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X-Ray time and… humor?

Yesterday was a saga of six hours for the X-Ray trip, though just “two views”. My great doctor just called with the results, saying that there were still some signs of pneumonia. He also said that all original labs were consistent with viral pneumonia. But I’m now officially on the mend. I asked him about my weekend schedule coming up. He said not to do that, happy that I had another priest coming in. He said after that, I should slowly starting doing some few things but not to push it for another few weeks. He admonished me about the likelihood of a return of the pneumonia if I don’t take it easy. He went as far as to do a deep dive into stats from death from pneumonia even for people my age. Hahaha.

Hahaha??? Here’s the deal: All things work together for the good of the one who loves God, and I do in fact hope to belong to the Little Flock of Jesus. Though I’m wretched, Jesus is good and kind.

And… and… I do feel to be on the mend.

And there’s more humor. The important thing with viral pneumonia is to get rest. I can only chuckle when worried parishioners want to know how I’m doing or if they can bring food over for me at any hour of the day or night. The last call last night was at 10:38 PM! :-) I have the best parishioners in the world. They love me to death! :-)


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