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Coronavirus sheltering-in-place: Exemplar Shadow-dog and Laudie-dog


Dunno if you can see it, but Laudie-dog, as usual, has a smile on her face. Always content. Doing what she was created to do by God our loving Heavenly Father. Is she oblivious to the Coronavirus pandemic and panic? Sure. So she’s happy. But we who do know what’s going down should be as serene and incomparably much more joyful inasmuch as our Lord intends to bring us to heaven forever. By the way, you see that she looking to me, not to my visitor to my left. She’s already figured out that guy.

Meanwhile, Shadow-dog always has his guard up. Yes, he does smile, but with watchful eyes on that visitor, a law enforcement officer to the rectory driveway. He doesn’t care about any law enforcement credentials. He’s going to protect me regardless. Shadow already knows the officer and is friendly with him. Nevertheless, the guard is up. And so should our guard be up with the Coronavirus.

But having your guard up doesn’t cancel out the hope that what we’re all created to have as we walk humbly with our God, in thanksgiving, with joy that God intends us to be taken out of this world and have us in heaven forever. Hope is essential for life. Hope carries with it a joy that opens unto life eternal.

So why did such a good God create such a dangerous world?

  • Let’s not forget what original sin was our choice, crushing our integrity and honesty so that instead of absolutely dominating the universe, including viruses[!], helping each other, we instead, selfish idiots, don’t cooperate, become secretive, and even inflict such viruses on each other.
  • Let’s not forget that God didn’t forget about us and the consequences of our own bad and evil choices. He stood in our place, the innocent for guilty, and took on the death we deserve because of original sin and whatever rubbish of our own sin so that He might have the right in His own justice to have mercy on us, truly offering us mercy based on this justice, so that He – the Author of Life – might bring us to life once again, this time united with Him, this time in life eternal.

So, I’m as happy as a Laudie-dog, and so very enthusiastic that I can continue to be on guard against, say, the Coronavirus, and not be all depressed and despairing, but rather, in His grace, retain the hope that leads to heaven.

We see lots of bashing of those who BOTH faithful and reasonable and prudent and who are of service. If those self-righteous bashers who bash entire categories of people would spend even half that energy on doing something to be part of the solution, we would have a much better world as regards both physical and spiritual health.

  • Let’s pray for each other.
  • Let’s help each other.
  • Let’s be joyful.
  • Let’s be of service in whatever way we can.
  • Let’s be an occasion for others to get hold of that hope which our dear Lord holds out to all of us with great solicitude for our eternal welfare.

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Coronavirus fears? Escape to Graham County NC?! No. Don’t even try.


The entirety of Graham County is in my parish. It’s THE bugout place to which one runs from big cities. And city slickers bring us disease. Lots of disease. And it’s not welcome anymore. Here are some of the communications of the Commissioners of Graham County in WNC to the citizens of Graham County NC, and to anyone who would be so very, very foolish as to attempt to come here. You will be turned away. Need food and gas and shelter and medical attention. Not here, buddy. Ain’t gonna happen. Take note:


The Graham County Board of Commissioners has authorized a county wide state of emergency declaration. The details of the declaration will take several days to implement. Starting today Friday, March 20, 2020 a curfew will be put in place. The curfew will start at 10:00 pm and extend till 6:00am and wlll be for an indefinite period. Persons that are going to and from work will be exempt from the curfew. We are considering some road closures and travel restrictions that will be annouced in the coming days. We are awaiting a decision from NC DOT about possible road closures and road restrictions. We do not take this matter lightly but if we are expecting our citizens to change their lives and limit their travel we must expect the same from those persons who are not residents of our county. We are taking a better safe than sorry approach to deal with the safety of our citizens. Should road closures be implemented or road restrictions implemented persons travelling to work outside the county or travelling to doctors visits will not be impeded. Necessary commercial traffic will be allowed as well. We know these decisions will impact many people but the safety and health of our citizens must come first. We expect our EMS services and our Sheriff’s Department employees to be extremely busy and the more we can to reduce traffic in and out of the county the less we’ll take them away from the emergencies that they have to deal with. This is a situation with a lot of unkowns and the response required by the state is changing almost by the hour. We urge everyone who can to just stay home and avoid person to person contact wherever possible. Persons who are not full time residents but own property here should prepare to show proof of property ownership. Should actual road closures take effect only persons with a Graham County address will be allowed into Graham County unless they can show that they have property in Graham County. We ask for your patience and your prayers as we try to manage the impact of Covid-19 on our county.



Three Cherokee County Residents and an Illinois resident Test Positive for COVID-19, Currently Isolated in Cherokee County

Two Cherokee County residents that tested positive for COVID – 19 are being monitored and following isolation orders in Cherokee County. The patients are household contacts of the case from New York that tested positive in Cherokee County earlier this week. Both the index case (patient from New York) and the residents from Cherokee County have been isolated since testing was initiated on the patient from New York.

A third Cherokee County resident has tested positive for COVID – 19 and is currently isolated in their home since testing was initiated. This patient attended the contra dance on March 10th at the John C. Campbell Folk School which the New York patient had also attended. The patient is at home on isolation. Cherokee County Health Department will continue necessary contact tracing on this patient in identifying close contacts.

A resident of Illinois that tested positive for COVID – 19 is being monitored and following isolation orders in Cherokee County. The patient had traveled from Illinois and was staying in the home with the index case (patient from New York) that tested positive in Cherokee County earlier this week. Since cases are reported under the state of residency, this case will be identified as an Illinois case, not a North Carolina case. Therefore, this case will not show up on the North Carolina maps as a Cherokee County case. Both the index case from New York and the resident from Illinois are isolated since testing was initiated on the patient from New York.

Both of the Cherokee County individuals and the Illinois case have been on isolation since before becoming symptomatic. For this reason, contact tracing on these three cases will not be necessary. We can say with great certainty that these cases were isolated during the symptomatic phase of the illness and therefore had little to no opportunity to spread the virus.

It is now advised that anyone who becomes ill with a respiratory type illness should isolate until the following criteria are met:

• 7 days have passed since the onset of symptoms; AND
• At least 72 hours without a fever (without the use of fever-reducing medication) and respiratory symptoms are improving

Because COVID-19 is most commonly spread through respiratory droplets, individuals should take the same measures that health care providers recommend to prevent the spread of the flu and other viruses, including washing your hands, avoiding touching your face, staying home if you are sick and covering coughs and sneezes with your elbow.

It is important to make sure the information you are getting about COVID-19 is coming directly from reliable sources like Cherokee County Health Department, CDC, and NCDHHS. For more information, please visit the CDC’s website at www.cdc.gov/coronavirus and NCDHHS’ website at www.ncdhhs.gov/coronavirus, which will also include future positive COVID-19 test results in North Carolina.

Cherokee County Health Department regularly updates our Facebook page with accurate and current information regarding COVID-19, we encourage the public to check our Facebook page for up-to-date information.

Symptoms for COVID-19 are fever, cough, and other lower respiratory illness (shortness of breath). If you are having a mild respiratory illness, isolate yourself from others until the criteria above is met. If your illness becomes severe requiring urgent or emergent health care, call and inform your health care provider or emergency services of your symptoms prior to arrival. If you have questions, you may call the Health Department at 828-837-7486 during regular office hours which are Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM.


As a result of the countywide declaration of emergency Graham County Government has established an Emergency Mangement Committee. This committee has met this morning and the following decisions have been made and will be put into play over the coming days.

A) Effective Monday, March 23,2020 all accomodation businesses shall close for business at 12:00 noon. Accomodations defined are hotels, motels, cabins, bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, or any public rental facility that typically rents for less than one month.
B) By Friday, March 27, 2020 the following highways will be closed or have restricted access. 1) Cherohala Skyway will be closed to all traffic 2) Highways US 129 and NC 28 at Deals Gap will be restricted to local resident traffic and commercial traffic 3) US 129 at Topton will be restricted to pass through detour traffic, commercial traffic, and local resident traffic only. Once the US 74 detour is ended then US 129 will be restricted to local traffic and commercial traffic only. 4) NC Highway 28 going east from Stecoah will be restricted to local and detour traffic only and commercial traffic. Once the detour is ended NC 28 will be restricted to local and commercial traffic only. Persons travelling these highways should be prepared to show a Graham County address or proof of property ownership for non-residents to be able to enter Graham County.

We understand that this decision will impact a lot of people. It wlll cause people to be temporarily laid off from work. We will post information on how to file for unemployment benefits on the Graham County website. We accept that these are drastic steps to some degree but we have to do what is necessary to keep people safe. The President of the United States has asked everyone to stay home and eliminate unneccessary travel. We support that decision.


I want to try and put this emergency declaration in perspective to some of you. Again, we may look like idiots and fools when this is over and no one gets sick. I’m OK with that if it happens. We have 8900 or so full time residents. We have NO MEDICAL FACILITIES THAT CAN TREAT YOU FOR CORONAVIRUS. “0”. We have 2 ambulances. About a third of our EMS paramedics live in other counties and are employed by those counties. Those paramedics from other counties will be kept in their home county if there’s an outbreak in the home county. Should that happen, we’re down to a few paramedics and EMT’s.There is a serious shortage of paramedics across the region. IF, BIG IF, those paramedics start getting sick there will be no one to bring the ambulance to get you and take you to a hospital. Graham County citizens will be competing for a hospital bed with every county in western NC. There’s a hospital in Murphy; one in Franklin; one in Sylva; one in Waynesville; and Mission in Asheville. Mission serves all the western counties from Graham to the TN state line in Madison County. There are few empty beds at any of those hospitals on a normal day. Imagine how fast they’ll fill up with and outbreak in Buncombe or Haywood counties. Every county we border in NC has at least twice our population except Swain which has around one and a half times our population. Swain Hospital to my knowledge is not equipped or staffed to handle a pandemic outbreak. Their citizens will be taken to Harris in Sylva. If we have 1000 people across the region infected the available hospital beds are all of sudden gone. Where will the people from Graham County go? We would have to wait for the National Guard or other military personnel to come in and set up a hospital. Think of how many people are hospitalized on a normal day. Heart attack patients, cancer patients and all the normal emergencies that occour on a normal day. When I think about the worst case scenarios that causes me to be very concerned about the health and well being of the people of Graham County. I do not take this matter lightly. Some people following this news have called us communists (they have no idea what a communist is) and worse. They say we’re taking away their constitutional rights. Not true. You can’t run into a crowded theater and yell fire even if you’re joking. No one has the right constitutional or otherwise to put another persons life at risk. No one knows how to deal with a disease like this coronavirus. Our state and federal governments tell us minimize the risk. Reduce person to person contact. That is what we are trying to do and are trying not to disrupt anyone’s life more than we have to. ECBI Chief Richard Sneed announced yesterday that all non-essential businesses in the Qualla Boundary will close effective noon March 23. Graham County will be planning for the same type of closures in the next few days. We would hope that people would just voluntarilly close and stay home. Those businesses that will do that voluntarilly please do. This is serious not something to joke about. One sick person can lead to potentially hundreds of sick people. The isolation that we love about Graham County is also part of our worst nightmare to. We need food, shelter, and medical care. We have food and shelter. The medical care requires us to be taken to another county. Take steps today to reduce contact with other people. STAY HOME!


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Calm quarantine strategies, not panic


First  of all, we are not in any kind of stage of a quarantine of any kind. San Francisco called for a State of Emergency, but that was just a cynical move to release Federal monies they otherwise can’t get at this time for sanctuary cities. It has nothing to do with any COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus. No. Demoncrats are self-centered jerks and want to cause panic.

And I don’t say we are any kind of stage of a quarantine YET. No. That also would be to panic. See above.

Having said that, let’s take the worst case scenario – a declared pandemic – so as to point out how to avoid the worst case scenario, which would not refer to any medical condition (more people dying from the flu or smoking or car accidents…), but rather panic, which would be the logistical cause of death for hyperbolically more cases of death. So…

  • The other week a reporter asked POTUS Trump whether or not plans were already in place for the quarantine of entire cities if the need arises. He answered yes.
    • I’m sure that if this were to be effected it would be done so by the National Guard before anyone knows, including all law enforcement, who will likewise be quarantined in place in their cities.
    • Immediately after the National Guard is in place for a no one in-or-out scenario, health officials and law enforcement will be privy to policies and enforcement and rules of engagement.
    • It would be extremely helpful if in the same announcement it was said that food delivery trucks to supermarkets will have drop off locations at the border of the quarantine and that other trucks from inside will later come to pick up that food and deliver it to local supermarkets.
    • Gasoline deliveries? I guess they would have to be made when the stations are otherwise abandoned.
    • It would have to be stated that utilities will continue.
    • Extremely severe penalties for price gauging and looting would have to be stated.
  • demon panThe worst possible thing that could happen is panic. In that case, there will immediately be home invasions of idiots looking for food, not because there is any lack of food, but just because of panic. This will be done by those who have already been spending all their money on drugs. And they are well practiced with home invasions. Not good.
  • Panic in this sorry world of ours – the mob mentality which eliminates all “inhibitions” like reason and goodness and kindness and courage and fortitude and justice and mercy – the eliminator of all that is good in the chaos of panic is the demon-god Pan. This is not the too-cute and effeminate Peter Pan of Disney, but rather the ancient demon of all demons, Satan, who, as Jesus says, is a murderer from the beginning. Panic is the worst thing that can happen.
  • What is most needed in a Pan-Dem-ic is to not cave into panic, to not cave into Pan-Demon-ium. Get it? Pan in Greek means all or everything or everyone: “Everybody’s panicking!!!!!!!”
  • To panic is to give reverence to the demon-god pan. Panic makes one a worshiper of Pan. Panic makes one a pagan, an idol-worshiper. “Oooh! Pan told me to worry and have anxiety and to panic, so, therefore, of course, ever-obedient to demons, I will! I will panic! I will! I will! // off sarcasm.
  • So, an examination of conscience is in order. What or who is the most important thing, person, during a pandemic? Christ Jesus. If we have our spiritual lives squared away, if we are actually looking forward to going to heaven, trusting in the mercies of our Lord, we will not cave in to panic, we will not worship at the feet of Pan.
  • For atheists who mock faith in the time of crisis as the opiate of society, know this, the only ones I’ve ever seen help each other out in desperate times are believers. This is especially true in Socialist/Communist/Marxist countries. You know that’s true. I’ve seen it first hand. Believers have extraordinary strength of love and reason because of the love and truth they carry about within them coming from God Himself.


  • Where is God in all of this? Look for those who are trying to be helpful in all of this. Look at Jesus’ good mom holding God in her arms…
  • But why did God let this happen?
    • Let’s call to mind that original sin opened us up to all of this sickness and death and weakness of mind and weakness of will and emotions all over the place.
    • Let’s call to mind that God so loved that world despite our use of free will that He sent His only-Begotten Divine Son Jesus – basing mercy on justice – to stand in our place, the Innocent for the guilty, taking on the punishment we deserve so that He might have the right in His own justice to have mercy on us.
    • Let’s call to mind that God thus knows all about suffering, and all about combating panic and the horrific demon-god Pan.
    • Let’s call to mind that Jesus does give us the grace, His friendship, to be reasonable, to be calm, to be good and kind, not to panic, but to be helpful, pointing people to Him who is that love which is stronger than sickness, stronger than any pandemic, stronger than death, strong enough to bring us to eternal life, to our eternal home, where love and peace reign supreme. Heaven is our home and we are now – in this hell – in exile away from home. But we do have a home in heaven, and we right now carry about the way to that home, grace which St Paul says will turn to glory.

So, no worries then! Jesus, I joyously trust in You.


Meanwhile, I’ve lost 52.xx pounds on Keto so far, and I’m going off Keto soon, transitioning over to something more high protein and not neglecting carbs. Trundling off to Walmart grocery to stock up on non-Keto items, I noticed lots of almost empty shelves, just a few packages of oatmeal, a packet or two of lentil beans, that kind of thing. It looked like panic buying. That’s O.K. Those panic buyers are all set now and won’t be emptying out stores in panic buying. Don’t panic. Instead, drop off real dead weight that holds you back. Go to Confession!


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