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“I know nothing of Canon Law.” “You’re lying, because you’re right about the Dubia.” And he was vindicated.


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Sine Dominico? Non possumus! Without Sunday Mass we cannot live! Some questions.

From the other day inside our parish church:

Speaking of Rorate, this from Rorate caeli:

URGENT – EXCLUSIVE – “The Roche Christmas Massacre”: CDW Instruction on Traditionis Custodes to be issued next week

  • “RORATE has learned, and can confirm, that the instruction of the Congregation for Divine Worship (Prefect: Archbishop Arthur Roche) on the application of the motu proprio Traditionis Custodes is to be published next week. (Unless some extraordinary measure prevents the publication of the already approved text.) The instruction will try (among other things) to impose over the global Church, by violent and illegitimate will of the legislator, the blueprint established for the Diocese of Rome by its Cardinal Vicar months ago regarding all Sacraments other than the Holy Eucharist. “

That’s a kick in the face to the Church of all ages from “the vision of Pope Francis” and his tyrannical “synodal church”, whatever that is. I’ve heard people right around the world citing “the vision of Pope Francis” really a lot, people who should know better, who themselves despised at one time a similar phrase – “the spirit of Vatican II” – since it was a tool to manipulate people, bully people into going against Christ Jesus and His Church. When parts of that get-together were found to be too orthodox, that phrase was quickly changed to… “The spirit of Vatican II and whatever we want to emphasize in what happened after Vatican II.” Talk about overly comprehensive and ambiguous and bullying unto tyrannical persecution. Why cannot what happened after Vatican II include Ecclesia Dei and Summorum Pontificum? Pfft.

Sacred Revelation has it that we are to be one with the Body of Christ, Jesus the Head, we the members, right now and into heaven, not mere dialectic units always smashing down the Body of Christ and never quite being resolved into the unity of the One Body of Christ, ever ancient, ever new. Jesus wants us to be one with Him instead of forever being in an ongoing dialectic that ignores Christ Jesus, His doctrine, His morality, His Revelation, His Commandments. There is no revelation “from below”, from our fallen human nature in whatever stupid dialectic. There is only Revelation from above. We’ve forgotten the Prologue of Saint John’s Gospel. I wonder why that is. “The Light shone in the darkness, but…”

The martyrs of the past rejected this tyranny when it came from outside the Church, specifically from Diocletian, the most bloodthirsty and vicious of the demon-possessed Roman Emperors. Diocletian’s objective in torture, imprisonment and murder was to stop the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Even Wikipedia has this great comment to make:

  • “Non possumus” is a Latin, Catholic, religious phrase that translates as “we cannot”. It originated with the martyrdom of the Martyrs of Abitinae [in Africa], who were murdered in AD 304 when Roman Emperor Diocletian prohibited Christians under penalty of death to possess the Sacred Scriptures, convene on Sunday to celebrate the Holy Eucharist, and erect premises for their assemblies. The phrase was not intended to express incapacity but, on the contrary, absolute moral determination to obey the Catholic Faith. The full sentence of the phrase is “sine dominico non possumus” (“we cannot [live] without Sunday”). It expresses the necessity of Sunday and the Holy Eucharist for Christianity. (W)

We immediately recall, of course, Padre Pio’s version of this call to die in witness of the Lord Jesus:

  • “It would be easier for the world to survive without the sun than to do without the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.” (Padre Pio)

Yet, people are citing the tyrannical, myopic “vision of Pope Francis” as a great example of dialogue and pastoral sensitivity. Since when is constantly jerking people around all of a sudden “listening” and the full expression of desiring the salvation of souls? Is Canon 87 not a part of the Code of Canon Law?

  • Can. 87 §1. A diocesan bishop, whenever he judges that it contributes to their spiritual good, is able to dispense the faithful from universal and particular disciplinary laws issued for his territory or his subjects by the supreme authority of the Church.

Since when is it considered the sine qua non of pro bono ecclesiae to destroy souls by not working for that which contributes to their spiritual good?


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