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Usual criminal background check for all priests and parishioner-volunteers: OFAC though?

We’re once again putting everyone through criminal background checks in the parish as required by the diocese via VIRTUS® and its partner STERLING. That’s the usual criminal background check for any and every (Arch)Diocese. The above are the full results of my regularly scheduled check. I was at the top of the list, you know, as an example for others in the parish. Quite thorough, as expected, but also curious.

OFAC? That’s an office within the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Here’s their own description from their own website:

  1. What is OFAC and what does it do?
    The Office of Foreign Assets Control administers and enforces economic sanctions programs primarily against countries and groups of individuals, such as terrorists and narcotics traffickers. The sanctions can be either comprehensive or selective, using the blocking of assets and trade restrictions to accomplish foreign policy and national security goals.

Sounds like OFAC is a distancing effort of the ol’ desk for démarche at CCS at “Main” State (US Dept of State) at Foggy Bottom which at least used to be able to apply pressure to foreign countries up to the point of but not including an actual declaration of a hot war about which Congress would otherwise want a say for appearances sake. I have a relationship with CCS by way of DS in North Rosslyn, which forced upon me an unwanted doppelgänger fiasco way back in the mid-late-1970s. DS, of course, outranks DSS and OFAC (and, practically, momentarily, in crunch-time, the DoS and the Pentagon), and can force not only SSNs, alternative identities, passports, etc., but also DNA labeling. I do have a transgression for OFAC, perhaps, as I didn’t register as a foreign agent with the U.S. Consulate on Via Veneto in Rome when I was officially employed for the communications department of a foreign state. Sounds nefarious, but it was simply staffing, creating, producing and airing whatever program for Vatican Radio while salaried by Vatican City State with a direct deposit into a private account at the ultra-unregulated IOR, Vatican Bank. Tsk tsk. No one has held that against me either then or now. Must be something to do with the First Amendment. However, apparently, Vatican Bank had been investigating me for the financing of terrorism and international money laundering for a good many years. Lemme see… could it be because they’ve been doing up money laundering and the financing of international terrorism themselves? OFAC surely laughs. Although the OFAC search came out clean, I must have been purposely put under their radar, as for years and years, rather more seriously, Italy’s Department of Defense also wanted me working for their intel, as did their DIGOS/DIA. That ain’t gonna happen. Boring. My purpose in life is to get souls to heaven.

Social Security number: A good many years ago I found out how powerful a Social Security number is in the hands of any random person. While preparing to go to Israel and Jordan I asked my pharmaceuticals provider to give me some extra months of meds as it would take forever to get a doctor in the back deserts of the Middle East. The nice lady on the phone, having already had my Social Security number on file and up on the screen, pressed “ENTER” on her computer so as to search my SSN and in one second said: “Oh yes, I see you’re booked to land in Tel Aviv on […date…]. Let me get my supervisor’s approval.” That’s like… real-time tracking… Interesting… The SSA, on named servers, has followed the blog with some intensity. Yawn.

FBI’s CJIS: Some of the searches listed above likely include results clogging up a database of available research done at the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services in WV, which started following this blog on named servers when I asked rather incisive questions about some bomb threats, and also when I did up a brief analysis on the reach of Peter Strzok’s job shifting at the close of that rather tumultuous period of his life.

But there’s more to that criminal background research than meets the eye in my case. Absolutely included in this generalized criminal research are the results of a rather more incisive period of research on my life by the FBI. Relatively quite recently I was subjected to two months of intensive criminal research by – get this – fully five FBI national research centers scattered about the country – two months – all of these research centers concentrating on different categories of potential crime. I willingly brought this closest of all scrutiny upon myself by ratting out some criminals. I brought a case of… wait for it… probable embezzlement and money laundering which… because of the amounts involved… likely necessitated the financing of international terrorism to get get the job done. And… um… seems I was correct… as the case went forward, right to the top. We’re to pray for enemies, right?

© 2023 Fr George David Byers

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Vatican Bank VIRTUS® IAS Money-Launderer & Terrorist Fr Byers: Timeline. To laugh & to cry

The other day I put up a post surmising what a visitor to this blog from the Holy See was perusing for eight and a half minutes, necessarily settling on UPDATE: VIRTUS® same-sex porn encouragement? That would be right. I think I’m correct on that, with the reasons why piling up… So, I’ve taken that post down and this is the rewrite.

It was Father Gordon J. MacRae who first alerted me to some weird hits from the Holy See over on his blog. This is all I saw at first glance (sorry about the screen-shot from the phone):

So, just some guy, thought I, over in the Holy See who googled yours truly over at Father Gordon J. MacRae’s blog, beyondthesestonewalls. Whatever. Then he went to Father Gordon’s Home page and his About page, all in one minute 15 seconds. I wondered if this guy also checked out my blog. If he did, he would have seen the VIRTUS® post up top the first page.

I figured this might be someone in the Holy See implicated by what I had written. I can name names. But, whatever. Boring.

But the angels were at work, as always. I was then informed that the URL of that post on VIRTUS® encouraging showing porn to minors was sent out to secular authorities. Because of various legal, political, financial relationships, that URL also had to makes it’s way from those to whom it was originally sent to ecclesiastical authorities, surely both here and across the pond. But, again, whatever. My attitude was: let’s see what happens. Just to say, I’m guessing that this will intensify in the next days, with more secular authorities becoming involved, those who have some bite, and with Church authorities on the run.

I don’t know why, but I went back to those stats. Maybe there’s something I missed. The guy went to the tag on my name https://beyondthesestonewalls.com/posts/tag/Father+George+David+Byers and, scrolling down that page, probably opened two of the posts coming up with that tag by way of a right-mouse-click menu:

If only you knew those not named but who are involved. But that might be coming.

But wait, thought I. Let me drill down into the detailed view:

Usually, it’s just some generic domain in Vatican City State. I’ve never seen this before: “ias.va“. That must be something financial. Was that the same over on my blog?

Time to go to investopedia for a summary:

  • “International Accounting Standards (IAS) are older accounting standards issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), an independent international standard-setting body based in London. The IAS were replaced in 2001 by International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).”

Yes, well, ias.va is just the name of the domain they reserved decades ago for those independently working the IAS standards in this tiny nation-state. They’re not going to rename the domain just because the standards themselves are now called IFRS. No one does that. If they were that persnickety, they might want to update their Windows 7 to something like, I don’t know, Linux. I’m no techy, but I do know that this is typical of the Vatican: yesterday’s technology tomorrow.

But let’s review some points long-time readers are familiar with:

  • For quite some time now, I.O.R. (Vatican Bank) has been sending me various communications informing me that I’m being investigated for money laundering and the funding of terrorism. I’m not so sure that this was based on the activities of IAS, that is, IFRS. As longtime readers know, I’ve been sending IOR snarky replies, calling them out on being discourteous, baiting them to provide me with more information. They actually changed their ways and means each time according to my indications. I’m impressed. While that discourteousness surely was sent to all clients (and I do have two small dormant bank accounts at Vatican Bank), I have to wonder what the insistence was about. Was it about temporarily discrediting me concerning the next points?
  • As all y’all know, the judge in “The Trial” over in the Vatican has, just in these last days, thrown out nine objections of ex-“Cardinal” Giovanni Angelo Becciu, and so the trial is going forward. There are hundreds of millions of dollars in question. This is all extremely embarrassing for everything financial in the Vatican. These hits from IAS (IFRS) came in just as “The Trial” is resuming.
  • It was mid-August 2018 when Archbishop Viganò complained about now ex-“Cardinal” Theodore McCarrick. Apart from that, by way of another situation involving McCarrick, just weeks later, in early-mid September 2018, I headed over to Rome to have a letter put into the hands of Pope Francis, still sealed, bypassing the Nunciature, bypassing the Secretariat of State, bypassing the Pontifical Family. What I did hurt the activities of McCarrick extremely severely. People tell me that was bad for those wanting personal vengeance on him, but let’s put that in perspective with his activities in China, which had to stop. In doing this, I made untold enemies, also with many in high finance. By the way, McCarrick and Becciu were good friends. With McCarrick gone, all bets are off for the survival of the rest.
  • I bet those at IAS (IFRS), being independent, are sick of the lavender mafia running everything into the ground. I bet they were cheering on the former head of intel and security and law enforcement who was fired by Francis the moment he was about to make arrests of those involved. I had met with him…
  • Oh! And wait! There’s more! ;-) I just now, four days later, bothered to look at the timeline of the judge’s 90 minute decision against the ten defendants, including “Cardinal” Becciu, McCarrick’s friend, and the hits on Father Gordon J. MacRae’s blog and mine. The judge’s decision was read out late Tuesday morning, March 1, 2022. Then it was lunch time. Lot’s of interesting conversations over lunch, I bet. One of those was surely with a few people doing financial investigations at IAS (IFRS). The second they got back to their computers, they took stock of the situation with named hits (which is quite impossible).

Let me explain. Those at IAS (IFRS) are professional, independent investigators using the internet, a lot. They know how it works. They’re like any other high-end intel crowd, say, the FBI or CIA or NSA, whatever. They know exactly what they are doing. You will never see such people using such a domain leaving their footprints all over multiple blogs of civilians providing motive of their activities unless they want you to see them at work. Have they successfully baited this response out of me. Sure. I thank them for the opportunity. And encourage them to continue. A message to them: All y’all are on the right path.

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New York Bail Reform: Violent Crime? You walk! Analogy with VIRTUS®

In New York, you can get away with anything for free and skip your court date and still get away without a bond to escape again. So, that invites violent crime, and of course the first ones perps will try this out on are cops. This post is categorized and tagged also as humor because Mike the Cop in the video is so very angry – rightly so – that he can only keep it together by inserting a bit of chancy humor.

FoxNews NEW YORK — Two New York City police officers narrowly escaped with their lives when a gunman fired into their patrol van Saturday night, wounding one of them in an attack officials called an attempted assassination. The ambush, which Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said “should outrage all New Yorkers,” happened just before 8:30 pm in the South Bronx. The officer at the wheel of the van was grazed in the chin and neck, but he avoided serious injury, Shea said. He was expected to released from the hospital Sunday. “He is lucky to be alive,” Shea said. “He is expected to make a full recovery and it is a miracle.” Shea recalled other unprovoked assaults on police officers sitting in their patrol vehicles.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, condemned the latest attack at a news briefing outside the Bronx hospital where the wounded officer was being treated. “There’s too much hatred in general, there’s too much hatred being directed at our officers, and it has to end,” the mayor said. “We have to move forward in a situation like this and find a way to create a peaceful society, not one where those who protect us are in danger in this way.” [And the way to do that is to have no bond for violent crimes?]

The two uniformed officers, partners for eight years and friends since middle school, were sitting in their van with emergency lights activated when a man approached them and engaged them in conversation, Shea said. The man asked the officers for directions, then pulled out a gun “without provocation,” the commissioner said. The man fired multiple shots, striking the officer behind the wheel. Shea said the officer’s carotid artery narrowly avoided injury. Neither officer returned fire. The officer’s partner drove him to a hospital nearby. Shea called both officers “heroic” for their composure and said their long association made for “an amazing story.”

Officers had a basic description of the gunman, who fled after the shooting, but his identity was unknown. Security video that appeared to capture the shooting shows the van driving quickly away as a man appeared to point something at the fleeing vehicle. The officers had been stationed in the neighborhood because of recent drug activity and violence, Shea said. The president of the police union, Pat Lynch, said the department will use “all its resources” to bring the shooter to justice. [He means to bring the shooter to no bail and walk and skip town to come back later and do the same thing. You can bring a perp to justice, but New York justice actually promotes violent crimes and crimes of turpitude.]

My own comment on something analogously stupid:

When I sat through the VIRTUS® Child Protection training there were guidelines presented about possibly suspect people, so that if one noticed TWO things in a list of suspicious behaviors, then one was to bring this up the ladder. The problem was that one of the things was showing porn to minors. So, if you haven’t by chance noticed one more suspect behavior, then you are to just let it go. It’s not suspect behavior at all. All good. VIRTUS® is the education arm of The National Catholic Risk Retention Group. They should all be thrown in prison, with no bail before any court date either.

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