Fr George foreign government agent?

just me 05

Given my history way back in the day in Central America with the CIA and State Department (no, I was not in their employ) a question mark was more marked. But then…

It’s on record for everyone to see, I did work for – heh heh heh – Radio Vaticana (oooooh! making me someone who worked for, that is, was an agent of a foreign state), you know, propaganda… creating, writing, producing, interviewing, reporting, researching, announcing, editing, scheduling, archiving, the whole sorry lot of what it means to have strategy meetings, policy meetings, along with field trips, business meals, glad handing sundry guests and sundry pilgrims, some political, some of influence, blah blah blah.

But that’s not what the Italian military police thought. They simply grabbed me off the street one day and hauled me forcibly into one of their offices and tried to interrogate me. I just, um, said the rosary, something I’ve seen Mother Teresa do a number of times when see had been put on the spot. As it turns out, they weren’t in the least interested in Vatican Radio (though there are a lot of foreign agents in the worst sense who work there). The one thing they were interested in was as to whether I was employed by Vatican City State to undercut certain initiatives of the Italian State aimed at compromising the Holy See. They hadn’t dislocated my shoulder, but some fourteen years later now, the injuries to the shoulder perdure.

Oh! Wait a minute! I remember now. That was just when I discovered and uprooted the mercenary guy at the CDF. He was trained up by a close friend in the U.S. Army on behalf of the CIA (later appointed by the CIA as I found out some ten years later). I guess that makes me a bad actor against these United States. But that doesn’t make me an agent of a foreign government does it?

That was when, from the other direction, I was being asked by the Italian State to spy on the Holy See, having been there already for some 17 years. I played the idiot with that relationship / operation for years. But, no cooperation there, to their surprise, as I guess they always otherwise get what they want. There were plenty of bribes which I never took.

And that was when, diversely yet again, the Italian military was trying to use me in conjunction with the Church to get some confessions from some bad actors in southern Italy. That guy got the lecture of his life.

When you don’t cooperate, people get upset. So, am I really a foreign agent of some government other than these United States?

Timelines are important. They help to figure out mysterious events. But that would involve an autobiography, at least for myself.

Thomas More said, moments before getting his head chopped off: “I am the king’s good servant, but God’s first.” Did that make him an agent of a foreign government, what with God’s Church and all that?

Here’s the deal: we are all in exile away from our home in heaven (please God), but we belong there by grace. The King there, so whom we owe fealty, is, in fact, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Prince of the Most Profound Peace. Amen. And Amen.


fish ichtus jesus christ gods son savior

Seen at the hermitage when things were getting a bit hot.

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Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (“You duped me O Lord” edition)


This large, expansive tree is just down the street from the rectory. Full bloom. In mid-February. Not good. And here’s another, right next to the rectory. Full bloom. In mid-February. Not good. They will all freeze to death. And they were only doing what they had to do.


Tulip trees and red bud trees are in hot pursuit, almost in full bloom. In mid-February. Not good. Not good at all. They will all freeze to death. And they were only doing what they had to do. Winter will return.

“You duped me, O LORD, and I let myself be duped; you were too strong for me, and you triumphed. All the day I am an object of laughter; everyone mocks me.” (Jeremiah 20:7)

We say:

“But Lord, I followed you. I tried my best. And THIS is what you throw at me? My finances are a wreck. I lost my job. My spouse ran off. I get my food from a dumpster. And all because I was faithful to you, dear Lord. I didn’t have to be faithful to you. But I was faithful. And THIS is what you throw at me? You tricked me, duped me, and I let myself be duped. You are stronger than me. You win. But look around. Everyone laughs at me, making stuff up, or just because I’m down and truly totally out. Everyone mocks me. My friends dismissively turn their backs on me. Dear Lord. Dear Lord.”

And then, in a quiet moment, we say:

“Thanks for keeping me faithful to you, dear Lord. Thank you. I’m with you. You’re with me. Dear Lord, take me.”

And then our Lord says:

“Well done, my good and faithful servant. […] Come, share your master’s joy. […] Come, you who are blessed by my Father. Inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.” (Matthew 25:21.34).

And then we say:

“So you too, when you do all the things which are commanded you, say, ‘We are unworthy slaves; we have done only that which we ought to have done.'” (Luke 17:10)

And then we are brought in, and we see God face to face, and we rejoice. We are at home. At home. At home. Why? Because…

Jesus is the One. He’s the only One. And it is HE who will come to judge living and dead and the world by fire. Amen. And Amen.

Oh! And the Immaculate Conception? She said “Yes!” She brought Jesus into this dark, cold world for us, doing only what she had to do: “I am the maidservant of the Lord, be it done unto me according to thy word.” And then the dark, cold world returned. Winter returned. Jesus was in her arms below the Cross. “You duped me Lord, and I let myself be duped.”

Thank you, Mary, for letting yourself be duped with such love. Thank you. Teach me how to be duped. I am so proud, without humility. Thanks for being such a good teacher.

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Homily 2018 02 21 Not seeing the love

No recording. Sorry. Just a quick point about this being an evil generation that seeks a sign. Seeking a sign is evil.

Look. God’s love is all around us for all to see. Do we see it? If we do, why do we seek a sign? Isn’t Jesus’ love a sign? Jesus healed people, exorcised demons, raised people from the dead, preached the good news in all truth and justice with no political correctness. Do we see the love? The love is the sign. Those who seek a sign see no love. They condemn themselves.

Jesus’ parable in Luke about the Lazarus in the bosom of Abraham and Dives in hell is similar to this. Abraham says to the deceitful ploy of Dives in hell: “No, if they do not accept Moses and the Prophets they will not accept the faith even if someone should rise from the dead. Now THAT is a description of self-absorbed and hate. Yep.

See the love. Look for it in the right place. Look on the instrument of torture and death, the Cross. Look for it in the arms of Mary. Do you see it yet? Love. The sign.



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Billy Graham RIP 99: Jesus loves us

billy graham john paul ii

Billy had neutral pressure hydrocephalus, which fill the vacuals of the brain with fluid and creates enormous pressure in the cranium. It makes for unbelievable pain and for the corruption of body movement, destroying the spinal cord etc. Almost zero treatment. He himself said that it was the most horrible disease any human being can have.

Usually, people die of this right away. He lived on and on. That’s a lot of pain.

I didn’t know that he died when I got an email this morning from a convert parishioner which simply said:

Father: I found one more person who says God/Jesus loves us all and he died today.

As you know, I conclude all my homilies with “Jesus loves us so very much.” I didn’t know who he was talking about until I looked on line. It was the top story everywhere.

In other words, he went through hell and still insisted that Jesus loves us so very much. That’s a lot of faith. I would hope that if I went through hell I would still say that Jesus loves us so very much.

Meanwhile, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League has this to say:

Growing up Catholic in New York in the 1950s, the Catholic we most identified with was Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, the first televangelist. The Protestant we most clearly revered was Rev. Billy Graham. In both cases, they had no rival.

For Catholics, Graham was more than just the titular head of the Protestant community, he was a man who inspired us. He was a man of prayer, and his deep spirituality was contagious. Moreover, his ecumenical efforts were legion.

When Graham was at his peak, our culture was Christian-friendly, allowing him to follow a decidedly pastoral approach. Those ministers who came after him were forced to take a more aggressive public stance, owing to the advent of the culture war.

I have one fond remembrance of him. In the late 1990s, he contacted me about some cruel story that had circulated about him—it made him out to be an anti-Catholic bigot. The story was completely bogus. I appreciated how seriously he took this issue, and how quickly he responded.

Rev. Billy Graham will be missed. I am happy that he is with our Lord.


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making cheap and handy targets


Pictured is a detail of my own printed (legal size paper) of the important detail of the inside bottle of the FBI QIT 97-99 combo target useful for the FAM TPC (pre-2001). Too complicated to set up. That means, eventually, unusable because too hard means unused.

So, compromising, it’s time to work through a pack of el-cheapo 9″ paper plates with a central ribbon representing a detail of the inside bottle, though that’s smaller too. Instead of measuring it all out, I’m just tracing a 3.5″ wide so-called “two by four” over the plate to be held up easily by just one loop of the loopy wire sign holders available from Lowes for pennies. Interestingly, the wire absorbs a 9mm FMJ with a mere dent, which is easy to fix with your hands alone. Because of being 1/4″ smaller to the sides, hitting the line still brings 5 points instead of 2. Here are Laudie-dog and Shadow-dog showing off the new el-cheapo super easy to make, super easy to set up targets:


You would think they’re cats.

  • Copy-Paper targets make ripped holes and make counting difficult.
  • Cardboard targets explode holes and make counting difficult.
  • Paper-plate targets are just right and can be super-easily changed out every course so you don’t have to make due with used targets for a new course.


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Road assault: when 911 not in service. Priest happy to have gun at the ready.

road danger fist fight

It was my day off yesterday. First I went about 80 miles one way to a rehab to give sacraments to a parishioner. Then on my way back to highway 74/40 just off parallel 19/23 East of Canton (coming from the far road next to the Exxon), I stopped to the side of the entrance to the eastward on-ramp to see if this damsel in distress needed some timely assistance. I had seen him wildly slugging at her as I came around the corner. She had her hands up in a defensive position. I think he did make contact with her forearms.

In the picture above from the rear-window digital recorder, you can see him rolling up his sleeve to get in some better slugging with his arm and fist ready for action, walking toward her. You can see her quickly backing away again with hands up in a defensive position. The white truck to your left had stopped. He kept honking his air horns at the aggressor and just let traffic pile up behind him. Another car had stopped on the ramp just ahead of me as well. It was quite the wild scene.

I tried to call 911 dispatch. The phone got the signal but 911 was not to be had:

” ♮ ♪ beep ♮ ♪ Beep ♮ ♪ BEEP: This number has been disconnected or is no longer in service. If you think you have received this recording in error, please try your number again.”

I tried again. Once again, the same recording played. Perhaps that happens when a number is overwhelmed with calls. I’m guessing that’s the case here. But I didn’t know that. As far as I knew, I was on my own unless the trucker and the other guy would come to my assistance if need be. They were watching inside their vehicles to see what would happen next.

Here she is bawling her eyes out walking away from him. Or is she cradling facial injuries? Or both? He hesitated, but is now chasing after her.

road danger fist fight run

In just another moment a couple of firemen in a red pickup with roof lights showed up and firstly, smartly, did a perimeter check. “You O.K.?” they asked me, seeing if they could find out if I had any connection with these two. I told them I  was trying to call 911 but couldn’t get through. They said they had been watching this scene unfold as well. I think they then used their radio to get another fireman in a more official vehicle with an array of white and red lights flashing to come. They then ran away, well, perhaps they were going to another call. The other vehicle did come all lit up. Then two law enforcement cruisers with lights flashing and sirens blaring showed up. So, O.K.

For myself, I had been standing next to my car, making it obvious that I was a witness and was getting pictures on my phone. He was not impressed. He was only three lanes away (just over ten yards or so) and I’m sure deciding whether he should rush me or not, just a few second sprint. Staring me down, he then turned to his car and looked like he was madly searching for something in his car, rifling through a mountain of rubbish. A gun? Dunno.

But this was my way of attempting deescalation. And it did work.

After this, he just argued with her, really ferociously, and chased her repeatedly, but I didn’t see any more wild swinging with fists that would have made any connection. You have to know that not all people taking pictures are simply letting bad stuff happen, or getting pictures for social media. Sometimes they are. But sometimes this is done as an indirect threat with the aim of deescalation. I mean, pictures can be used to help throw this guy into prison for years, right? Criminals know that and sometimes back down. Sometimes not, but it’s worth a try. Deescalation is important, necessary when possible. It was possible in this instance.

For the record, I never brandished. I never open-carried. But – I will be honest about this – I was happy to have my Glock 19 with me. And – I will be honest about this – if he had smacked her to the ground and started smashing the life out of her, or started to rape her in front of God and everyone (some people are just that arrogant), I would have done something about it, not hesitating to save her life by stopping the threat against her, he being much, much stronger than her. Bullies like this, by the way, are always cowards. They will almost always back down from someone at least as capable as them.

Some are saying, I’m sure: “Priests should just be nice! Don’t be such a meanie!”

No. Not nice. Priests should act in God’s own charity. Deus caritas est.

Meanwhile, I recommend to women in an abusive relationship, ditch the cosmetic cover-up of wounds and black-eyes. Just get out. Do it. And don’t go back. You will die if you go back. That’s how it works. It’s a progression. Get out and stay out.


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Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Sulfurous edition)


It’s really warm these days. Like in the 60s and 70s Fahrenheit. Great weather to be out at the hermitage for the day off. In looking for flowers for the Immaculate Conception I saw more “sulfur cups” as one gracious reader called them. Imagine, giving anything sulfurous to our Lady! But, you know, they are like saying “Thank you for having smacked down the sulfurous Satan for us with you dear Son Jesus.”


I am always amazed. Wildly fantastical whimsical monster attack lichens (some rare) also make for great bouquets for the Immaculate Conception. I guess you have to be a little kid to understand why. And, dear reader, you are a little kid reading this, are you not? Yes, you are. And that’s very wonderful indeed. For our Lady. Hail Mary…

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Riddle of dark? Catherine’s Kryptos

saint catherine of siena

In the next chapter of Jackass for the Hour we will meet up with Jacinta at Mater Ecclesiae Monastery once again, this time at community recreation. There is a discussion of Isaiah’s Kryptos, so to speak, that is, Jesus’ Kryptos, Saint Paul’s Kryptos, and now Catherine of Sienna’s Kryptos. This is not easy. Almost no one in the world will look at this. No one wants to solve the riddle. Can you, will you want to, solve this riddle. Here are some hints:

  • Saint Paul, in 1 Corinthians 2:9, does interpret Isaiah 6:4-10 – cited in Matthew 13:15, in Acts 28:27, et al. (thoughout the Old and New Testaments) – by saying it is by way of the love of God, by way of the crucified Lord of glory, that we see and hear and understand, not by ourselves.
  • Paul is accurate, says our Lord – as Saint Catherine relates – so much so that “questo parbe che volesse dire Paulo,” so much so that “this seems to be what Paul wanted to say,” that is, as if it were Paul’s own revelation, Paul’s own knowledge, Paul’s very own desire. But a blasphemer might say that our Lord Jesus was Himself simply making an attempt to guess what Paul meant, because, you know, Jesus really didn’t know.
  • In other words, Paul was so transformed by grace, that it was as if Paul spoke on his own authority. Yet, in this passage, the most erudite of all academic Pharisees himself happily admits that he is speaking by the power of God and the revelation of the Holy Spirit. Jesus was not conjecturing about what it seems to Him that Paul wanted to say, as if Jesus were Paul’s student: “In my opinion it seems to me that Paul wanted to say this…” Jesus was rather confirming just how correct Paul’s words were, for they were actualized in Paul’s life with the grace of Jesus, the power of God, and the revelation of the Holy Spirit. Paul was perfectly attuned to the grace of God that opened his eyes, unstopped his ears, pierced open his heart.

Is the vocation of Isaiah and Jesus and Saint Paul to make hearts heavy and ears stopped up and eyes blind and minds dull so that no one whomsoever will of themselves turn to be saved? Yes.

What? What a second. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? No. Really not.

So, why not? Figured it out yet?

This is The Kryptos of Catherine of Sienna. Can you figure it out?



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Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Uh oh edition)


My DOT – EMT neighbor doesn’t say that he’s never seen anything like it, but does say that the last time he say something like this was like 25 years ago. We’re gets temps of 60s and 70s. All the flowers are coming out, including flowering trees. What this means is lots of dead flowers and even dead trees when, as Winter marches on, we get a massive ice and snow blizzard with cold that stays for weeks. You gotta know it’s coming. Enjoy it while ye may. We can appreciate the evergreen (the one above at Prince of Peace in Robbinsville) even while other explosions of color distract us. The evergreen doesn’t care at all about any ice and snow blizzard.

In our souls, we carry hope with us, and that hope can stay consistent and stable throughout bad times and good. Isn’t it interesting how Saint Paul puts it? He doesn’t say he’s learned how to put up with good times and even, wow, bad times. He says that he knows how to deal with bad times and even, wow, good times. Because, for us, when do we cool off as with an ice and snow blizzard in our souls? When times are especially good, right?

I remember the Blizzard of all Blizzards – mostly ice – back in the 1990s. I was in western Kentucky and my parents, down in Myrtle Beach, weren’t doing well health wise. Just as the ice started in Kentucky I just in a car to go see them. I was in the ditch with that car with tires with no tread within minutes. I was pulled out only to get stuck on the 4 lane highway with all the ice but no snow accumulation yet just minutes later. I couldn’t make it up the gentle hill. I was given a different vehicle and off I went Eastward right where the ice was coming down for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of miles. All the way. The ditches of the highways on both sides were like parking lots two cars deep door to door all the way.

The ice was sometimes 4 and 5 and 6 inches deep on the highway, slick, clear ice. Trucks at a dead stop on the highway would suddenly break ‘traction’ and start moving sideways into the ditch. Trucks with sets of wheels entirely broken off their axles were to be seen. Meanwhile, I was harassing my guardian angel continuously. He kept me safe.

That he kept me safe, and moving, was a lesson for me. We are more able to assent to the hope that is given to us when we see presently something of the care of our dear Lord for us in whatever way, also, of course, through our guardian angels. This hope and this assent can become stable, steadfast, continuous, consistent, in bad times and good.

Mary knew all that much more than we will ever know. Good times and bad. Bad times and good.

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Jackass for the Hour: Chapter 26 – Revealed religion sacrifices children

palestinian donkeyJackass for the Hour: Chapter 26 – Revealed religion sacrifices children

By 10:00 A.M., the Paul VI Audience Hall was filled to its capacity of thousands upon thousands. Everyone was on their feet, speaking more loudly even as the din became more deafening.

Cardinal Francisco’s secretary, adept at deescalation, quietly said, “We welcome our visitors here today, representatives of the media, delegations from various religious groups, and others who desire to advance the common good as well as the particular good of the individuals who have a special interest in this case. We will begin with a prayer.” The noise level increased with many of those present asking each other with sarcasm what they were to do with the threat of a prayer being imposed upon them.

The Cardinal thought it best to begin with ‘multi-cultural’ praise, certain that clarity would offend disparate sensitivities. Besides the wide variety of nationalities of those present, there were many Jews and Muslims in the Hall. Ignoring the new artwork framing the stage, the Cardinal lapsed into semi-Pelagianism, saying, “Future Omega Point of the cosmos, we are at one this morning, invigorated by our dialogue and enthused by the common purpose of sharing our lives with each other. We praise you for helping us to be one with the cosmos, one with you, forever and ever…” He didn’t add ‘Amen’, as this was Hebrew, just another language, but one which was likely to be considered non-inclusive. The Cardinal sat down. Most in the crowd stared at him blankly. Others, for whom such nonsense was their usual weekend fare, said ‘Amen’. Everyone sat down, causing a wave of noise to roll up the sloping floor of the cavernous auditorium.

“The proceedings of the trial of Father…” began the Cardinal, unable to finish his sentence. A banner had been unfurled by a group of demonstrators during the opening ‘prayer’. It stretched halfway across one side of the Hall, in the middle of the crowd, behind the reporters. Those holding up the banner had begun to chant the slogan printed upon it in large red letters.

The cameras swept around to get a closeup of the banner: “Revealed Religion Sacrifices Children.” There were smaller words below these proclaiming that the group’s members were abuse survivors. A multitude of guards swept down upon the protestors, but they were kept at bay by multiple rows of people on all sides of the banner, all of them obviously belonging to the same group. Their chanting of the slogan was picked up by many others. Mayhem reigned.

Cardinal Fidèle looked content, but Cardinal Francisco was hitting his gavel on the table, which only annoyed the crowd. Father Alexámenos leaned forward into his microphone and said, “No! Let them stay. Let them hold up their banner. You must let them have a voice.”

The guards looked to Cardinal Francisco for direction. “We are so pleased to have you with us to share your concerns,” he said. The protesters sat down, continuing to hold the banner open. After this, only two sets of two guards remained in the aisles to either side of the group.

“The proceedings of the trial of Father Alexámenos,” Cardinal Francisco repeated, “will now commence. The defendant is accused of Continue reading


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Disillusioned guy to me: Do it!

john edger hoover fbi

Disillusioned with corruption. Gonna do something about it.

An old school, super excellent, honorable guy, a John Edger Hoover redivivus (in the good aspects anyway), disillusioned as he is with the shenanigans that have been going on from mid-level on up for quite some time at the bureau, gave me my marching orders. What a patriot he is. He waxed poetic, reminiscing about the old days. We have a common understanding about doing what is right for the common good, no matter the cost. Do it! So, he mentioned how to go about this, given the extraordinary difficulties and those who don’t want this to happen at any cost. His “how to” surprised me greatly. I had been warned to go ahead and do anything but that, anything else, including going to my friend in the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations. But, no, I couldn’t do that. I would end up in the middle of some mountain in Colorado if I did that. But this guy insisted that his way, so surprising to me, was the only way.

  • I asked, “You mean I should talk to that guy?” I protested: “I don’t know him personally, as a friend.”
  • “Pffft!” he said. “No, NOT him. No. Go and see […].” He repeated this twice, really strongly: “NOT him. You are to go and see […].”

My reaction to that, only thought but not said – and I confess this – was “Oh s#!+”. Sorry, but I am a sinner. At any rate, O.K. I’ll see what I can do. This may take some time to arrange.

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Jackass for the Hour: note on revision (update on British English, or not)

jackass for the hour

Original cover of Jackass for the Hour for which, at the time, a pseudonym was employed.

/// UPDATE: When I originally wrote this in the mid-2000s, I used the pen-name above, pretending further that the author was himself from northern Benin and was having difficulty learning English, that is, British English. I’m very evil and bad. I had reasons for using a pseudonym at the time. A very nice retired school teacher in England helped correct my usages to polish up my British English, that is, non-American English. There are British spellings throughout. Some of you have caught some. I am enthralled you have not noticed the others. For instance, the spelling of verbs uses an “s” and not a “c”, but a “c” can be used where Americans use an “s” in a noun, such as “defense” for Americans but “defence” for the U.K. If a future revision to thoroughly bring the book up-to-date” takes place, and if a publisher can be found, if that publisher is American based, they might want to change all the spellings and grammar over to American ways. /////

It’s not that there’s a real revision in progress as the chapters are put up again on Arise! Let us be going! I appreciate the corrections coming in by comments or email regarding spelling / grammatical errors. Sometimes I don’t know if sometimes fiercely critical comments about the plot or characters are baiting me to give spoilers, but I’ll remain steadfast in not doing so. It’s not that the points made are out of date, though perhaps the book does lack some modern context under the papacy of Pope Francis, yet, even in the diversity of various Pontiffs, it is nevertheless truth that quite exactly the same problems exist today as they did just a few years ago. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

What I wanted to say just now, at this point, after many of the last chapters and before some of the following chapters, is that some of the dialogue on the mouths of some of the characters, particularly the Cardinals, may seem to be particularly inane, whether about Scripture, ecumenism, anything about dialogue that is “interreligious”, anything to do with the infamous Sister Nice (what a fright she is!), etc. However – and I am truly sorry to say this – the characters, even Sister Nice (no, really), while occasionally put in dramatic situations for the sake of the story line, have sayings on their lips which are often verbatim coming from Cardinals or others working in the Roman Curia or those in like situations, sometimes taken right from their own speeches published by Vatican Radio by other means of communication of the Holy See, or in other sources, gleaned before they could be taken down, if they have been, or from eye witnesses, or from what I myself have witnessed in my decades in Rome.

This is the darkness in which we live. There are not a few with so very much hubris that they have claimed – in print – that they have conquered, that no one of the rest of us of the great unwashed will ever be able to figure out how much they have duped us, how the direction and doctrine of the Church will be forever changed by what they have have been able to accomplish, coming at things as they have in so many ways with so many nuances with so many various angles of approach from so very many directions. That’s what they think.

The book is a statement to them all that their mind games are instantaneously cut through and exposed by love which is truth (which none of us has of his own), that is, in the same way in which Jesus answered the mind game temptations Satan put to Him in those 40 days in the desert, always answering with love and respect for His dear Heavenly Father.

I know that there will be those who will be extremely critical of the next chapters going up, but, what can I say except that they should wait to see how they will be even more offended as each chapter comes along, as points are developed, at characters develop, as the plot thickens, etc. It is a novel, after all. Have some patience. Have some forgiveness for poetic license. ;-)


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Homily 2018 02 19 – All for Jesus or not: omissions commissions witting or not

oliver twist

Sorry, no recording. I guess I was a bit clutzy in trying to press the recorder button.

  • If we carry out the spiritual and corporal works of mercy, helping our least brother in need just to do it, not congratulating ourselves, not even doing it because Jesus would want us to do it, but just doing it just because (and we’re pretty much unwitting pretty much all the time aren’t we?), Jesus will reward us as having done this personally for Him.
  • There are lots of people who do all the spiritual and corporal works of mercy just to congratulate themselves for having done stuff. But even these good things that were actually done – and they are good things mind you – will be rejected as not having been done at all if done for self-congratulation. It’s all one big omission.

An example of the last one can already be seen in this world from time to time. For instance, a condescending soup-ladle guy at the soup kitchen ladling out soup ever so condescendingly might count his work as a good work for which he can congratulate himself before God and man, but the guy to whom he is giving the soup might well just throw it in his face, disgusted to be treated not even as a least brother, but simply as a tool by which the ladling guy congratulates himself. Don’t. Want. That.

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How Peter Stzrok is set to destroy FBI working in human resources division

  • Back in the day, regional centers of the FBI vetted and chose and assigned their own personnel. This has changed. Now everything is done from on high. This means that if you have a guy who is corrupt dealing with human resources, he might well be able to maneuver his own style of agent into various positions throughout the Bureau. Since this plays the long game, although it’s not very glamorous, it is arguably one of the most influential positions in the entire agency.
  • Peter Stzrok, accused of stacking the deck politically regarding personnel in significant recent investigations, was “demoted” from Chief of Counterespionage and Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence down to human resources, but that’s not really a demotion is it? No. In the long game, it’s much more influential.

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Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Papist edition, well, half-way anyway)


It’s only mid-February and these beauties are to be seen everywhere.

Papal Colors are white and yellow. Well, here’s yellow. I’m waiting for white. But, hey, I’m at least halfway there. I’m sure our Lady appreciates that.

We must always but always pray for the Holy Father. If you don’t like him, pray for him! Goodness. Remember that scene in Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ when Cephas runs up and falls on his knees at the feet of our Lady, asking forgiveness, confessing to her that he had denied her dear Son three times? Remember that? Don’t you think she was praying for Peter?

People just don’t get this. I say that we should pray for Pope Francis, that I stand beside him in solidarity, that I will not abandon him, and people scream that I am a heretic just like him, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. No, on all counts.

When I get a hold of some white flowers I’ll offer those to the Immaculate Conception as well.

By the way – and this directly to my internet stalker and all those he has named in his missives – we’ve all crucified the Son of the Living God, and the Son of the Immaculate Conception with our sin. I say, and please say with me, for all of us, including Pope Francis, “Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us, sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.”

Update: Well. There we are. After Mass this midday I noticed these white flowers outside the Church. Really tiny. So that completes in the same day this papist editions of Flowers for the Immaculate Conception. Yay!


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Woman jailed for baptizing her girl


I don’t know all the circumstances. It seems she and her hubby agreed to have the child raised Catholic. The judge didn’t like what he called criminal contempt. Something’s not right in this story. I wish I knew more.

I wish I knew more because I could be the next pastor of that parish in this diocese of Charlotte, North Carolina. Maybe not, but maybe so. But it is in my diocese.

I will say this: I do know of a decision by the North Carolina Supreme Court regarding penalties imposed by North Carolina courts over against religious persons, a decision which in its own text rejected the free exercise of religion as expressed and defended by the Constitution and Supreme Court of these United States. In other words, the North Carolina Judiciary – in letting that law stand – basically doesn’t give a damn about the free exercise of religion and is itself in contempt of the citizenry of these United States.


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Homily 2018 02 18 – Jesus tempted & other ultra super glorious ironies

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Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (field of purple edition)


This is the second field of purple I’ve noticed in these first few days of Lent. One is near the rectory. One is near the church. This amazes me as a Minnesota boy. Pretty much every single year as a kid I remember there being two weeks in early-mid February when the temperatures would be 32 below zero at night and 17 below zero in the daytime, with another few days in the midst of those two weeks being 52 below zero at night and 32 below zero in the daytime. The numbers were really consistent. Everything was slate gray. But here in WNC, there are flowers, and their color follows the liturgical season, in mid-February. Amazing. Putting up these posts for Mary puts me on edge, always on the lookout for flowers for Jesus’ good mom. That’s not a bad thing, methinks. Do you have flowers for the Immaculate Conception where you are in the world? Are you on edge to be on the lookout for flowers for Jesus’ good mom? It’s a good thing, methinks.


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Jackass for the Hour: Chapter 25 – You look like such a jackass, just so useless

palestinian donkeyJackass for the Hour: Chapter 25 – You look like such a jackass, just so useless

Shaykh al-Hasan’s promised ‘mosquitos’, which were actually homemade, man-powered, ultra-light aircraft, had proceeded just above the waves toward Plum Island’s soon to be replaced NBAF. There were four operators. Two of them, well practised snipers, were now above the central bioterrorism research facility whose presence at the compound had always been vociferously denied. The snipers had just neutralized the guards outside the target building, knowing their schedules to the second. They then started dropping explosives around the target and nearby buildings as a diversion until they were killed, or until they killed themselves, as per their plan. Another bomb exploded just as another operative landed on a predetermined part of the complex, destroying part of the roof. The last of the group landed next to this hole in the roof just as the military island was alarmed to enter war mode. As he landed, he simultaneously threw himself into the gaping hole, deep into the building. He alone wore what looked to be a wet suit complete with air tanks. He had attached himself to his aircraft by a thin, retractable cable complete with winch before lifting off from the small barge they had rented the day before. The cable broke his fall and, before twenty seconds had passed, having obtained what he wanted, he was already departing from the facility in his ultra-light aircraft, returning to the barge. When the first two commandos saw that he was far enough away, they, as planned, blew themselves up in earth-rocking explosions at two other points next to the facility. Within thirty seconds, the remaining terrorist, now passing high over the beach, pressed a button on his phone, which he then destroyed and threw into the water. This had caused their rented barge, a half-kilometre offshore, to explode so forcefully that the shockwaves almost made his ultra-light aircraft stall. He detached the cable tying him to the aircraft and proceeded to the remains of the barge. What was left of it was burning, along with three Coast Guard gun boats which had surrounded it. He dropped into the water in the midst of the wreckage and, making use of the scuba gear a second time, swam down until he found the diving motor they had anchored to the bottom. Continue reading


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How FBI could’ve found Nikolas Cruz in 5 mins flat: get a stopwatch

prettyman court house

  1. Upon a terrorist mass-killing “chatter” (that’s enough), you have your FISA attorney request an emergency warrant from your judge friend at the FISA court, filling in the forms on your iPad while walking into the courtroom, interrupting another less urgent hearing, pressing the print button for the printer just there, inside the door, and handing the paper to the judge. < 90 secs.
  2. Review and approval time for the judge: < 30 secs.
  3. With deals already from social media platforms, you get his I.P. address: < 90 secs.
  4. Take the IPv4 / IPv6 address and copy it into your locator app! Hey! < 15 secs.
  5. Call local law enforcement and have the guy cuffed and stuffed: more or less 1 min, 13.5 secs (adrenaline!) = 4 mins 58.5 secs = < 5 mins.

Conjecture, you say? Think again.

  • I’ve dealt with some pretty evil people in my life, so, I’ve been interested to see just how long this would all take in case the necessary had to be done by our finest.
  • I just happen to know law enforcement who are at the top of their game in hunting down people, those who are so good at what they do that they are consultors for everyone else internationally on ways and means and policies. They get the big bucks for their expertise.
  • If you know the IPv4 / IPv6 it takes really no time at all to get a physical dwelling for a cable connection or to triangulate them if it’s wifi.
  • Add 1.5 seconds for those who pay the bucks to hide their IP address = total 5 minutes.

“No! You gotta ID him, get pictures, blah blah blah,” you say? No, you don’t. You get the guy while he is online. (He’s constantly online). The guy who’s messing on those social media platforms at that physical address or on that triangulated device gets thrown to the floor or pavement or PIT maneuvered. Easy peasy.

So, why let 17 people die?

  • There is a benign reason. There is a lot of terrorist “chatter”. There really is. You have to triage issues as you only have so many resources to employ. That’s true. It’s just the way it is. Unwitting mistakes can be made and are made.
  • Malice is possible. There are plenty of political motivations. No, really. People just absolutely don’t care. I myself have heard this from people at the very top of things, even recently:

“Just let them die. Let them all die. Who cares? If that’s what it takes to make political change, let it happen. Let them all go to hell.”

Yep. I heard it. I’m NOT saying this happened in this instance, just that it can happen.

For the naive: This is the normal modus agendi for militaries and governments around the world. Don’t think our intelligence services are above that.

Look, I’m a HUGE supporter of Law Enforcement also on specialized levels. They’ve helped me throughout my life. They know that. They know I’m right about this too. They see it all the time.

Just remember:

  • Things are never as they seem.
  • People don’t want to see things as they really are.

And those are two things that can be taken up and manipulated at will.

Look, again, with no real computers and with almost non-existent wifi and with no law enforcement resources I myself could find this guy. It might take me twice as long, like ten whole minutes. There’s face recognition. Google image search.

I mean, as I think of this, they could have put in a data base the guns he had (wildly various) and see who has that combination of guns, legally. That would narrow it down to like, one person, right?

What does that mean?

  1. The FBI could have found him really very quickly.
  2. The FBI is blatantly lying right NOW in saying that they couldn’t find him.

What does that mean?

Just to say: the cover-up is always worse than the crime.


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