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Ignatius Press enlists priest-bloggers: Eleven Cardinals book @ divorced and remarried receiving Communion?

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You’ll remember that Ignatius Press published the famous book – ‘Remaining in the truth of Christ’ – just before the 2014 Synod on the Family, and that copies intended for the Synod participants came to a nefarious end before delivery. It’s that good. It’s that clear. It’s that much of a must read in the battle for the integrity of pastoral practice regarding the sacraments of Holy Matrimony, the Most Blessed Sacrament and Confession, indeed, in the battle for the eternal welfare of the souls who have been thrown into confusion.

Although canonists such as Cardinal Burke and other theologians insist that no doctrine has changed with the publication of Amoris laetitia, it is nevertheless true for a number of reasons that confusion reigns in the Church and the world, not the least of which is Pope Francis proclaiming that plenty of things have changed while on his trip back from Lesbos. In the Eleven Cardinals book, Willem Jacobus Cardinal Eijk writes a chapter that seems to speak prophetically in some way to what Pope Francis calls new. Cardinal Eijk entitles the chapter: Can divorced and Civilly remarried persons receive Communion? He is as clear as a bell.

Ignatius Press has decided to enter the fray once again, this time offering free digital publishing of this most incisive chapter of this most feared book on the personal blogs of priests and bishops and cardinals, starting with this most insignificant of tiny blogs: a little yeast, and watch it grow. This helps to consolidate the Catholic identity.

Beginning with an email for Father Fessio, this was arranged with Ignatius Press for Arise! Let us be going! and other priest-bloggers with the aim of sharing a more widely a reasoned evangelization that has not yet been sufficiently brought to the attention of those in the pews. As you might imagine, there are some ground rules:

  • The chapter, and only this chapter, may only be published on the blogs of select clerical bloggers, only five in number, to begin with. That number can certainly be re-evaluated. Arise! Let us be going! will vet the requests to reprint this chapter on their blogs. All you have to do is request the perfect quality PDF produced of this chapter by Ignatius Press for this purpose in the comments box of this post. I will NOT publish your request, or your name or email address. Use your real email address in the comments form so that I can be in touch with you. Tell me your real name and provide the real URL of your blog where this chapter will be published. Then, no problem!
  • However easy it is to digitally steal anything on the internet, resorting even to screen shots, there is a copyright prohibition of doing that, so that the distribution of the chapter is to remain on those select blogs only. That, of course, presents somewhat insurmountable technical problems. The internet is what it is, right. I have to assume in this case that trying one’s best is O.K. We will see who respects that, and also who doesn’t, so that any possible future projects will take this into account.
  • We live in times which are especially dangerous regarding the eternal salvation of souls. This is about guiding people to the truth and goodness and kindness of Jesus.
  • I will be publishing the PDF of that chapter in an upcoming article. This may take a few days. Have patience. Meanwhile, say a Hail Mary that this project may be taken up by many dozens of clerical-bloggers right around the world. Share this post with your favorite clerical bloggers (clerical meaning: deacons, priests, bishops, cardinals…).

For those who don’t have the entire book (worth its weight in much more than gold): Eleven Cardinals Speak on Marriage and the Family

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