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Awarded by the U.S. Census Bureau (disingenuous baiting)

Hmmm… thought I. Very expensive folder. What could be inside?

That’s all a calculated lie, of course. Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Andrews, NC had nothing to do with the U.S. Census Bureau. That’s a paradigmatic shift from what actually happened. I’m the pastor of this church, but I did not involve this 501(c)3 with the Census Bureau in any way. I myself talked with the Census Bureau’s representative who is beholden to the Census Bureau’s Regional Office in Atlanta. She proclaimed that I was very first contact who would be ever so important in gathering information on the Latino community. I didn’t cooperate. I was sent numerous invites to regional conferences indoctrinating valued partners. I never went.

In fact, the very second I met this lady I asked her if she was degreed out in gaming theory (one country gaming another into non-viability). Yes, she was. She had a doctorate in the matter, you know, from a Jesuit university up in WV. I immediately asked if she had therefore been employed among the U.S. Army’s terrorist intelligence mathematical engineers for the DARPA COMPASS program. Yes, she was. That would only make sense. Being employed also by the Census Bureau would mean that stats were her forte. That’s what DARPA COMPASS does in their effort to do up extra-judicial killings also of American Citizens in what they call a gray-war, you know, to make it all better.

I then asked her about gerrymandering political districts. She demurred. I asked about purposed engineering of answers so as to anonymize individuals but entirely compromise any promise not to gerrymander political districts so as to sway elections. She super demurred.

I didn’t cooperate with her repeated visits, telephone calls, emails.

But perhaps I’m wrong about this award. Maybe it’s a gesture of peace after what happened a short time after I myself sent in my correctly filled out Census card on time. Three thugs from the U.S. Census Bureau Regional Office in Atlanta flooded my phone with messages about a question they had about an answer on my Census card. I had correctly stated that I was the only one living here, ever. They mocked all Catholic priests and the entire Catholic Church by saying (and repeating multiple times) that since this was a Catholic rectory, therefore it must be that I am keeping women and children here. Just. Wow. What does that mean? Human trafficking? Illegal immigration? Prostitution? Abuse? Just. Wow. You know, precisely and only because it is Catholic. All these thugs and buffoons should go to prison. What they are doing is felonious.

And don’t get me started on the American Community Survey which this year is heavily pushing gender theory, identity politics, same sex marriage, promiscuity, and, it seems to me, much worse.

This crowd couldn’t care less about religion or sexual perversion or inversions or whatever. No. What is so hotly desired is that consciences be compromised. Once you rip out the conscience of an individual, you own their soul. They will be compliant with whatever agenda no matter how anti-religious, no matter how anti-American.

They send an award for my cooperation. Did I cooperate? Actually, I did. I dare say I went along with the program more than anyone else by explaining my disgust. They also appreciate that very much. They dismiss my viewpoints, thinking they will win conscience and soul in the end. What they don’t realize, however much they congratulate themselves for having gone to Jesuit universities, is that Jesus will win in the end. No one will rip the faith out of His little flock. And He, Jesus, will come to judge the living and the dead and world by fire. Yes, He will. And not even these thugs and buffoons who think they are so powerful will be able to avoid that judgment. I hope they go along with the grace Jesus does provide them to repent and be forgiven and be saved. Amen.

P.S. Oh, I forgot! They are surely judging how many people live in this rectory by way of tracking credit cards and seeing the huge amount of food I buy. Pfft! I do that on my own personal credit card, buying groceries for the elderly Covid-19 comorbidity crowd. Does the Census Bureau hate me and all religion for acts of charity? Pfft. These guys and gals in the Census Bureau are more monstrous than I thought.


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ACS Census Bureau creepy sex-survey deadline past. I’m so dead.

The unique identifier codes for yours truly were cut out of the graphic above as I wouldn’t want anyone too-good-willed responding on my behalf just so as to get me out of trouble. Don’t do that.

The upshot of this deadline threat – December 23, the day before Christmas Eve (received just a few days before that) – is that I missed out on the percentage of non-respondents who are graced with having no follow-up visits. I’m already scheduled for a visit from Federal enforcement officers (they have IDs and Badges, the works) and the only way to be “removed from our schedule for a visit” is to fill out the 48 page questionnaire making for a lifelong intimate autobiography, you know, at a time when all respondents have their autobiographies hacked by SolarWinds and others. How swampy is that? What a gift to – who? – Russia? China?

In calling this a “sex survey” in the title of this post, I am referring to the fact that like 5% of the survey is about sexual inversion, perversion, same-sex marriages or partners, or some sort of weird combination of those possibly with any numbers of trans-whatevers in all that filthy disgusting mix. I’m guessing that the Census Bureau’s rejoicing about Sodom and Gomorrah regards providing a sizeable percentage of $675,000,000,000.00 billion U.S. dollars of tax-payer monies to government programs promoting, protecting, encouraging, teaching all that is perverted, inverted, trans-whatever, and smashing down those who disagree with up to $5,000.00 in fines and up to five years in a Federal Penitentiary.

Note the syntax of the interrogator interviewer coming to one’s home to complete the survey in person. They will complete the survey – regardless of any answer or not of any respondent – by way of their own “imputation” (their wording) of the answer they ideologically provide. They don’t say they will “assist” but that they themselves will complete the survey. This is a long standing stated modus operandi. If you don’t do it, they will fill it out the way they want to and sign your name to it.

About the statement that such Federal agents “will come to your home”, there is a comment on a Federal Trade Commission’s article asking whether such Federal enforcement officers have the right to enter someone’s home and set up shop. That query was met with an official FTC answer that danced around the question without answering it. In other words, yes. Enforcement officers may decide to enter one’s home. The (in)famous protestation of “I do not consent” isn’t going to stop that. Setting up shop to complete the lengthy interrogation is effectively – to use a technical term – a “search”, as what they are looking for also has to do with numbers of rooms, everything there is to know about one’s bathroom, and so on. They are in one’s home for so long that they will, of course, disgustingly, want to use the bathroom. I don’t want contact with all their disgusting bodily fluids, especially considering that a sizable percentage of the interrogation is all about allocating billions of dollars in tax-payer government programs to shore up all that is same-sex marriage/partnering and all that is trans-whatever. Federal enforcement officers smashing down Constitutional rights so as to force cooperation against one’s conscience that is rightly formed by all that is Judeo-Catholic means that the enforcement officers are tender snowflake violent bullies, right? Just a question.

Still, I do not consent to any home invasion as this rectory has a dedicated chapel established with the permission of the Most Reverend Bishop, meaning that the Most Blessed Sacrament resides in a Tabernacle. That’s not a public chapel. I not going to risk desecration of the Blessed Sacrament with enforcement officers poking around anything and everything.

  • “Oh, Father George, you exaggerate. That’s not going to happen. You’re a conspiracy theorist!”

But here’s the deal. They have already proved their malice. After the normal national Census, the Census Bureau berated me as a liar because I’m a Catholic Priest living in a Catholic Rectory, insisting that I lied on the Census because I said that I live alone. They – three different agents from the Atlanta regional Census Bureau, insisted that because I’m a Catholic Priest living in a Catholic Rectory I must be keeping women and children here, with such an accusation giving them the go-ahead in their own minds to lie (with “imputation” as they call it) on the forms having my name on them. Their malice rises to the level of a religious hate crime as they threaten with up to $5,000.00 in fines and up to five years in prison so as to force me to agree with them. Such violent actions are purposed to instill terror against a particular group or sector of society (in this case all Catholic priests), fulling the entire definition of terrorism. My own health is such that I wouldn’t last days in Federal Penitentiary, much less five years. I’m so dead.

Here’s the deal: Since the American Community Survey, a subsidiary of the U.S. Census Bureau, asks the same questions about numbers of people living in whatever residence, and since I now know of their malice that rises to the level of a religious hate crime if not terrorism, and since I know that they themselves supply answers “by imputation” to fit their own agenda, I cannot be a respondent to the American Community Survey. To do so would be to agree with their malice against the Catholic Church already expressed after the Census. I am not going to give them a chance to butt-**** America, using me as their fresh meat to do so. Can they throw me as fresh meat into a Federal Penitentiary for five years for being a non-respondent? Sure. Might I die in prison from mistreatment? Sure, including being gay-raped repeatedly. Such a nightmare is joy for them. I’m referring to the percentage of the Survey given over to all that is homosexual and transgender. I will not comply. I’m not going to be part of the American Community Survey. I would rather be a non-respondent and then go to heaven for eternity than to go ahead and be a respondent only to gain, perhaps, a few more minutes on this earth and then go to hell.

Taxation without representation to the tune of $675,000,000,000.00 billion dollars? Yep. Another Constitutional case to bring forth besides their hate crimes beside their going against the free exercise of religion.

They don’t give a day and time for the “visit”, but I’m guessing it will be some time after January 6, 2021, you know, to take account for a slowdown in USPS hardcopy deliveries, you know, what with all the delays because of Christmas pileups and COVID. January 6 will be an interesting day in America, what with their hoped-for ratification of Electoral College votes, a day when the swamp, they think, will be given the green light to prosecute citizens in good standing and do up a Sodom and Gomorrah on the whole country.

The Director signs off, writing “Sincerely.” I don’t buy it. See Ezekiel 23.

  • “Father George, you’re exaggerating. You’re not so important as you think. You’re nothing, NOTHING!

Yes, well, I agree with that! LOL!

Here’s the deal: I know they haven’t thrown anyone in prison for a long time for being a non-respondent though they do hand out hefty fines. But this year there is a large percentage of people who are not responding, no doubt due to the emphasis on same-sex marriage and trans-whatever. A large amount of non-respondents statistically invalidates the entire effort. Therefore, they have to take up someone whose case might become known, whose prosecution will become known. My little blog is totally insignificant, ever so tiny, just like this smallest of all parishes in these USA. But I have a lot of friends who do have a voice. If I’m the example that is to be so mistreated, to the end for them that other non-respondents will fall into line, answering and losing more rights as they do so, then so be it. Again, I want to go to heaven, not hell. I would rather fall on my knees in all freedom before Christ Jesus than to be forced to my knees and be an ideological sex-slave of the Census Bureau.

The Census Bureau is, of course, relying on the SCOTUS to continue smacking down cases brought against the Census and the American Community Survey, as they have done many times in the past, but those cases were all based on privacy rights. My own case would be based on the unalienable God-given right to free exercise of religion. Thank you, Justice Amy Coney Barrett. :-)

Oh. I forgot. Black Lives Matter, which has allegedly been burning down Catholic Churches right around the world, now has representation on the proposed Judiciary Committee of the Kamala-Joe ticket, and she’s said that the SCOTUS must be expanded so as to political. Yep. No more Constitutional Republic. No more rule of law. Sorry Amy. You’re likely to be a political prisoner of the mucky swamp as well.

BTW: Wasn’t the latest spending bill allocating 10 million dollars to Pakistan to do up transgender studies? I bet that’s about analyzing LGBTQ+ issues issuing from the American Community Survey of the Census Bureau. Think about it. LGBTQ+ in Pakistan.

Having said all that, I will be happy to greet any Federal agents of the American Community Survey of the U.S. Census Bureau of the U.S. Department of Commerce with all their – oh so scary – IDs and Badges. But I won’t talk to them. If I recall, there is Someone else who did not respond to idiot questions. That would be Jesus before Pontius Pilate. Jesus is the Living Truth. Pilate wasn’t interested in any truth whatsoever.


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Homosexualists at Census Bureau’s ACS admit lying to get gay funding

What’s that? “The Census Bureau handles item[sic] of nonresponse by imputation, that is, by assigning values for the missing items.” Oh my! I wonder if that means that they will assign values that will upend demographics for a region to the end that a region will not get part of the $675,000,000,000.00 billion dollars in available government grants, but another one, say one headed by a Dem governor will get those funds, something which sways elections. Get it?

This admittedly purposed lying is also admitted elsewhere, with the Bureau stating plainly that so many truthful answers will nevertheless be changed that no hacker guy will ever be able to associate answers with any particular person. In other words, no matter what you respond or don’t, your answers will be changed, and of course those imputed answers will be in favor whatever political agendas promoted by the Census Bureau, having little to do with taxpayers’ will in the matter.

This is all an exercise in taxation without representation against the consciences of citizens, using citizens as instruments of social change against the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Specifically:

The Director of the U.S. Census Bureau, a certain Steven D. Dillingham has authored a newly revamped American Community Survey that promotes everything homosexualist and transgender. Since Stevie has promised to do up a bit of imputation for any non-response to questions on gay and trans lifestyles to get what he wants, and has promised to change any other answers anyway so as to protect respondents[Pfft], do you think that Stevie baby is going to change those answers to get the demographics he wants for the programs he wants? I bet a good chunk of tax-payer monies will go to homosexualist and transgender causes, like government paid sex changes, like free home enlargement for same-sex adoptions, like an attack on religion by way of funding hate groups.

Welcome to the American Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, which is not American, not a Union, not a Council (Soviet), not anything Social, and certainly not any kind of Republic, but rather a dictatorship. I’ve been in a lot of Marxist-Communist-Socialist countries, all of them oppressive of citizens, all of them dictatorships, with government workers kicking citizens in the face. Always.

But don’t think this is about anything homosexual or transgender. These power grabbers couldn’t care less. This is about destroying consciences, about making for ease of transition to making the population slaves (oh yes, regardless of color). The first to go to the camps are those who cling to conscience, to their very souls before God.

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