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Coronavirus “Last Meal”, or not!


So, a little while back, a neighboring priest who is hosting a seminarian for the Diocese since the Seminary in Columbus closed down, invited me over for a “last meal” so to speak, before any more stringent quarantines are put into place, like road blocks, some of which, in our area, are truly draconian.

As you can see, the meal was Keto friendly. I ate about a zillion calories and still lost weight. Keto is amazing. I’ve now lost 58 pounds.

What I don’t want to do is get the Coronavirus. Talk about losing plenty of weight! Fever, stomach cramps, etc. I. Don’t. Want. To. Go. Through. That.

I wear my N-95 mask, like this morning. I was out at 4:30 AM helping finish off a night shift with our great law enforcement. I have plenty of energy after that great meal.

In other words: take care of yourselves, making sure you’re getting enough to eat.

Today, this very day, I’m going to do up a not-so-Keto-friendly loaf of nut-raison-bread. Homemade. I haven’t even attempted to do this kind of thing in years. This is not machine bread. This is oven bread.

More on this later, if there is any success, but just to say, a half-slice of a 3/4″ thick slice is still Keto friendly:

  • 136.5 calories
  • 5.9 g total fat
  • 19.9 g carbohydrates
  • 2.45 g protein

But I need a bag of all purpose flour. I don’t think there is any in the stores at all.

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