We’ve finally arrived. Holy Redeemer Catholic Church is “Baptist”! Fr Byers?


A story about the Knights of Columbus Fish Fry last Friday at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church here in Andrews, NC, ran in this week’s local newspaper, starting front page top of fold, going two pages. Nice article I must say. But the caption to picture is wonderful, claiming we’re Baptist. To me, that means that we’ve arrived as Catholics here in this heavily entrenched Baptist region. I take it as a compliment. And I’ve often heard that I preach like a Baptist minister. I take that as a compliment as well. So, O.K. Next stop is the Methodist Church on Good Friday for the Ecumenical Services. I’m the preacher. I’ll have to live up to my reputation as a Baptist Preacher as all the Baptist Preachers will be there. The pressure is on.


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5 responses to “We’ve finally arrived. Holy Redeemer Catholic Church is “Baptist”! Fr Byers?

  1. James Anderson

    You can do it Fr. George! Maybe you should add a little Jewish Chutzpah.

  2. Stephen.Round.

    Congratulations the Methodists.Steps to ecumenism.The Methodists being more attached to Wesley than Luther.Remembering your cyber rant on Luther it would be eat and run for me.Before your sermon I mean.I like fish but its a long drive.Peace and may a good time be had by all.

  3. monicaharris58

    I have no doubt you will out-Baptist them.

  4. elizdelphi

    The ecumenical crowd will love you, Father. I realize it’s Good Friday, but will you be able to work in the Immaculate Conception, Sola Scriptura-style? I can think of ways… the first Adam and the last Adam etc.

    I was doing great on theology in the eyes of the protestant pastor who came evangelizing door to door a while back–until we got to Mary. I was also talking about Christian unity and he got unhappy because the stuff about the Immaculate Conception and praying to Mary was an obstacle to that–to him. i felt like although I explained the Immaculate Conception okay I did not know as well how to explain praying to the saints as I wished. I felt like I made headway pointing out they are not the dead (they are not those who die the second death) but the LIVING (precisely those who inherit eternal LIFE) who are before the face of God, it is not a seance or talking to the damned, but he insisted they could not hear us from where they are, I thought that was a strange assumption. Then he decided I was not worth talking to anymore and moved on. I get excited about such conversations. I am not sure they do much good except getting my mind working at explaining the Faith. You will come up with some great homily that extends their understanding of Christianity without upsetting them.

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