He’s dead: FBI’s Robert Philip Hanssen. On the Seal of Confession.

Bearing the infamy of being one of the worst traitors to these USA, the FBI’s Robert Philip Hanssen, has died apparently of natural causes after surviving for decades in his tiny ultra-max prison cell at the ADX facility in Florence, Colorado. I say “apparently of natural causes” because the spokeswoman for the FBOP said seemingly without provocation that no staff or inmates were injured while “finding him” “unresponsive” on his cell floor. What an otherwise unnecessary thing to say. It’s like: thanks for the confession, lady. Was this “finding” of him dead actually a favor that had been requested by those across the polar ice cap, you know, just in case “Bobby” wanted to be more fulsome for any ongoing interrogations, making up for past transgressions?

A few years ago, when Hanssen was still very much alive, one of the CIA’s video event-spinner guys — when the topic of Hanssen came up — dramatically traced his index finger across his own throat, staring hard at me, with purposed lack of other commentary, indicating that… what?… that the decision had been made that Hanssen would soon enough be terminated and that I should just leave it alone?

“Leave it alone.” Unlikely. That’s not what troublemakers do. When, on another day, I asked this video event-spinner guy as to whether he’s the one responsible for the sudden flurry of disgusting short video-documentaries on “Bobby,” he got instantly frustrated and white hot angry like he had been caught out, and all this in public, you know, in the social hall of our little parish over in the backsides of the beyonds of Moonshiners Appalachia, where, weirdly, much of this kind of weirdness goes down. He had raised his voice in denial: “I don’t know who’s responsible. I. DON’T. KNOW.” Yikes! It took everything in him not to explode from the table to remove himself from the simple question. Not long thereafter, he just up and disappeared, like smoke that is driven away by the wind. Just like that.

Before that last conversation came to an end, I had mentioned that Hanssen, in my opinion, had been framed, at least partially, with the motive of making him the scapegoat for embarrassing ops whose assets-gone-bad had not yet been identified. Why’s that? the video event-spinner guy asked. Because, I said, of the manner and content of the descriptions of Hanssen’s alleged Sacramental Confessions to an Opus Dei priest in those CIA spinning videos. It’s extremely unlikely and irrelevant that Hanssen would relate such things about Sacramental Confession. And it’s about 100% impossible that that priest of Opus Dei would break the Seal of Confession. Just. Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.

There was a stunned silence, you know, as in jaw-dropping, like he had been caught out. To me, all this was obvious. The reason that my observation was not expected is very sad. I’m afraid that there are so few priests who have any respect for Sacramental Confession that almost no laity have even the least understanding of the Seal of Confession. When’s the last time you heard a priest speak of his own love for the Sacrament of Confession, all in thanksgiving for the Blood of Christ at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

Anyway, right after all that, there were plenty of hits to this blog from ADX Florence. I had offered to go out to Colorado to hear Hanssen’s Sacramental Confession. No go. But I’ll tell you this, it is Christ Jesus, whose blood on Calvary provides the justice for the mercy of the absolution, He taking our place, Innocent for guilty, who will Himself come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire.

We all live and then we all die, and always sooner than later. Today’s the day to go to Confession. No matter what we’ve ever done. The last penance I got the other day was a “Hail Holy Queen” prayer to our Lady. Thank you, Jesus.

There’s a zillion lists of “C”s for Confession. I think it was Opus Dei that came up with these four “C”s:

  • Concise
  • Clear
  • Complete
  • Contrite

I think it appropriate to offer a Hail Mary for all those who work in our intel / law enforcement services, which world is sometimes a vortex, especially when that’s not recognized.

And that last bit on tips for how to go to Confession, that’s for all of us, but targeted in particular at yet another intel guy to visit the parish. Today is the day of salvation.


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“Father George, you’re not *entirely* naïve”

Father George: “So, this guy said I was entirely naïve.

Father Gordon: “Father George, you’re not entirely naïve; your under-cover cover is being naïve.”

Father George: “Wait… what?!”

Father Gordon: “Everyone in the world knew Zorro’s sidekick Bernardo to be a deaf-mute. But it turned out that Bernardo wasn’t deaf, just mute. So all of Zorro’s enemies would talk in front of Bernardo, thinking he can’t hear what they are saying, and Bernardo would go back and relate all that was said to Zorro by sign language. You’re Zorro’s sidekick, Father George.”

Father George: “Of all the priests I know, you have the best sense of humor, Zorro, I mean, Father Gordon.”

Father Gordon: “That’s not humor!!!”

What brought this up was a certain guy in the parish to whom I recounted some recent events at a certain restaurant. His reaction, which I related to Father Gordon, was that I am an academic, very smart, very well connected all over the world, but that I am entirely naïve.

Baiters bait me to bait them, always getting something more (whatever that is), enticed by the prospect of an easy win (more info about boring me?) because of the whole naïve thing, not realizing, according to Father Gordon, that the whole naïve thing is a set-up, my using my own being naïve as my under-cover cover, in which case, I’m baiting them to bait me to bait them… Or, something like that. :-) And the whole Zorro – Bernardo thing? That’s cool.

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Cynical usage of Intelligence Identities Protection Act 1982 PubL 97–200 50 USC §§ 421–426

[[ This is being reposted again for cause. Something happened just yesterday, 31 May 2023.]]

The Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982 (Pub.L. 97–200, 50 U.S.C. §§ 421–426) can be summarized as that which makes it a Federal crime – enforced with a penalty of a fine or up to three years in prison or both regarding anyone with or without whatever security clearance and access / need to know – to compromise directly or by patterned indications an asset in extremely broadly defined circumstances (as assessed by courts in view of the bias of relevant agencies or bureaus = guaranteed conviction), regardless as to whether the scope of such a law compromises the Constitution and Constitutional rights of citizens in good standing, including their right to protect the viability of their very lives. Intent doesn’t matter. Wait… What? Isn’t this all supposed to be “of, by and for the people”?

But you gotta know that we’re dealing with those whose bias stemming from their counterintelligence gaslighting lifestyle greenlights all betrayal when the IIPA is turned back-to-front, upside-down, inside-out so as to protect identities of real assets by creating fall-guys of naïve citizens in good standing who are brought to have an inescapable lack of deniability by way of a baited history of a thousand circumstances and incidents, all innocent… but the naïve guy is nevertheless forthwith guilty of all that the real asset did to contravene the law both here and across our borders so as to accomplish whatever assignment, with the naïve guy wondering how it all happened while in solitary confinement. Whew!

Meanwhile, think of it, our Lord Jesus purposely baited the idiots of His own day to have Himself judged as guilty of all our sin. They put Him to death and Jesus accomplished that for which He came, to stand in our place, Innocent for the guilty, taking on that punishment for sin that we all deserve, death, so as to have the right in His own justice to have mercy on us. That’s makes me laugh with great joy.

You just can’t win in a baiting game with Jesus. Might as well just be forgiven and go to heaven.

And I still have two requests for DS-CC in North Rosslyn. All y’all know how to find me.

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Mary, Mother of the Church, Mater Ecclesiae

You may remember when, on November 21, 1964, Saint Pope Paul VI declared Mary to be Mother of the Church, Mater Ecclesiae.

  • “We have felt it opportune to consecrate in this very public session, a title which was suggested in honor of the Virgin from various parts of the Catholic world and which is particularly dear to us because it sums up in an admirable synthesis the privileged position recognized by the council for the Virgin in the Holy Church. Therefore, for the glory of the Virgin Mary and for our own consolation, we proclaim the Most Blessed Mary Mother of the Church, that is to say of all the people of God, of the faithful as well as of the pastors, who call her the most loving Mother. And we wish that the Mother of God should be still more honored and invoked by the entire Christian people by this most sweet title.”

You may have heard the back story of this declaration, that there was a fierce argument among the bishops of the Second Vatican Council regarding the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, Lumen Gentium, as to whether there should be a chapter on Mary at the end of the document or whether there should be a separate document for her. It was decided that she is essential to life of the Church and must be included in Lumen Gentium itself. Before this, Paul VI made the declaration above. The response was a standing ovation wrought by all present. There are various accounts, but it is said that the applause went on for some 12 minutes. If you’ve ever experienced a lengthy applause of over thirty seconds you know that by 45 seconds your hands are about to fall off. Twelve… Minutes…

You may remember that soon after Saint Pope John Paul II was shot in Saint Peter’s Square on May 13, 1981, he ordered that an image of our Lady be enshrined in Saint Peter’s Square. He wanted this to be Mary, Mother of the Church. A mosaic from Constantinian Basilica of Saint Peter’s, later in the Basilica designed by Michelangelo that we see today, was restored and ready by December 8, 1981 (pictured above).

You may remember that the residence of Pope Benedict XVI in the Vatican Gardens was called Mater Ecclesiae…

All of this speaks to a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

In mentioning the title Mary, Mother of the Church, to a group of priests many years ago, I was instantly reprimanded that this was not a traditional title of our Lady. I just as instantly mentioned passages in Sacred Scripture and in the lengthy Magisterium of the Church so as to emphasis that this is a most Catholic and proper title of our Lady. He wasn’t convinced. I mentioned the unanimous applause, acclamation if you will, of all the bishops as one. He said: Ah, yes, Vatican II, the beginning of the end of the Church. As he was saying this, he literally got up and ran away. Yep.

Mary, Mother of the Church, is especially the Mother of priests. Pray that our bishops and priests return from their flight from Calvary, and return to accompany Mary under the Cross, and then hear those words of Jesus, “Woman, behold, your son. Son, behold, your Mother.” Hail Mary…

In the Novus Ordo liturgical calendar, Mary, Mother of the Church, is an obligatory memorial as a feast which falls every year on the Monday following Pentecost Sunday, given that, most oddly, the Octave of Pentecost was suppressed. I very much love this new feast day for our Lady. I am saddened that the Octave of Pentecost was booted in favor of another spirit of Vatican II. Meanwhile, this year, the Monday following Pentecost was 29 May, which is the feast day, an optional memorial, of Saint Pope Paul VI. I find the coincidence of those two feast days, Paul VI and Mary, Mother of God, on the same day to be rather appropriate, given that he is the one who proclaimed this title back in 1964. Am I wrong?


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Child porn makers: knowing all, we’re hunting, arresting, imprisoning.

That’s the long version above, edited even for language, even lip-reading of what’s said. I did not go through the unedited version. Below is a good excerpt, much shorter, but you get the idea.

Pray for these guys, Shawn, Ryan, and otherwise Bill, Judy, Devitt, et alii, our unsung heroes.

It must be so frustrating for them. As it is, pedo-porn is ultra-protected social engineering by the powers that be. No one but no one will talk about this. No one will go near it. Well, Project Veritas. Things are proceeding quietly.

Meanwhile, let the filthy crowd know that they are destined for prison. They will likely be killed there. They don’t want to go to prison.

The filthy crowd will likely try to kill the heroes. Much more effective in such assassinations are the powers that be. I dare say that nothing makes more money in the world than child porn. There. I said it. Money. And the powers that be.

But it’s a gazillion times worse than this. The pedos are all about shaking their fists at God with kids as fodder.

If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, a spirit that is vigilant, a heart that is not dulled – if you’re praying the Rosary – you will know that we have all seen all the evil there has been, is, and ever will be in the wounds of Jesus, He who said “what you have done to the least of the brethren you have done to me.”


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Vatican police shooting car: hazing-training? It’s to laugh. But there’s a serious side.

So a guy forcing his Fiat Panda into Vatican City has his car shot up by the Vatican Gendarmerie, but he continues on his way to the most highly secured areas of the Holy See with no problem whatsoever, right past all the Swiss Guard. That’s weird.

If I’m wrong about this being a training scenario doubling as a useful hazing of the newbie Swiss Guards just sworn in on 6 May 2023, ironically, in the Cortile of San Damaso, where all this drama came to a dramatic end, then, well, it ain’t lookin’ good at all for Vatican Security. I’m guessing this is training, and that this was done in conjunction with the Vatican Gendarmerie, a hazing that takes everyone off guard, as it were. Great! By the way, the Vatican Gendarmerie were the only shooters. ;-)

The problem is that, given what happened, everyone in the media has called out Vatican security for being entirely unprepared for any kind of terrorist event. I want to give a positive take on what we’ve witnessed with this drama. After all, these guys are some of the best in the world, even the newbies coming in are extraordinarily well prepared, the best of the best. It seems to me that this strange incident actually being a training scenario / hazing answers the most questions, the most consistently, and with the greatest simplicity. This brings the possible to the probable and is likely the correct take on what happened.

But this also raises more questions about timing (regardless of the fact of the newbies just being sworn in), and then the infant terrible manner of forcing policy changes regarding rules of engagement (I love that), and then the usual “empire building” (more money, more equipment, more personnel) not that I disagree with any of those things in this particular case of Vatican City State in the weird times in which we live. You gotta do what you gotta do to demonstrate that the status quo is insufficient in a manner which can no longer be denied. That status quo is not the fault of the newbies. I’m sure they followed protocol with great exactitude. But things will have to be allowed to be changed by the powers that be. That’s the purpose of all this. Brilliant.

Granted, we don’t know what we don’t know. But lets assume, out of respect for our brothers in arms, that this is all about training and see what happens. “Training”, in this case, is in the style of full-on war games, you know, wherein it is announced that “This is not a drill! This is not a drill!” for something that could be as catastrophic as was September 11, 2001.

  • Firstly, you have a get-together at which all of those newbie Swiss Guards who are to be hazed are present. All arms are collected at the door. They’re told the reason, that there will be a rather violent training scenario during their get-together and they don’t want any hot-heads getting carried away. They know nothing of the events that will follow, however, and once again the opportunity is taken to give them a final reminder about the rules of armed engagement (probably something like “Do not fire unless you are personally fired upon”).
  • Then, when they are bored to tears and dreaming about being back in Switzerland, while in full uniform (and this is difficult), and without any other warning, the instructors body slam the new recruits and start grappling exercises while another instructor announces that this is the surprise training drill they were told about and so they are not to intervene. It’s all quite violent, quite painful, quite humiliating, entirely distracting, and… encouraging, you know, by letting them win toward the end of the session, the newbies wiping out the instructors, everyone cheering. The perfect set-up. Adrenaline flowing, feeling like they can conquer the world with no weapons at all. But they do have weapons. It’s just that they’ve been instructed that, basically, they can’t use them, pretty much no matter what.
  • Amends are made, unexpected small raises in pay are announced to all individuals. You provide them expensive bits of tasty food. All good.
  • Some of the newbies are then assigned to their posts for the night. They are told that they had gone overtime in this meeting, and that they have to rush as fast as they can to their posts, that they will be timed. They grab their weapons and ammo magazines, which have, however, been tampered with by the instructors. All the ammo has been changed out for blanks. They have no time to check. After they are out the door, the others are told that they are in lockdown, that they are to sit down and watch the security monitors, you know, with popcorn and Coors, while their comrades in arms are put through a training scenario which doubles as hazing. There’s immediate laughter all around. They now realize that the surprise training drill was not the grappling, and that those already gone don’t know that. I mean, as the event begins, you can just hear the cat-calling, the “But I would have done this!” or “I would have done that!” and “Oh no!” and a thousand expletives in various Swiss dialects. But everyone laughing uproariously, grateful for being able to watch, but also with a certain dread that they themselves will be the watched in equally unannounced war games in future. Great for building esprit de corps. All good.

In the picture below, our driver (surely a security instructor himself) has to get from Porta Sant’Anna circled in the lower left in the picture, to a point super high up, circled in the upper center of the picture below. He’s gotta do that in a car. How would you do that? About Zero people in the world would know how to do this no matter how many tours of Vatican city they had. He had to have had help with the planning of his route. But, actually, he’s been hired to create this scenario for training and is given everything he needs. Thank goodness there’s no micromanaging from on high, which would go against security protocols. At least that (right?).

Let’s see approximately how many guard stations there are that he has to encounter. Each dot in the picture below represents a usual posting (at least in my day) on street level of either Swiss Guards or of the Vatican Police. I count perhaps a couple of dozen. The yellow lines are his route:

In the picture above, on the extreme right of the picture, you see the route going from the bottom to the top of the picture, climbing up an extremely steep tunnel inside the building. Don’t be fooled by the façade. I’ve travelled this route many times myself on a scooter and in a variety of cars which I was driving or in which I was a passenger. Getting to the top, the guy was blocked from turning right to go around the Basilica, straight to Pope Francis’ Santa Marta residence. Instead of stopping him, they forced him to take a sharp left (good call), but then let him go through numerous tiny courtyards and out into the spacious Cortile di San Damaso. Just my opinion, but maybe stopping him in any of those courtyards would have been best…

Let’s take a closer look, with the bottom courtyard being where he comes out of the tunnel and San Damaso at the top where he ends, all tunnels through the buildings being extremely narrow, able to be blocked, any damage contained. But, no. No shots fired, not even at the tires. Not by the Swiss Guard, because, they hadn’t been fired upon, right?

Anyway, the guy uses a Fiat Panda, such as the one pictured at the top of this post, a tin-can on scooter wheels, not threatening, which any cop is going to hesitate to shoot because, well, it’s just not a serious vehicle. Here’s the Porta Sant’Anna pictured below, where he entered Vatican City, in the daytime, then at night, so you get the idea:

What could go wrong?

So, he’s not stopped by the Swiss Guard directly at the gate. He just drives around them. By policy, there’s nothing they can do except leave the matter to the Vatican Gendarmerie while they themselves fully close the gate. The second set of guards open fire on his bumper on the passenger side, but their bullets are mere blanks. They are in on the training scenario. The guy is allowed to continue. Just my suggestion here, but why not have quick-set pylons which pop out of the ground at all the guard stations, you know, like everyone else in the entire world?

Anyway, he gives himself up in the courtyard of San Damaso, but he could have just turned around and gone back to Porta Sant-Anna, and then repeated the circuit a couple of hundred times until he ran out of gas, right? Anyway, as they begin to arrest him, his true identity as an instructor is announced over a megaphone commanding everyone to stand down and give him a round of applause. Jaws dropped. They know they’ve been had. End of exercise. They did obey policy, but now it has to be asked if that policy needs to be tweaked. What then follows at the jail and then the hospital the next day has also been arranged with the hospital and the Italian Military Police. Don’t think that they don’t also do these kind of war game scenarios themselves, also in conjunction with the Vatican. This is an all-the-time thing. No harm. No foul. All good. Meanwhile, for the public, they say that everything worked out.

And his psychophysical impairment? Sure, after a whisky together with the everyone else for a successful training session. :-)

In house, perhaps this exercise is to demonstrate other vulnerabilities. The guy is driving a Fiat Panda tin-can on scooter wheels, but it can be loaded up with, say, 400 kilos of C-4 (maximum cargo is 480 kilos). But what’s so interesting at the Cortile of San Damaso you ask, regardless of the presence of Pope Francis?

Well, well. In that high-up location, such an explosion would completely wipe out, vaporize:

  • The Secretariat of State, where all the active records of geo-political and ecclesial affairs with every country in the world are worked on, including China, Russia, all the Islamicist countries.
  • IOR, Vatican Bank, where records are kept of trillions of dollars of… money laundering and the financing of terrorism (right?)… with zero oversight of any watch-dog institutions in the world. The Vatican has no trade accords, therefore no financial oversight accords. Unique in the world.

Some gains for this exercise? At least…

  • Changes for rules of engagement.
  • Changes in, say, use of reinforced concrete pylons that pop up from the road to block traffic which are used ubiquitously right around the world.

If this wasn’t an exercise, something’s terribly wrong. Just a crazy guy? But… just… wow…

Meanwhile, I’m all about protecting Pope Francis. So again, I am reminded of this:

Not that long ago, some guy pre-recorded a message, then called my parish office phone, and then played his pre-recorded message for the parish phone system to record. He then hung up. Another call came in to the parish office phone recorder with another carefully prepared and edited pre-recorded message the next day.

The first message is one guy [a mole?] apparently recounting a conversation to which he was privy. He retains the usage of the various languages of the participants. I’m not the best polyglot in the world, and I could well be mistaken with my hearing perhaps not being the most accurate, but I’m guessing that the languages involved here are Bosnian, Portuguese, Romanian, Bulgarian and very American English.

The second message the next day seems to be a mocking reprimand for acting too slowly. All of this, on both days, up to the two last words at the very end of the second message, are all the narration of the same guy. But those two last words at the end of the second message are prerecorded and edited into the narrator’s pre-recording, someone with a thoroughly American accent, as if it were like a voice sample baiting someone to do a search on the sample for voice-print verification among assets. Anyone go missing?


  • [Bosnian] La porta Francisco. [Francis brings it (on himself).]
  • [Portuguese] Che hai? [What do you have?]
  • [Bosnian] Lo Pontifex delle chiese. [The Pontiff of the Church.]
  • [Romanian] Uitole. [Forget it.]
  • [Bosnian] Va lelu lazech… [Please….]
  • [Portuguese] Da ferro. [From iron.]
  • [Portuguese] Agirem- fra poco. [We will act quickly]
  • [Bosnian] Esplorioso. [Explosive.]
  • [Bosnian] Ne guio! Ne guio! [Not good! Not good!]
  • [Bosnian] Vigile! Vigile! [Be careful! Be careful!]
  • [Bosnian] Caesar iz annale. [Caesar is (already) in the annals (of history).]
  • [Bosnian] Nach lella! [Get it done!]
  • [Bulgarian] Igrish. [It’s your turn to play.]


  • [Portuguese] Enifiai. [Get going!]
  • [Portuguese] Lo statistica dolosor. [It’s a painful record.]
  • [American-English] Hateful.
  • [The same American-English voice, but saying “Portugal” in the Bosnian language] Portuchugal.

This seems to refer to a bomb. “Caesar” seems to be the battle-name of the Portuguese guy, who is nominated by the Bosnian guy to get it done. That the American-English voice says [forced to say] “Portugal” in the Bosnian language is rather…

What creeps me out about this…

  • … is the amount of time it must have taken to put these recordings together, especially the second message with the edits of the American voice.
  • … that there was a second message the next day, with some kind of verification system.

What I mean to say is that:

  • … if it’s for real that something was in the works, why involve me, say, as a messenger? Creepy.
  • … if it’s fake, well, that’s pretty elaborate and time consuming. That’s just as creepy. And, if fake, and therefore a kind of baiting of yours truly, to what end? Cui bono? Creepy.

And if it is a hoax, that’s a waste of time for law enforcement and can be a felony. Just sayin’.

I’m duty bound to protect Pope Francis if I can. I have acted on this.

////////////////////// UPDATE:

In the original post above I write: “FIRST MESSAGE MONDAY [a while back]”. The “DAY STAMP of “MONDAY” is not accurate. I just never bothered to set the clock. The audio file included in this post is a recording I made with my hand-held recorder (that I use to record homilies).

  • After getting some advice, I immediately sent this off to the head of Vatican Intel. I’m sure that was expected. I added the caveat to be cynical with these messages, as it could all be a set-up, baiting, to see what they investigate, or not, or share with other intel services, or not, such as those with provenance in these United States.
  • I didn’t want to say ever so breathlessly anything on this blog in one of those “for the record” posts, as I didn’t want to be duped into having someone outed and killed, such as that American voice edited in at the end of the second recording, you know, if any of this were to be real, and not some play-exercise for instruction of newbies by some bored counterintel officer behind an all too boring desk in Northeast Virginia. Killing of assets is always brutal. So I waited. So that if this was real, such a terrorist cell is surely long since disbanded, with most or all members dead or incapacitated.
  • But if that American voice is one of ours, this publishing is, again, a plea to go and get him. That might have been done immediately if the Vatican shared that recording. But if nothing was done by anyone, this post is to say, that’s on them, not me, you know, for the record.

Oh, and just to say, listening to this again, the last word of the first message may be a different voice, another voice-print…

© 2023 Fr George David Byers

/// I mean, who knows. Maybe the present day Head of Intel at the Vatican to whom I was introduced when he was number 2, back in the day, by the then Head of Intel, perhaps took my recent missive seriously enough to send it along for verification. That result finally came back after appropriate actions were taken, and the Vatican was warned that there are some nefarious plans afoot. Thus, some rather outrageous training that pushes for equipment and policy change. Just my imagination, but, as I say, if this wasn’t training with that ulterior motive, security at the Vatican is about as useless as anything could ever be useless. And that ain’t no good.

I would rather say to all those involved in a training session: “Job well done!”


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HOMILY: Mary is NOT in the Gospel, Father George. Your brain is broken. We’re NOT scared!


When I was a kid, this painting had pride of place in our home. Mom also had shrines, grottos for a statue of Mary. Mom used to bring me special to the crypt church of the Cathedral to pray at the Pietà and light some candles.

But that’s not why I see Mary in passages of Scripture where she “isn’t.” I see Mary in passages of Scripture because she’s right there, obviously, for all to see. How can you not see here right there?! She’s not mentioned, but…

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DOJ Durham Special Counsel: making it clear?

United States Department of Justice – Office of Special Counsel John H Durham
May 12, 2023

Blah, blah, blah.

Comment: As pundits have noticed, subpoenas were not provided to key players. So, I mean, what’s this really about? Is the purpose just to make it look – in the public perception – that steps are needed to take corrective measures but that – Hey! – such measures have already been taken (as per the immediate response), so… therefore… no worries, such imprecisions in some obscure procedures will never happen again. The public can rest assured in that unknowing perception of theirs that all is good, all is trustworthy, no harm no foul, you know, except subversion and treason. Blame January 6! By the way, where is that FBI agent waving people into the Capital building?

Here’s the very last ever-so-clever sentence of the Durham Report at the bottom of page 306:

  • “Nothing,” former Attorney General Levi warned [in his farewell speech of 1977], “can more weaken the quality of life or more imperil the realization of the goals we all hold dear than our failure to make clear by words and deed that our law is not the instrument of partisan purpose.”

Thus, the most important thing ever is to make clear in the perspective of the public that the DOJ is nice.

And so there are no actual corrective measure taken, just propaganda for the sake of appearances:

  • Tell me, hasn’t the Hunter Biden fiasco proven that nothing has changed but only gotten worse?
  • Tell me, hasn’t the FBI’s claim that all Catholics are terrorists proven that nothing has changed but only gotten worse?

And we’ve seen this elsewhere. For instance, it was taken up by the USCCB in its ever being revised medical ethics policy papers, that is, to the degree that if evil done to achieve good renders the perception that evil is good, then that which would otherwise be considered proximate and formal cooperation in that evil is now morphed to be remote and material cooperation in evil that we will just say is not evil but rather good because that proximate and formal cooperation with evil achieves a good end and so is an evil which is good. So, all good. Let’s take good money from Medicare and Medicaid even though to get our greedy hands on that money we have to do abortions and sterilizations and euthanasia in Catholic hospitals or at least make that entirely possible for patients. Hey, it’s money, so it’s all good. All we have to do is make sure that, in the perception of the public we had to get the money and so had to permit these other things, but that, all in all, it’s all good. Believe it! or we’ll kill you!

Well, God does not see the way man sees. Man judges by appearances. The Lord judges the reality of heart and soul and condemns cynical hypocrites.

Hey! I’m NOT saying that about Durham. I’ll just guess that he did what he could do under Merrick Garland’s regime at the DOJ. What do you expect with all that?

Anyway, just speaking for myself, I don’t trust anyone whose main criterium for judgment on the viability of moral actions is the perception of the public, with no reference at all to that which is in fact good or in fact evil.


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Priesthood defined as Blah Blah Management®

If any priests or bishops are reading this post, I suggest contacting appropriate committees and subcommittees and adjunct study groups and ad hoc facilitators, all with relative steering committees requisite approvals, so as to surround your parish and chancery offices with mega-walls of huge speakers (having consulted environmental impact studies), all turned up to maximum volume enough to shatter windows, and then play Blah Blah Blah by Armin van Buuren above, you know, so as to prepare yourselves for the exact same reaction as is going to hit you regarding the redefinition of the priesthood as Blah Blah Management®. That video has 668 million views as of this writing, just on YouTube, never mind all the other social media sites.

I mentioned this phenomenon of the new priesthood as Blah Blah Management® to my parishioners the other day. I informed them that this heresy has been making it’s way around the world as a follow-up, a necessary consequence of the Synod on Synodality. It’s all about the priest administering from on high a dialogue through a complex hierarchy of steering committees, committees, subcommittees, arrays of sub-subcommittees, etc., and so needing multiple scheduling secretaries who can keep up with each committee’s tailored rules and regulations and statutes and meeting times and places and needs, each with rosters and substitutes and car pools, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…

99% of meeting time is given over, of course, to interrupting people to tell them their time is up and then having them reclaiming their time for being interrupted, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah… sigh…

Parishioners said if that would ever come here to our tiny parish, all this making the perfect blah blah blah the enemy of the good, and that enemy being anti-Christ, they would leave the parish and go elsewhere. We have the living and eternal Word of God. He’s not the god of blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

The problem is that this is popping up everywhere. Try to escape from one (arch)diocese to the next, from one bishops conference to the next, from one continent to the next… It’s all coming to a parish near you.

Maybe the goal of ten thousand committees is nice in mega parishes with tens of thousands of parishioners. People being busied blah blah blahing themselves to death will keep them out of trouble, but it will probably not get them to heaven either.

If it ever came here… to this tiny parish… I mean… what a joke… There is no one to head up all these committees, no one who wants to blah blah blah. The Lord’s Little Flock wants our Lord Jesus, they want to listen to HIM. They want the sacraments, more of everything Catholic. They do not want boring Rahnerian Hegelianism, dialectical materialism, where all dialogue parks itself at the dialectical, where all that is dialectal rejects the faith. No faith? There is only violence.

At this point in writing I wanted to add a picture of Pope Francis, but instead accidentally hit the button for AI. I got some good sense:

At its core, priesthood is about leading the faithful towards salvation, not about managing a bunch of committees and bureaucracies. The idea of “blah blah management” is antithetical to the true spirit of priesthood, which is rooted in prayer, contemplation, and a deep desire to bring souls closer to Christ.

Unfortunately, many modern parishes and church organizations seem to have lost sight of this fundamental truth. They focus so much on managing programs, events, and committees that they forget the true mission of the Church: to share the love of Christ and to bring all people closer to salvation.

Priests should be shepherds of their flocks, guiding and nurturing their spiritual growth. This means being present to their needs, listening to their concerns, and providing pastoral guidance that is rooted in the teachings of the Gospel.

If we want our parishes and church organizations to thrive, we need to recenter our focus on what really matters: faith, prayer, and service to others. This is the essence of true priesthood, and it is what will ultimately lead us all to our eternal home in Heaven. So let us embrace this mission, and leave the “blah blah management” to the world of corporate boardrooms and bureaucracies.

Anyway, here’s that picture:

Who cares if dialectical materialism attempts to kill God, and ends up killing hundreds of millions of people? ///off sarcasm…

I tell you what… I’m sick of all this crap. I just want to be a simple priest, preaching, offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, hearing Confessions, providing Last Rites no matter what, all the sacraments, faith formation… What’s wrong with that?


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Amazon hacker profiling

The blog “hits” above come in one after the other only after the “hits” below from “Amazon” in “Singapore” temporarily stopped. No fluke, as it happens regularly. Amazon sells server space.

Years and years ago, in just one purchase, for instance, the CIA acquired use of 300,000,000.00 worth of server space in northeast Virginia. By now, that’s been hyperbolically multiplied.

Anyone can get server space with wild ip addresses and any “location” that you may wish to assign, such as “Singapore.”

There are many thousands of hits from “Amazon”, and these are not bots, but rather direct human visits, stopping only for sleep. Some are seconds long, some minutes on end. One can profile who this is by way of the special interest that is taken in some posts over others, returning multiple times to certain posts and the emailing of some posts (that appears with the URL) but not others.

What I find odd is that “normal” visits to the blog seem to stop dead when Amazon starts up, and continue when Amazon stops.

I’m no hacker. I barely have bandwidth enough to, at times, post a post. Anyone with more wherewithal than myself who can explain this to me?


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