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Practicing with half of my new WMD


Best that could be done for that picture. That’s the inside of the threaded barrel for the Glock 19. The reason I got this entirely legal bit of gun hackery is that the barrel is longer, meaning heavier, meaning less flip, meaning greater accuracy, and meaning that there is more length of rifling (the spin you see in the picture), meaning greater accuracy.

It’s good for the holster. It’s still just fine for appendix OWB carry, as is my custom. Of course, this is not to say that gadgets will compensate for real practice and skill.

The problem is that I’m not practicing, and I’m not a natural, and therefore any skill sets I once had have gone by the wayside quite a bit. Ammo is WAY too expensive right now, not only because of COVID-19 and riots and defunding and such, but because it seems that the government has put on an order of some trillions of rounds, which basically makes the 2nd amendment a moot point.

So, shooting cold, trying to do Navy Seal times, my first magazine of 15 at 21 feet with the new threaded barrel came out like a bad case of acne, just one shot each time from a locked holster:


Of course, all of those are entirely “kill shots”, even the lowest one, which in this target would totally rip the spine in two. Sorry to be so gruesome, but these are the FBI targets.

Then I tried a magazine worth of double-taps, as those are going to react differently with a longer barrel:


The hits with markers are from a previous day out on the hermitage range. So, looks like there some over correction going on, until finally it was brought back in consistently.

Just for fun, some failure drills of two to the “body” and one to the “head” were put out with another couple of magazines, and that was it for the day. All in all I was quite pleased with the threaded, longer barrel. It’s after-market, but as far as I can see, it can be trusted. But I should practice. Maybe when ammo becomes available and also cheaper.

I was able to loot some more things from the hermitage. Always wonderful to be back at the hermitage. Always. Ah, the memories:

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Don’t think I’ve changed for the worse.

Don’t think I don’t do priestly apostolates. Some are so intense in their various aspects that I cannot cannot cannot write about them. I like to write. Writing helps me think about things. It gives people an opportunity to correct me, suggest things, etc.


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Iran baiting a preemptive strike? It’s like baiting police to write tickets.

This Iranian smooth-talker tough guy is talking his country into pre-emptive strikes on all nuclear facilities, even suspected, everywhere in Iran, no matter where they are located with human shields or whatever. This is Iran’s response to Netanyahu’s intelligence victory over Iran.

This recalls what you should never do when you’re caught out. We can all do this. It’s all at the level of Psych 101 in Junior High School. Lots of “grownups” seem to have missed out on that course.

The next time you want to feel entitled not to take care of what you must fix, don’t try to get out of it with simple emotional aggression especially when those catching you out have you dead cold. It’s the kind of thing we would all terribly regret doing ten minutes later.

Iran is a world powerhouse of architectural and historical culture. But now they are reduced to tantrums. I bet they are regretting all this just like this girl must be. I’m guessing she’s really a nice person but is just suffering one of the worst days of her life thus far:

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