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Meanwhile, not having paid much attention to the blog, I have been sprinting around with Jesus far and wide for Last Rites and Communion Calls for those in hospice, those at rehabs and nursing homes.

Meanwhile, I love being a priest. I love preaching. I love administering the sacraments. I love bringing Jesus to people. I love bringing people to Jesus. I especially love getting my own little hell out of the way of One High Priest, Christ Jesus, by going to Confession. My penance the other day was the Hail Holy Queen, because, of course, she’s the Queen of priests, the Queen Mother of her Divine Son, Jesus, our One and only High Priest.

Meanwhile, I’ve been organizing my life a bit better as a preparation to write about Genesis 3:15. Just to get organized is a huge project. I’ve been asking for the grace to do this for years. I’ve now been doing this for the past two+ months. Great. I’m finding treasures from way back into the 1980s, studies, commentaries, courses I’ve taught in seminaries around the world. I’ve never much been organized. This is blessing that I’m now doing this. Thanks for your prayers. This a great boon.

These past months have been enormously productive, well, in preparation for writing about the Immaculate Conception, about the Co-Redemptrix. I’m getting psyched up.


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So, like, I’ve been busy :-)

  • Dealing with anti-lifers takes quite a bit of time. I offer that sacrifice to the Lord. It’s the least I can do, right?
  • We’ve been doing up some church sanctuary renovation, not wreckovation, mind you. This is ongoing, but a report on the progress in just a bit.
  • The garden is progressing nicely. Just some weeding and watering and occasional planting and harvesting. This is a much needed retreat, if you will, much as the Lord spoke about for the Apostles and Himself.
  • Sacraments! This past weekend we had 4 Baptisms, 11 Confirmations, 4 first Holy Communions, plus we offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass by way of the priest in Holy Orders, as preceded by Confessions, of course. We didn’t have any Marriages or Last Rites. :-)
  • Various and sundry sit-downs, important, time consuming, very beneficial for all involved, including yours truly.
  • Research on various and sundry… um… themes… which have suddenly come up and are problems that must be tackled… these have taken most of my time.


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THE Counter-Reformation Treasure Map: Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the Infallible Magisterium

When I first proposed this as part of “chapter one” of a doctoral thesis on critica textus at “The Greg”, my “second reader” – a Cardinal with untold influence in the Roman Curia, a “papabile” at the time, a Scripture Scholar” in his own right (having spent decades of his life teaching Scripture in seminaries) rebelled, you know, because it went directly to and smashed down the very violent and dark heart of Luther’s rebellion, and would have brought non-Catholic Christians to their knees around the altar of Sacrifice of the Word of God Incarnate. What is desired by so many today is that we are fake-nice together in our divisions, violently sundering the souls of all.

He later confessed (not sacramentally) that he had spent six weeks daily in the Secret Archives combing through that first chapter, word by word, verifying, confirming in the Secret Archives that which I correctly hypothesized but, having no personal access to the vaults in question, could not check on myself. That work of his – he ironically being an enemy to what I was writing – is invaluable, a treasure, for the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. That an ultra-competent enemy confirms the veracity of what he himself hates acts as an incentive to continue. This cardinal, now deceased many years, was a biblical scholar in his own right, one of the most brilliant minds in the history of the Church, just not on the right side of the Living Truth of Christ our God.

But I cannot follow up on going further with this chapter, such as in getting my own hands on the volumes and documents in question, even though he’s now dead, because of the present state of the Roman Curia. Sad, that. Since his death, many bishops have helped me in my requests for alternate routes of investigation as aided by the Secretariat of State and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The responses from “State” and the Secretary Archbishop of “Doctrine” were, um… jaded ambiguity obviously written for possible publication in future. Vomitable evasion. Running scared, are we?

This cardinal at the time had the right to let me go though all the archives on my own, with no supervision (and that should tell you something). I had requested some months to do just this. I knew what to look for (by description) and era, and knew that I would need access to special archives of influential cardinals of the the 20th Century (three in particular) but did not receive that delegation. Instead, this cardinal had ordered the Prefect to do a search for what I required, having him quickly put the “failed” results of a two-minute search into discoverable format, though, as he later “confessed”, only as a ruse to get me to stop so that the truth of the matter might not become known. This hard copy letter, I’m sure with archived copies, was very carefully construed. And he admitted that face-value misrepresentation (a lie) to my face, way after that, while I was on my way to teach, far away from the Holy See.

If I had the time, the place, a venue, the freedom to write, I would push out a more popular version able to be read at least by the highly degreed who at the same time are highly faithful. The truth is hated so much by the unfaithful that – even if academically capable – they would about die reading the truth of how things really are, the battle between Satan and God, hell doing it’s best to stomp on Holy Mother Church being that intense. The scandal of evil is sometimes too much even for the truly very evil. It is like reading about their own judgement.

I am getting older. At least let me share some rules deciphering that treasure map above. Anyone taking up this up with access to the Secret Archives, the deceased cardinals’ archives, to archives in the Secretariat of State and Holy Office, to the private archives of the Holy Father (throughout the past, say, 140 years) might benefit in their efforts to be honest and discerning about nay-sayer comments if they are able to figure out the rules for discernment of that treasure map. I wish I had the time and space and freedom to write about such things, but if not, here we are:

Firstly, my own pedantic translations of the decrees of the 4th session of Trent, not breaking up the sentences, but letting the flow of thought be manifested as it is in Latin. Let the words swirl about in your heart and soul and mind just as Our Lady “threw about” the words of her Son in her own heart, as the Holy Gospels repeat often. Take in the relationship of Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the Magisterium of the Church. It is glorious. This is THE STATEMENT of the Counter-Reformation that Sixtus V will later take up in such a way that the gift of infallibility will shine forth.

Sacrosancta – The first, dogmatic decree of the Council of Trent.

“The Most Sacred Ecumenical and General Tridentine Synod, convened legitimately in the Holy Spirit, with the three Legates of the Apostolic See presiding over it, is itself proposing for perpetuity in plain sight, so that, having cast down errors, the very purity of the Gospels may be conserved within the Church… [The purity itself of the Gospel…] which, before promised through the prophets in the holy Scriptures, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, first promulgated with His own mouth, and then commanded to be preached by His Apostles to every creature, as the fountain of all, both saving truth, and moral discipline; and seeing clearly that this truth and discipline are contained in the written books, and the unwritten Traditions which, received by the Apostles from the mouth of Christ himself, or from the Apostles themselves, the Holy Spirit dictating, have come down onto us, transmitted almost as if by hand… [The Synod] following the examples of the orthodox Fathers, receives and venerates with an equal affection of piety, and reverence, all the books both of the Old and of the New Testament — seeing that one God is the author of both — as also the said Traditions, as well those appertaining to faith as to morals, as having been dictated, either by Christ’s own word of mouth, or by the Holy Spirit, and preserved in the Catholic Church by a continuous succession. [At this point, the list of books is provided.] If anyone, however, will not receive as sacred and canonical these same integral books with all of their parts, [Box (A) – original languages] as they have been accustomed to be read in the Catholic Church and [Box (B) – the mere translation] as are had in the Old Latin Vulgate edition, and will hold in contempt the aforementioned Traditions knowingly and with considered judgment: let him be anathema.”

Insuper – The second, disciplinary decree of the Council of Trent.

The words in bold italics are Box (C). Only this first sentence is especially important, since the rest of the decree speaks of the how to go about publishing a less than perfect edition of the Vulgate until such time as the normative edition is approved, Box (D).

“Moreover, the same sacred, holy Synod, considering that no small utility may redound to the Church of God, if, out of all Latin editions, it is known which of the sacred books in circulation is being held to be authentic, establishes and declares that [Box (C)] this same ancient and vulgate edition, whose usage is proved along all centuries in the same Church, be, in public lectures, disputations, sermons and expositions, held as authentic, and that no one dare or presume to reject it for whatever pretext.”

An attentive reading of the two decrees of the fourth session of the Council of Trent will bear out the following distinctions. Usually, (B) is ignored by falsely equating it with both (C) and (D).

trent session 4 treasure map

1. Of three equivocations, only number two ➁ is valid.
2. Boxes (A) and (B) are from Sacrosancta, the first decree of the fourth session of the Council of Trent. This is a dogmatic decree.
3. Boxes (C) and (D) are from Insuper, the second decree of the same session. This is a disciplinary decree which does, nevertheless, have dogmatic content.
4. (A) refers to that which God has inspired in whatever original language, Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, etc. That which is inspired is canonical. However, this is not to be found all in one manuscript, but, with the passage of the centuries, spread throughout many manuscripts, one phrase here, one there.
5. (B) refers to words and phrases used in the Latin Vulgate from the beginning until the publication of the decree. The Latin, a mere translation, is not inspired, but because of constant use by the Church, has a text which is more easily known, and can act as a sieve for the original language manuscripts.
6. (C) has the same content as that found in (B).
7. (D) does not have the same content as (B) and (C). Permission is given to print the best edition possible (see “potissimum”) to date. This recognizes that the project may be continue for a long time.
8. What is in (B) is a help to discover what is in (A); it would be advantageous to make good use of (B).
9. One cannot yet be sure what is in (B), as there are many manuscripts yet to consider.
10. Translations should be made only after the textual extensions of (A) and (B) have been duly studied.
11. Translations should be made from (A), noting that a correct sense of (A) can be found in (B).

It has to be in the original language manuscripts, and those always have to have been read, but also in the same way in the very unique Vulgate mentioned here. The use was in the Latin in the commentary of the Fathers, in preaching, in the Liturgy, that is, not only Holy Mass, but in the very extensive Liturgy of the Hours, etc. The idea is that God will not abandon that which He has inspired in the words of the Word of God, and it’s use is manifested in the Latin Vulgate, words of the Word of God used in Holy Mass, in the Sacrifice of the Word of God Himself.

The Fathers of Trent knew they didn’t have THE VULGATE spoken about in the decrees, and begged for this as time went on since they were using the Vulgate to issue their dogmatic decrees. The first to attempt this was Sixtus V in 1590 (44 years later), and he failed. The second to attempt this was Saint Robert Bellarmine, who thought he had burned all copies of what Sixtus V had attempted throughout Europe, with only two remaining, locked in vaults in the Vatican and the Pontifical Biblical Institute, with myself seeing those copies in both places, hand corrected by Sixtus V himself…

People lose their faith in the face of all this because they cannot take being an abstract, impersonal, legalistic “religion of the book” who don’t even have that book 100%. But we are not that as Catholics. We are a family of faith with Scriptures issuing from inspiration, sure, but also from inside the family of living faith, which has that revelation already by way of Sacred Tradition, that is, those traditiones which are the articles of faith, if you will, but actually the very revelation of God Himself to His little flock by way of supernaturally infused faith, which is provided with supernaturally infused charity. If we are certain about 99.99% of what’s in the Scriptures, with the other remaining bits being uncertain for now so as to help us look to the earthly Holy Father of the Family of Faith, that’s O.K. Belong to the family of faith! That’s important.

Just to say, there untold numbers of conflicting original language manuscripts and even more conflicting Latin Vulgate manuscripts. Work is being done to establish both, but more on that ludicrous fiasco in future.

By the way, a most beautiful quasi definition of Sacred Tradition is at hand here in the first decree saying “almost as if by hand”, that is, but not that way, though it seems so, as the faith is univocal for all and it seems as if it is passed on as if by hand, and is certainly occasioned by things we mere humans do, but it is, in the end, the work of the Holy Spirit, who provides for us faith with charity and necessarily hope.

Post-script: I wanted to put this up yesterday, 8 April, as that is the 475 anniversary of promulgation of Session IV of the Council of Trent mentioned above, mere months after Luther died.

Also, just to say, I have listed some 28 projects for myself that are important for the life of the Church – going to the heart of problems with solutions provided – a good half dozen of which must be written out. But, I have no time, no space, no freedom to write such things. I need 24/7/365 to time and space and freedom to do this, but have it not. This weighs on me terribly. Somehow, some way…

As long time readers know, at the top of the list, with the above, is a popularizing version of the thesis on Genesis 3:15, on original sin and its transmission, on the Immaculate Conception, and therefore on the the Scriptures being one fulfilled in the other, all inspired, all truthful, all consistent, with the Divine Son of the Immaculate Conception, our Redeemer and, please God with our acceptance in grace, our Savior. Christ our God, the Suffering Servant, is the Key of Knowledge, the One who came to stand in our place, the Innocent for the guilty, so that He might have the right in His own justice to have mercy on us. Mary’s role in this is with her Son.


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For a friend of a friend

Can’t really remember, but that may be the first time I ever gave financially to any appeal, but this was a good friend’s good friend’s kid. There are other ways to give. Prayer is HUGE. Did that too. Usually I promote high service little to no overhead absolutely to be trusted organizations. But this little guy needs help.

Update… See comments. Here’s a screen…


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980 miles 14 hours 26 mins return trip in one day: “For you, Father Byers”


People come to the parish from all over the country. It really is very beautiful here. The Great Smoky Mountains are the most visited National Park in the country. The “Anglo” couple that came to the “Spanish Mass” last night, however, were not here for the sightseeing and leaf-lurking now that the colors of the trees are changing gloriously. They arrived at night and left at night. 980 miles 14 hours 26 mins return trip in one day. That’s not as the crow flies, but as the car drives, pretty much, I’m guessing, to the inch, to the second (not counting stops or the Mass), to the pews here at Holy Redeemer Church in Andrews, NC, all the way from […].

Since we’re the tiniest parish in North America, any visitors stand out.

  • After Mass, I asked: “Where’re y’all from?”
    • […] was the answer.
  • “That’s a really long way!” I exclaimed.
    • “Yes, we just got here and we’re going back right now. We came just for the Mass. All you for, Father Byers. And thank you for the homily. It was good.”
  • “Be safe out there!” I said as they scampered out the door.

They looked alert, but dead tired. Nice couple. The “For you, Father Byers” wasn’t connected with anything I was up to at Mass last night, and surely this wasn’t about the homily. So, that, of course, left me wondering. Theirs was not an easy trip. And they were as old as me, so they would really be tired when they got back sometime on Sunday. I hope they made it back safe and sound.


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Thanks dearest Charlene


Some treats for a happy Laudie-dog and a happy Shadow-dog.

Jesus said, “Amen, I say to you, there is no one who has given up house or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or lands for my sake and for the sake of the gospel who will not receive a hundred times more now in this present age: houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and lands, with persecutions, and eternal life in the age to come. (Mark 10:29-30nab)

Meanwhile I look upon dearest Charlene, retired from the State Department  and long time helper of Father Gordon and godmother of Max… as my elder sister.

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Blocked! I’m suspicious! It is to laugh. So: *Whateevveerr…*

suspicious web page blocked

Not the first time. I can’t count the times with various blogs through the years. The note speaks of phishing and generically of “internet security” and it is not said if the blocking was by way of algorithm or by human intervention, meaning that it can be flagged because of ideological perspectives whether directly or by a thusly tweaked algorithm. Whateevveerr…

I do know that there has been quite a precise interest in a recent post on toxic clouds the other day, you know, by certain agencies. Whateevveerr…

I do know that firstly youtube and immediately after google (linex) [always in that order and in that way] have shown quite a precise interest in a certain recent post on the Congressional grilling of their CEO the other day. Whateevveerr…

At the same time, weirdly, I got a “scam call” with an odd menu, which I just ignored until, in like three more seconds, it hung up. What makes that one particular call among zillions of such calls is that my phone was set to total silence for the sake of not being disturbed at Holy Mass. No notifications. No ringing for calls. Nothing. But it rang for that call. Looking for an oral comment? Whateevveerr… Just a bug inside the phone, I’m sure. “He’s cute!” ;-)


This guy was climbing the church walls. He must be the bug in the system of my phone.

Also, weirdly, at the same time, I got a note on privacy setting changes for just one account I haven’t used or even accessed for like seven years (and that I totally forgot about) that I created specifically to comment on a friend’s blog called jihadwatch something like ten years ago. It has an email address that I also used to bait terrorists and terrorist funding organizations at that time, but not since. That was good recreation. I learned a lot about the Qur’an from the perspective of terrorists as well. I used that for my ecclesiastical thriller novel Jackass for the Hour. I know, I have to get back to that. Anyway, with that account, I learned just how it is that I could easily work up relationships with the worst of the worst. And while people might know the exterior details of that, it’s quite another thing to know the why of it all. That takes something else than mere analysis. Anywhere, whenever you get privacy setting changes for just one of many, it seems that it’s a CYA move on a provider’s part for liberality of actions to the contrary which they’ve already taken. Whateevveerr… I’m sure whoever reads all of that will be inspired.

As I say, my life is an open book. Whateevveerr…


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Another dragon as drama continues


Our parish campus has been shut down from right after I got back from the diocesan retreat for all the priests of the diocese at the beginning of October 2018. There’s about no chance that we’ll get in this weekend, so it looks like were aiming at being at the Community Center once again for the Masses in Andrews. The whole schedule for this weekend is as follows:

  • 4:00 PM Saturday for the Spanish Mass with a baptism at Andrews City Community Center.
  • 8:30 AM Sunday English Mass at Prince of Peace in Robbinsville with Adoration and Confessions previous to that.
  • 11:15 AM Sunday English Mass at Andrews City Community Center.

The state of the plumbing is such that we have dragons appearing…

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A reader sent in the above screen shot adding: “There is something weirdly appropriate about this visual“. Note the URL in the address bar.

Lol. I took down that post because the guy looked up the wrong squadron of the wrong group of the wrong wing originating from the wrong base flying for the wrong people.

No wonder my father didn’t exist where the archivist was looking.

The search continues.

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Dragon in the basement


Dried up dragon in dried up doodoo. Kind of like hell. That’s in the only basement of the church campus, and part of why we closed everything down, the sewerage being everywhere. So…

Vigil Mass in Spanish will be in Andrews Community Center on Saturday 4:00 PM October 27, 2018. There will also be a baptism.

The first Sunday Mass will be 8:30 AM at Prince of Peace Mission in Robbinsville.

The second Sunday Mass will be at 11:15 at the Andrews Community Center.

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