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Outlaws, 1%ers, bodyguards, angels

That’s the logo of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. A bit more completely presented, some of the ideology comes to the fore:

Whatever. Look. If someone wants to come back to the Lord Jesus in true repentance, I’m going to rejoice. I’ll take no offense. We’re not against each other. The enemy is Satan. Period.

Meanwhile, there were times in my life that I’ve at least temporarily had a number of bodyguards, all of them extremely capable people who would lay down their lives for me (actually for Jesus) and I for them (actually for Jesus). One of those highly skilled people himself had a bodyguard, who passed away a while back. Here’s a picture of that bodyguard of my bodyguard. Obviously, he is a 1%er Outlaw.

Now, if you think that’s a bit scary or whatever, you know, that a priest would have body guards, you gotta know that – no insult to them – they got nuthin’ on guardian angels. Guardian angels are all about God’s justice, and see God, as Jesus says, in the face. God has their six, as it were. And guardian angels got ours.

Have we today already asked our angel guardians to help us with walking in God’s presence and praying always? They’ll rejoice to help us do this for us who were all of us “tax collectors and sinners” and would still be such with God’s good grace. Did I just make an analogy with some Outlaws and Guardian Angels? I guess I did. By the way, the archrivals of the Outlaws are the Hells Angels. Just sayin’.

  • “But Father George! Father George! I’m still flabbergasted about the 1%ers! They’re tax collectors and sinners and… splutter splutter… they’re violent!”

Oh, really? Take a look at Him whom we will all of us together look upon at the Last Judgment, Him whom we have all pierced with our sin:

Who’s the tax collector and sinner? The one who converts or the one who is aloof from also looking into Mary’s eyes?


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