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Amazon organ transplants: follow $$$

MAFIA OMERTARemember all that insistence on protecting “contactless” tribes, and purposely not evangelizing anyone among those Amazonian groups, with one bishop even bragging that he never baptized any indigenous individual in the Amazon, ever? Could there be an ulterior motive other than hatred for God and neighbor for all that ensuring that there are no eyes seeing what is going on, really, in the Amazon, say, like, money?

The killing of children from just-born to, say, puberty, was also defended and praised, by a bishop, who said that all cultures kill children. He misses the point that that is why we all need salvation from our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. Since God is not god for the “chosen” bishops of the Amazon, there must be something else going on.

One thing is for sure, no matter what stupid show they all put on with Pope Francis in front of the whole world, doing whatever it takes to protect the “contactless” tribes from prying eyes, these guys to NOT worship the demon-goddess Pachamama any more than than they have ever woshipped the living God. There’s something else going on here.

Let’s zero in on the killing of children being absolutely protected as a sacred right of indigenous peoples, it being so sacred because, wait for it… their superstition is sacred. The reason for killing of kids in the superstition is that, for instance, if a set of twins is born, surely one is bad and evil and therefore has to be killed immediately, and if it can’t be decided which one is the evil one, then both are killed. Etc.

There’s a hint about all this in that the kids are buried alive in shallow graves, and not just babies, but also infants, youngsters, up to about puberty when these children could start to effectively defend themselves. If public, the village slowly walks away as the dirt starts to be piled on, and then… If private, well, then…

Having set the scene, please be patient. I have an anecdote to tell you. I’d like to catch these bastards.

  • When speaking of the dangers of organ transplants some years ago in Rome with a priest from lower-mid-Nigeria, out in the outback a bit, he mentioned a superstition that had gripped the hearts and souls and minds of the locals. He said that a certain watering hole was held to be mysteriously evil and bad. People going to fetch water would disappear. It would always be at a time when there was a strange and mysterious wind. People were frantic of the gods being angry with them at the watering hole, but they had to get water, you know, at the watering hole behind that patch of forest which had grown up because of the water. Then that priest told me of seeing Leer Jets at the same time as the strange and mysterious wind, at the same time people would disappear. Let’s say a rich guy goes to an ad hoc clinic in a city where his own crack doctors stand at the ready, waiting for the delivery of organs for whatever he needs. No matter the time constraints – 24 hours for a kidney, 4-6 hours for a heart. You can just bring the donor alive and you’re good to go. Gotta have a match, of course. Sure. Lot’s of people disappear.

Now, back to the “contactless” tribes in the Amazon. Are we so naive to think that huge money has nothing to do with what’s happening? How many hundreds and hundreds of milions of dollars have been stolen from Peter’s Pence. Pfft. It’s all about “power.”

But our Lord sees all. He will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire. Amen. Come, Lord Jesus. Maranatha!

Am I wrong? Could be. I’ve been in 26 countries, some very remote, among some who were cannibals. For some months I wondered if I also would be turned into “long pig” as they call their human meals. I’ve seen pretty much all there is to see. In my experience, all you need to do is get hold of air traffic control and radar for smaller planes buzzing around the Amazon and you’ll find out the answer.

P.S. In a previous post I mentioned proof that Pope Francis agreed with the worship of Pachamama. I was reprimanded by someone who was there, who said that Pope Francis is older and not so quick to think in such situations where he is caught off guard and was just perhaps trying to be nice. However, as we saw in the days and weeks following, Pope Francis entrenched. I can’t just his soul, but I can judge that his words and actions concerning Pachamama that he insists upon are not of God, and I can say that he is the one who is doing these things and saying these things in support of Pachamama. Whatever about knowing the interior motivations, we must judge the exterior of what someone presents. Pope Francis’ agreement – on the exterior – is to be condemned.


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