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Palm Sunday homily: Jesus told me what to say. I said it: Be this woman in Holy Week!

There are two homilies on Palm Sunday, one after the first Gospel immediately preceding the procession, and another (required to be short) after the reading of the Passion of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, this time from the Gospel of Mark. There will be plenty of talk about Jesus and dearest Immaculate Mary as Holy Week and the Sacred Triduum take us deeper in the Most Sacred Mysteries. But today Jesus Himself explicitly requires that we priests speak about the Spikenard Lady, for, He says:

  • “Amen, I say to you, whenever the gospel is proclaimed to the whole world, what she has done will be told in memory of her.”

So, I have to do it. I rejoice to say something of her. I want to say to Jesus at the gates of heaven: “I only did what I had to do.” I dare say that I point to what Jesus wants us priests to say. I am a ruffian, unrefined, so don’t expect finesse. But I think I get it right precisely because I know how bad and evil I could be without the grace of God. I would be Judas, who harasses this Spikenard Lady. But with grace (please God!), I think I see a glimmer of the greatness of her spirit, the incisiveness of her accusation of Judas – truly risking her own life – a glimmer of how much she has suffered to get her to this point. What a magnificent woman. We must be this woman during Holy Week, and onwards.

Dearest Spikenard Lady, pray for us that we might have some share of the purity of heart, the agility of soul that you have been granted by the Holy Ghost!

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Burning Palm Sunday 2020. Ordering more palm branches for 2021.

This picture was, of course, taken on Shrove Tuesday 2021. We had really a lot of palms left over from 2020 Palm Sunday, as that was somehow cancelled. We’re ordering the same amount of palms for 2021 Palm Sunday. Yes. We’ll be celebrating Palm Sunday this year, now that I’ve seen the Holy See’s insistence this year (2021) about the validity of the Decree for 2020 Palm Sunday for this year as well. And that Decree has it that people may well be present at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, you know, like every other day of the year. After some consultation, it seems that no one, not even the Pope, can just up and cancel the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass right around the world. I wish I had known that in 2020. But now I do know that.

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