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Night Haunts #1: Midnight Pilgrims – Tyburn Covent

You might say a prayer for them, and Mother Xavier in particular, who’s been on the edge of the “life is changed, not ended” most wonderful time of life for some weeks now.

It’s good to pray for the grace of final perseverance, for a happy death, for ourselves, for us all. Saint Thomas Aquinas says that this grace of final perseverance is different than the grace with which we live during out lives, and we need that grace of final perseverance in order to persevere in that sanctifying grace. How about doing Mother Xavier a good favor and asking our dearest Lord’s good mom for just that grace:

Hail Mary…


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Prayers for Mother Xavier! “Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

Above, Mother Xavier gives a lecture comparing some points on the Esther Megillah and the executions at the Tyburn “Tree” or Gallows. I’m not sure if Mother would countenance my saying that she’s a great Scripture Scholar, but she is, a real scholar, that is, with great faith and fervor and a desire for all to know our dear Lord all the more.

Mother was near to death the other day. Prayers were requested from everywhere, including from you readers.

UPDATE: This comes in just now from Mother L to readers…

Mother [Xavier] is slowly getting better and the doctors are calling her a miracle. She is moving her left hand now. She ate two breakfasts this morning which amazes the doctors. All the Masses said and the prayers of many, many people surrounded her. The road is long but please God the signs of recovery have been seen. Thank you and all your readers for prayers and please keep it up for her total recovery. Thanks.

That’s wonderful news. So, yes. Hail Mary…

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In extremis: Mother Xavier McMonagle OSB – Prayers please

Always a trustworthy and loyal friend of priests who are good sons of the Church. Mother is on her death bed, in extremis. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, may she adore you now and in eternity. Saint Joseph! Pray for her. Immaculate Mary! Pray for her! Hail Mary…


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Mother Xavier McMonagle, OSB: Conference for priests about a priest

  1. The life and the person of an outstanding priest who befriended the Tyburns.
  2. The Eucharist as the source, sublime divine unique prototype of all reality which we all live and experience today.
  3. How do you know which priests are really holy? Watch them at Holy Mass!
  4. The sudden death of a priest…

Father Daniel sounds like a really good priest who always wanted to share the greatest love of his life, Jesus, the Divine Son of the Immaculate Conception. From the description here, I wish I were half the priest he was, as I would then be much better of a priest than I am now. A goal! ;-)

There will be, I know, a wide variety of impressions about this priest via the pictures of him shown in the video during the conference of Mother Xavier. So, I would say this:

  • Note what Mother Xavier holds to be important.
  • Note what the fruits of his ministry were: Vocations.
  • Note that the Tyburn nuns have made it their project to help priests and pray for priests, and that, because of this most impossible of all good works upon the face of this earth, they are eager to rejoice with the angels over any priest who believes in and loves Jesus. Father Daniel surely did. I would love for that to be said about me when I am called to leave this world.

May the soul of Father Daniel and the souls of all faithful departed priests, rest in peace. Amen.

Prayer for Priests (given by Marie Adèle Garnier to her spiritual daughters)

O my Divine Jesus, You are not only the Supreme Pastor but also the Life of the Pastors of Holy Church, breathe again upon the soul of each of them as You did upon Your Apostles.
Renew in them all the gifts and graces that you lavished on their souls on the day of their Ordination.

Make their hearts unsullied tabernacles where Your Spirit of Love may ever dwell.

Illumine their minds with the light of Your Divine word, that they may be able to illumine those who sit in darkness, and to guide into the right path the souls confided to their care.
Strengthen their whole being by Your Divine Power that they may conquer all their foes, seen and unseen.

Beloved Jesus, gentle, patient Lamb of God, make their life like the life You led on earth.
Divine Spirit, influence their every thought, word and action; take possession of their minds and hearts so that they live in You and You live in them.

Holy Mary, defend and protect them, each and all, under your mantle. Keep them close to you until Jesus calls them to the reward He has prepared for them in eternity. Amen.


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