says this:

  • “Arrogance is commonplace among Washington officials, but this one is a gem. Since when is it the job of the chairman of the FEC to offer theological instructions to Roman Catholic priests? What mantle of authority does this bureaucrat have to tell priests that they should disobey their bishops?”

Yes, well, Trey Trainor happens to be a Catholic who has the right in Canon Law to bring his concerns to the pastors of the Church. And if Trey is also a government official, does that mean that he has no right to the free exercise of religion in the public square, no right to freedom of speech, no right to express his conscience on the matter? Trey is not doing this from the offices of the FEC, but rather in a journalist’s studio. I thank Trey Trainor for the instructions he has provided. And, CL, just for your instruction, I do have a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum), a Licentiate in Sacred Scripture from the Pontifical Biblical Institute, a Doctorate in Theology from the Angelicum again. I applaud the instruction of Trey Trainor. His “mantle of authority” is that… wait for it… he’s right.

  • “One would think that with all the hullaballoo about fraudulent ballots being cast, and all the chicanery about mail-in voting, that the head of the FEC would have better things to do than to tell the Catholic clergy what their responsibilities are. Trump needs to rein this guy in right away.”

I’ll tell you what, it’s fully my intention to cross the line set out by CL. I won’t discuss. I will instruct. I will defend the truth. I will defend children in the womb. I won’t command people how to vote, but I will say how candidates measure up to the absolute truth of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, the Divine Son of the Immaculate Conception, who will come to judge the living and the dead and world by fire. Amen.

And, by the way, I also have better things to do than have to write such commentaries as this. I had the best day ever yesterday – to give an example – locked up in jail, giving another bible study. It was on the prodigal son. Tears of conversion flowed. I saw Jesus at work in these guys’ souls. I would much rather be doing all that than this commentary. And now it’s off to Holy Hours, Masses, Communion calls until nightfall. I love being a priest. Just don’t have the hubris of telling me how to be a priest, CL, well, you know, unless you’re right on something, like Trey Trainor.

P.S. I love what you do otherwise, CL. You do a great work for the Church. But with this attack on Trey Trainor, you’ve stepped over the line.


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Great! Fr James Altman vs Bishops, Michael Voris vs CRS, Church Militant’s Saint Michael installed at parish

(1) Father James Altman has a great homily. If you think I go on the attack, listen to him. Great!

(2) I would add another point brought up by Michael Voris the other day which I haven’t had time to research more about. I was listening on the fly, while racing through the mountains to bring Communion to the home-bound throughout the mountains of Western North Carolina. If anyone can provide links to the petition I would be most grateful. That was about I think, encouraging the Department of Justice to investigate the Bishops of these United States in their complicity in breaking Federal law regarding the Hyde Amendment by giving huge amounts of moneys collected in parishes to Catholic Relief Services, which also receives government money, with the CRS giving tons of money to abortion services say, in Africa. As far as I know, THAT would be felony.

Bishops should be careful about forcing parishes to collect for (non-)Catholic (non-)Relief (non-)Services. And I ask the bishops: Cui bono? Pro bono ecclesiae? I don’t think the murder of those created in the image and likeness of God is for the good of the Church, the Body of Christ.

On that last point about “forcing”, I don’t do a collection for CRS, which is cleverly put in a “combined” collection for five recipients. The other four are innocuous. I take a collection for those four, then bypass the diocese and send 25% to the other four instead of sending the lump sum to the diocese so that 20% goes to all five, including death mongering CRS.

(3) A very kind gentleman – we’ll call him Sir! Mr Tiny! Sir!” – purchased a Saint Michael Statue for Holy Redeemer Church from Church Militant, you know the one. This one is, of course, smaller. I’m happy to have grace the sanctury:



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Damned CCHD USCCB Hypocrisy: How long, O Lord?

This is Michael Voris fighting for the splendor of the truth with all his might, and, I must say, he does an absolutely superb job. Thank you, Michael. It’s because of episodes like this that this priest stopped taking collections for the CCHD of the hypocritical USCCB decades ago. Stunning work, as it has been all these years on this very topic.

The Second Special Collection for the CCHD, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development taken in all parishes of (arch)dioceses etc of the USCCB, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is not Catholic, indeed, is anti-Catholic, is certainly a Democratic campaign, is certainly inhuman and inhumane, and means to take away all development. The CCHD of the USCCB is pro-contraception, pro-abortifacients, pro-abortion, pro-gay, pro-socialist/marxist fill in the blank with filth of whatever horrible blight on society there could possibly be. This has been going on for forty years. There’s a complaint each year, a cover-up each year, another exposition about the continuing hypocrisy, another entrenching in absolute filth and murder. It goes on and on…

Hey! There’s something in it for participating bishops! They get 25% of the dollars right off the top! Way to profit off the corpses of the babies, your Excellencies! Great work! And I spit in all your faces. You risk going straight to hell.

And if the USCCB wants to suspend this priest for saying that they have s*** for brains, so be it. I don’t say it because they are not smart. They’re very smart. I say it because they’ve used their intelligence to replace their brains with s*** on purpose. I’m not going to participate in the murder of kids by taking a collection in church for the murder of kids. What the hell…


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Dear Michael Voris: “Don’t let the b******* get you down!”

Michael Voris: I see Jesus written all over your statement. Yes, we’ve all crucified the Son of the Living God with our sins. None of us is any better than anyone else. Jesus grabs us out of the quagmire. He fills us with grace. He makes us His soldiers in the Church Militant. It’s all about Jesus. If anyone doesn’t think so, and condemns you, I think they might just take on the guilt of your sins themselves, regardless of their own sins. Instead, for what you’ve said here, you have my total respect. You have my prayers and blessings. And, just a bit of advice, which was told to me by a priest who is a hero of mine: “Don’t let the b******* get you down!” – Father George David Byers


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