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“This is my home!” The Signature of Autism. I love it.

That’s the handprint of a child with autism on the main entrance of Holy Redeemer Catholic Church here in Andrews, NC. We treat well those with any special needs here in the midst of Jesus’ Little Flock. For a particular reason within the parameters of Church Law regarding the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, this child was provided with this Sacrament, a most peaceful event with the family all around.

And then… bam! — Handprint on the door, as if to say: “This is where I feel at home; this is my home.”

The currents run deep in those with more severe forms of autism. That’s my experience with those with autism right around the world, here in these USA, down in Australia, in Lourdes, France. In my own reading on autistic traits I recognized lots of things about myself. Many of those have stuck with me to date. I’m certainly taken to be the stupidest person ever – never the case with those with autism – a perception almost exclusively of narcissists, almost always filthy liberals.

And then… bam! The presentation of Christ Jesus and Immaculate Mary that cannot be refuted, as if I say: “It is with them that I feel at home; my home, please God, will be in heaven.”

I suppose all of that is presumptuous on my part, or is it that the currents are running deep? Here’s the deal: I do have the joy of having the hope that the wounds of Christ Jesus were received by Him also for me.

When entering into the gates of heaven, please God, I’d like to leave a handprint, so as to say: “This is where I feel at home; this is my home.”

How about you?


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