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God is dead and stays dead: Friedrich “Billy” Nietzsche & The Blah Blah Synod™

Nietzsche was out to kill Zarathustra, to kill everything, in his little mind, of that which is Judeo-Catholic, because it’s all about his own Promethean “will-to-power” unto the Übermensch, the Superman, who leads humanity onward into… what?… merely his own projections of himself, his dark, arrogant, narcissistic self, thinking he’s so special in his self-absorption. But graffiti messages all over the world proclaim to us the amazing news that Nietzsche is dead and stays dead.

Nietzsche, ever the nihilist, because he recognizes, finally, that he himself is nothing, thus wants that everything and everyone be just like him, nothing.

Nietzche’s efforts were said to be the foundation for… wait for it… Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. That would be right.

Let’s see, what does all this bring to mind? No doctrine, no morals, no liturgy, no reason, no justice, no mercy, no truth, no God, no sin, no Savior from sin…

The most striking if Dubious statement of bravado in all this is that synodality is truly such because there is only one vision of one person to be rammed down the throats of all so that all are lock-step goose-stepping out of fear. No rigidity going on there, folks, no sir-eee.

Fulton Sheen spoke of the similarities and the difference between two totalitarian systems:

  • One says that you shall obey the State in all things, what you think, what you say, what you read, whom you converse with, what your work is, all aspects of your family, every moment from conception to death. This is to be done out of fear of torture, imprisonment, death. Meanwhile, the world is quickly falling under under a kind of interdict, no work, no food, no free speech, no travel, your body is the State’s, but also an even worse interdict, no Sacraments, the worst of punishments, and for no crime.
  • But another totalitarian system has it that you love the Lord your God with all your heart and mind and soul and all your strength, everything that you are, but you shall do this out of great love, love of God, love of neighbor, and, yes, love of yourself. But Jesus is the very One who is forgotten by the powers that be, who should be all about Jesus, and bringing people to Jesus and His Sacraments.


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