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2021 rectory garden dining begins today

A week after weeding the asparagus patch a half dozen sprigs of asparagus popped up. This one was ready to pick today. For measurement, that’s a USCCA (special) pen I tend to carry with me.

Meanwhile, the other day 10 tomatoes were planted about six weeks before the locals say the last frost will take place. So, a risk. I’ll be watching morning temps like a hawk, ready to cover the plants if necessary.

Meanwhile, two types of lettuce were planted in the front steps planter-boxes. A few have sprouted up about 1/4″. Lettuce loves cold weather. I think I could have planted the lettuce months ago.

Meanwhile, a stick I ripped off a pear tree while leaving the hermitage the last time has sprouted leaves.

In Venezuela, by far the richest country in South America, now the poorest, people are eating dogs to survive. This is what the Demoncrats are doing to our country. Be prudent. Plant a garden. Oh, and it’s healthy. And it’s super delicious. No vaccine passport to go to the grocery store? No worries. Pick something to much on from your garden.


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USCCA Active Shooter response: urgent


Yep. That would be right. Lots of good common sense here. Urgent. So:

DHS Active Shooter Preparedness Program for Churches

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