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That about sums it up: contrast and compare

Language in that last one. This was number one on the charts for while. Know your culture.

Comments in the counting room after Mass yesterday included high praise for the reporter in the last video, brilliantly getting the interview on-air by supplying the words “Let’s go Brandon” even while… you know…

Sorry, but I have to laugh. And now, on account of that laughter, I’ll probably have a warrant put out on me by the Biden Admin with puppets at the DOJ as FBI as CJIS in Bridgeport WV. ;-) … … … bwahahahahahahahaha! Oops!

Oh. I should comment on the intro of Johnny Cash to Ragged ol’ Flag lest I be red-flagged. He speaks of shooting anyone who would burn his flag. What he’s talking about, truth be told, is what is narrated in about the Star Spangled Banner in that other video above. That’s about defense of self and others from unjust and already being delivered deadly aggression. It’s sad that an explanation has to be given in our tender snowflake days. Anyway… Let’s go Brandon!


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Things to do on Labor Day

The first was to say the Votive Mass of the Most Holy Trinity (Traditional Latin Mass) traditionally chosen as the Votive Mass on Mondays, which had no other feast on the universal traditional liturgical calendar.

The second thing to do was to change out the flag for some parishioners. Happy to do it. The Pledge was said, standing.

The third thing to do was to take a few hours off with some of the parish family. There was the iconic BBQ and then some of the more able bodied took to Badminton, named after Badminton House, an estate in Gloucestershire owned by the Duke of Beaufort.

In between, we solved all the problems in the world and in the Church.

With unknown origins (which I don’t like) Labor Day came about as a recognition of the rights of workers as human beings instead of their being sweatshop slaves with no rights. People of certain descent were really kicked in the face in the liberal northeast, especially the Irish and Italians… et al.

Unions got a bit exaggerated with the Mafia, newly enslaving workers who had to fork over most of their wages for the privilege of being slaves to new slave owners. Then Jimmy Hoffa got disappeared 30 July 1975. Then on 5 August 1981, Reagan began firing 11,359 ATCs without hesitation, just like that. That kind of simmered things down.

Lately, there’s a much better balance with much better working conditions, perhaps better than in any country in history, except that just right now, with the whole Covid thing, nobody wants to work, what with people being paid not to work. That’s crazy, so demeaning, so dispiriting, so transforming of self-starters into entitled and violent idiots.

God created us to also as His co-workers in His creation. Good work is, simply, good. When we don’t cooperate with our vocation, we lose hope in who we are before God and neighbor. That’s the point, of course, for politicians who lust after the power of control which ever-more-entitled-people then simply give to the ever more violent maniacs.

Labor Day shoves reality in the face of the present situation. I like that. Great day! Saint Joseph, pray for us!

BTW, if you don’t know, “Keeping holy the Sabbath” is all about honoring the first Labor Day, that is, for God!


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Thank you President Reagan 12 June 1987

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Reagan Arlington National Cemetery x2 Bonus: Reagan on General Patton

Good speech, that, on Memorial Day, at Arlington National Cemetery. An even greater speech, also at Arlington, but on Veterans Day, Armistice Day, follows:

Long before this, way back in the day, Ronald Reagan narrated this original pieces of General George Patton. Note that the first thing he does in a victory speech is to remember the fallen. Lest we forget.

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I thank you today, President Reagan, Sir

Make the analogy with this ecclesia militans, with each united to the One Warrior, Mary’s Divine Son, the Prince of the Most Profound Peace. Go to Confession. Go to Communion. The Church must win this war. Fight as if the issue of the whole struggle depended on you alone because you are one with the One Warrior. Act in His goodness, His kindness, His Truth. And be close, very close, to your guardian angel, who sees the face of the Most High, the Living God.

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