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PLO, Iran-Contra, CIA, Main State, “Shadow”, me: today’s 1985-1986.

PLOIf it were up to me, I would forget about this rubbish. But I am reminded of it continuously by various and sundry. You’ll remember late 1985 through 1986 as the time of the Iran-Contra “affair”. Earlier on in 1985 I was making my way down to Managua to deliver some medicines to the Catholic clinics and take care of some other administrative details for the Sisters of Saint Agnes, specifically Sister Raymond, who had taught many of the upper echelon of the Sandinistas, including Danny Ortega.

She had been disgusted with Somoza and was naively hoping for better from the new Marxist regime, but came to her senses right quickly. She provided a “tour” if you will, of what was actually happening in the “war zone” on the eastern side of the country and what the puppet activist groups – like Kellogg Company – were actually doing in the western side of the country, from the far North to the far South. She let me know who the ideological intelligentia and propagandizers were and… and… what the difference was among the clergy, from the smash-down-“the-people”-in-favor-of-Marxism-priests-and-bishops, to just good and faithful bishops. Good bishops were Cardinal Obando y Bravo in Managua, and Bishop Salvador Albert Schlaefer Berg in Puerto Cabezas (Vicariate of Bluefields). One other bishop was bland. The rest were weak, and therefore conformist to the powers that be, therefore communists. I was later able to gain insight into the drama of the politically correct puppet-of-a-Nuncio who rebelled against Pope Saint John Paul II for years and years and years and years. Sickening, that corruption.

Anyway, before moving out into the war zone, it was while I was still in the city Managua for some weeks that the PLO safe house was in direct view. Most terrorist groups from around the world had, surprise surprise, safe houses in Managua. *Shocking* how terrorism and Cuban-Russian Communism go hand in hand. It was at this time that the Sate Department and CIA came strongly into direct contact with me, basically forcing me into a meeting with then Number Two at the U.S. Embassy in Managua, the top Drug Czar of Latin America, later Ambassador to Jamaica (rather significant, that), and now…

Long time readers will remember that there is someone I call my “Shadow”, who stole my identity a lifetime ago so as to entrench in arms-transfers under my name, a clean name providing him unquestioned movement both in the USA and internationally. It was within hours of my contacting CCS in Main State the other week that he called me to subject me to three hours of ranting on wanting to kill Jews. There was a topic he brought up so breathlessly and with such great anger that I couldn’t get a word in edge wise. In the midst of his diatribes against Israel and wanting to kill Jews – vicious, really – he brought up, of all things, how bad the CIA and the Mossad have been, in his opinion, in various countries of Central America, including Nicaragua. He’s done this previously, especially insisting on the presence of the Mossad to the South of the USA border. But this time it was a little different. Now he’s speaking about how terribly evil the Catholic Church and the USA are to complain about the Russian influenced regime of Danny Ortega, for, according to my “Shadow”, Danny hasn’t done anything wrong, is not doing any wrong, and can do no wrong, ever. He’s breathless, angry, urgently emotionally involved.

Do I need to actually begin a list for him? Should I say what I saw in Nicaragua already some 34 years ago on that “tour”? But things are much worse today, and Danny Ortega is the instigator of much much more evil actions than ever, going out of his way to kill Catholics in their parish churches, ripping open tabernacles to throw the Blessed Sacrament under foot. That takes a certain mania, a special kind of darkness. But my “Shadow” knows all that. Obviously, he knows I’m a Catholic priest (and Jewish as well).

But, in thinking back, I recall that those were the years of his arms transfers to the Sinaloan drug cartel, you know, during the years of Fast and Furious type activities. So what would his interest be with the PLO and the CIA and the Mossad down in Nicaragua at that time? I’ll have to think about that… Oh! I know!

Pre-Iran-Contra, that is, Part I. From HaAretz.


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