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Food shortage crisis coming to a mouth near your face. Are you ready?

That picture of the famine in Ethiopia in the 1980s is likely to be repeated in about a dozen African countries and more around the world in a few months time, say, by August 2022. This will have a direct affect on the availability of food for the rest of the world population, in which you are included. This situation has come about and is now quite unavoidable because the Russia/Ukraine conflict has decimated farmers in Ukraine, again. No fertilizer. No grain.

This is called “The Great Reset.” You will experience what happens when people get hungry. Not only will there be chaos in supermarkets (and I do recommend prudent stocking up of long-shelf-life supplies and beans and rice), but there will be home invasions. Just my prediction, but methinks we will devolve into a warlord situation. You ready for that?

Readers of this blog will, of course, be thinking of the Bread of Life, the Bread of the Angels, the availability of the Most Blessed Sacrament. Well. I don’t know. We’ll have to see what happens after the Supreme Court decision is published. Will we have another “Summer of Love” with Black Lives Matter intent on proving that they love mansions even while they set about proving that they hate God and hate neighbor and want to commit black genocide by encouraging the murder of black babies in their wombs of their black mothers (proportionally black women are targeted for abortion). Will we see Antifa participate in “mostly peaceful protests”, say, within Catholic churches during Sunday Mass, turning church campuses into CHOPs and CHAZs? If they are given food as pay for assaulting parishioners and priests, yep, I guess that would be the case. Can we then keep the Eucharist safe in tabernacles. No.

Having said that, will we still have Mass no matter what? Yes. We must have the Bread that provides eternal life, providing our Lord Jesus Himself.

Meanwhile, seriously, do you have starvation rations at hand for a long recovery from disaster, say, rice and beans and such? It’s not very keto-y, and it’s a pain, but I think this would be prudent, you know, before there’s mayhem at supermarkets. Even without all rubbish going on in the world, this is still prudent. There are natural disasters, etc.


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Ukraine and the Immaculate Conception

This picture above was taken a few hours after the Consecration of Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary this past Friday, 25 March 2022, while getting ready for Adoration and Confessions and Rosary. The flowers are gone now. It’s Lent.

Meanwhile, what was happening in Ukraine at that time:

That building was literally defaced by, surely, a thermobaric bomb. Those are not forbidden, but when used on population centers, on campuses of buildings such as hospitals and apartment complexes, then those ordering their use can be tried for war crimes.

The fellow in the picture above was home when the bomb went off. These bombs vaporize human beings. Do you notice something in that picture? Let’s take a closer look:

These bombs have been around for very many decades, but are always more developed. One of the chief developers showed up, of course, in our little mission church a few years ago. All these guys show up here because we’re the most out of the way place ever. There’s a proper use in war, but there’s also a criminal use in war. Either way, war is such a hell in this world.

Meanwhile, the deliverer of those bombs showed up yesterday at our little airport here in Andrews, NC, something like this MC-130J Commando II:

It’s a smaller world than we think. One thing that makes the world very small indeed is prayer. For instance we can say a prayer for the fellow pictured in his destroyed apartment/office up top, and for all those suffering, both living and dead, and have an immediacy of impact, much more than any thermobaric bomb, and this time for the good: Hail Mary…


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Viganò & Russia vs Fr Jason Charron & Ukraine

Thank you Father. Best summary ever.

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Fr Chris Alar on Ukraine, Russia, Fatima


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Can Catholics learn hard-identity from the Jews? Anatevka, edition

Above, a weather vane in Anatevka, just outside of Kyiv, Ukraine. Our fiddler is preaching, if you will, to the North, as tradition has it, toward the enemy, Moscow, some 100+ years ago. And now it’s happening again.

The Ukraine has been beaten down again and again, to death, as have the Jews. It would be good for all of us to see some of that tradition, how tradition is lived out, in hard identity, in our daily lives. That’s what preaches to the enemy.

These are all people, just like you and I, not to be dismissed, put to a genocide, again, today, as the world looks on. Stalin murdered by starvation the Ukrainians by the millions, the Holodomor, in a much bigger starvation of hundreds of millions throughout Russia, typical diabolical, Communism. Ukrainians are still recovering, 100+ years later, and now, while they are still down, the guy who has prostituted himself to Satana, the putana of Moscow, is on the attack. But let’s hear about the greatness of tradition:

I don’t care whether or not Russia was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary or not (a thousand arguments either side). Fact: Russia is spreading her errors throughout the world, still. Think Biden. Think Trudeau. Think Putin. Think of Catholics who are in dire need of learning some hard-identity Catholicism…

Tradition is not a weakness. It’s the strength of the history of the world, now redeemed by the Lord of History. Tradition is all about being at the heart of Life. God is Life.

But how many actually enjoy killing Tradition, marginalizing those who try to hold up tradition? So, how are we supposed to survive anything in this world without tradition, indeed, without Sacred Tradition? Why take this away?


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