“The Guy” – The blackest of black and the world’s best shot, a close friend… “I’m out to kill, that’s how I do it.”


Thinking I had better get some advice about my standing within the intelligence and ops communities because of my identity being stolen by the dark side some 40 years ago (even as early as mid 1976), I put on some hundreds of miles on the vehicle late last night, and had a four hour chat about it with “The Guy,” a close friend. The only person in the world who knows as much as “The Guy” about black ops / black sites / compartmentalization of programs / and who knows what or who doesn’t have a clue is the actual Chairman of the Joint Chiefs himself (but not the others), and only because “The Guy” was able to get around to telling him about it, usually so as to have him make a decision about something. What. An. Eye. Opener. Did I ever say that nothing but nothing is ever as it seems? Oh my… So very many layers of deception and not just plausible, but real, actual deniability…

“The Guy” described in detail what it means to be red-flagged for protection (as I have been for all these decades) in a world where details about that flagging are not accessible to anyone, except perhaps two people, maybe three. Even those providing protection, ordering that protection, making it happen, haven’t a clue about why. No one would know what the real story is (whatever dumb thing I say). They don’t know if I’m a good guy or a bad guy (sometimes bad guys must also be protected at any cost). It’s ordered and it happens, usually for life. Of course, there’s a downside to all this regarding accountability. But “The Guy” mentioned who my insurance policy was, the very person who stole my identity forty years ago so as to commit crimes everywhere in my name. He said I needed to go have a chat with him, explaining the matter with a bit more clarity, making sure he knows what the stakes are, perhaps more than he could imagine. I haven’t seen this fellow in decades. The last time was in maximum security prison in Mexico. Fine. I’ll see what I can do. Meanwhile…

Meanwhile, switching gears, kind of, “The Guy” said he had heard I was shooting a little to the left, a little South (my failures are famous), and so he proceeded to give me some advice about shooting. I listened with great interest, as this guy is the best shot in the world. Example: there was a normal 300 point course set up a while back, to which the best of the best shots of all the agencies and branches of the military and services and departments came. It was a competition among themselves right here in North Carolina. Mind you, the FBI, CIA, BATFE, and on down the line, all have really good shooters, really good. “The Guy” was there, but just as a spectator with the highest brass, quite the event, really. One shooter couldn’t make it, and so a General asked him to fill in, with “The Guy” complaining that he was totally out of practice and so was unprepared, but he followed orders. He easily won, especially putting them all to shame with the ten minutes for ten shots segment with the target being 100 yards out. He just pumped out ten shots in as many nano-seconds. Afterward, they all gathered around, gaping at him like he was some sort of preternatural being, asking how he did what he did, seeming not to aim at all. He responded to their inquiry by saying that he was out for the kill, not a target, and he always fires that way when it’s all about a kill. (Yikes!)

And now we have that which separates the best from the mediocre, the proper use of adrenaline. Adrenaline, it is said by instructors, is the enemy of rationality, “so just be more careful” is the advice on how to fight the effects of adrenaline. That is just so wrong. Use the effects of adrenaline. That’s why they are there. The world does crunch down to just what is before you and only in that second, so that your senses shut down and you actually momentarily lose a huge percentage of your strength (until your own firing starts). However, this is not so that you don’t think clearly, but that you concentrate everything that you have on just the matter at hand, so that even time slows down almost to a standstill. Here’s his description of a kill which, for his particular interest in questioning whatever terrorist, involves not killing, but utterly incapacitating the individual, shooting around any ballistic vest, first a leg, then a shoulder, then the other shoulder, then each hip, mixing up the order depending on circumstances, but all in just a second, before the bad guy can even fall to the ground, with the time passing seeming to be ten seconds.

And then “The Guy” gave me his Sig Sauer p226 so as to show me a few things with grip and trigger pulls and sighting and drawing and stance, so very different on so many points with what so many others have told me. What brought this all together is what we spoke about next…

We spoke of prayer. We spoke of honesty before what happens with one’s emotions during a “kill.” We spoke of prayer again. We spoke of transitioning into the “kill” zone in the nano-second that that takes, and what that takes, emotionally, physically, spiritually, instead of remaining in a mere “hit the target” zone. He described what this means for “what’s next.” There’s only a “what’s next” when your in the “kill” zone. You’ll never make it to “what’s next” if you’re in the “hit the target” zone. We spoke of prayer again. I remain deeply impressed.

Then the conversation switched back to my identity drama. If it all goes South, like my shooting (for now), he delineated what my death would be like, with the red flags disappearing some months previously, then a “heart attack” induced with a substance no coroner could trace, especially after having to fish me out of some mountain ravine burnt to a crisp in my vehicle. Never a bullet: nothing traceable. Nice. So, my job is simply to behave, and get my dark-side, the one who stole my identity so many years ago, to behave.

Oh, and on that note, he said that the reported crimes of drug running and gun running are completely, utterly, 100% guaranteed B*** S***. That was surely happening, but that was the least of it. Whatever.

By the way, just because I write all about this “for the record” and so as to figure it out, that doesn’t mean that this is what interests me in life. People interest me, those whom Jesus has redeemed. He wants to save us all from whatever. It’s friendship with God which interests me. I want that for everyone else. And I learned about that also from “The Guy.”

Holy Guardian Angels! Protect us!

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My day with the combat wounded, with me taking the part of an Afghan soldier.


Our hero’s tour included getting shot twice, getting an axe to the face, and being blown up with IEDs six times. The last time involved TBI, traumatic brain injury. You know what happens to your ankles and your head when you’re in a “IED-proof” Humvee, right? He would go back if he could. Deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 at 40 years of age (an exception, as he’s really talented), he returned Stateside in 2011.

He wasn’t in the zone long, but saw more action than most might see in multiple wars. And don’t think it’s over for him. He is absolutely constrained to fighting every single day, both with a bad case of PTSD and its nightmare of being “there”, when you want to do more for your brother but can’t because you’re taken out yourself, and then by way of dealing with injuries, walking with a crutch, getting way overtired very quickly, dizzy, and then… and then… the end of the world headaches… end of the world… non stop, 24/7/365. The brain injury takes all of everything to deal with.

Whenever you see a vet, make sure you go way out of your way to thank them for their service back in the day and their continuing service for the burden they carry to this day. They carry us out of harm’s way to this day by having been available to do that for us all.

I’ve been following our hero’s progress for a number of years (he being related to my neighbors back at the hermitage), but never had the privilege of meeting him until now. He and his mom – I’m forever indebted to her for her prayers – drove down all the way from South Dakota. It’s a kind of miracle, really. This is the best he’s ever done, his best day of his best week in all these years – lots of laughter all day long – but… (I’ll get to that “but…” further below).

When he would get a phone call yesterday morning he would have a moment of hilarity, telling the caller that he would have to get back to them as he was busy now teaching a Catholic priest how to take out terrorists. “A what doing what?!” would be the answer. And on it would go. One of his many jobs over the way was to teach Afghanies how to shoot. He was happy to make me an Afghan soldier for my “day off.” He knows what he’s doing; take a gander at this very short video about his work:

After putting this newbie back about 25 feet (four more feet than NC qualification distance for concealed carry), and giving me tips on stance and posture and arms and hands and fingers and eyes and what exactly I’m looking at, he immediately got bored with that and put me back at 75 feet, well over three times the maximum distance, and then talked to me about ballistics and gravity, saying that I would have to work on distances so that calculations as to the drop would be second nature. He also wanted all the other mechanics to be second nature, muscle memory, muscle memory, muscle memory. I have plenty to work on, but apparently have a little bit of potential…


I must say that he’s really good at psychology, as I easily despair if I’m not exactly on center-target every time with my 4″ barrel Glock 19. My chance for depression above is 14 out of 15. But he was very encouraging, insisting that for a newbie at that range for a pistol such as I have, my groupings were really very good because very consistent. All I have to do now is sharpen the mechanics a bit and stay practiced. Did I say he was also deployed in PsyOps?

I take this opportunity to remind the more timid readers that all Catholic priest-chaplains for the great Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police force must go through special FBI training, which includes being trained up in weaponry, particularly pistols. Just sayin’

We also talked quite a bit about shooting while running, something I never thought I would be able to do and which is part of the FBI course mentioned just above. But he said if I had the mechanics down for stationary shooting, the bit about running added no further difficulty, demonstrating just what kind of “run” it is when you’re running and shooting a pistol. Yes, of course, thought I, when I saw this. This is exactly what I’ve already seen with what I know of that FBI course. Great! Anyway, that was that.

He accompanied me to do some errands in town and then get some Chinese before heading back out to – dare I say it in view of recent posts? – “The Farm.” There we met up with the others and had the best homemade pizza ever. I got three big pieces to bring home with me. They’re for lunch and supper. Mmmmmm Mmmmm good!

There was lots of laughter all day long, but nothing compared to what happened when 189 million year old Grandma Clara-Gene joined us on speaker phone and had us all rolling on the floor laughing hysterically with her utterly dead-pan statements about her own proficiency with guns compared to all our ridiculous carry-on about useless target practice, because, you know, after all, if you see something that needs a-killin’ you just shoot it and that’s all there is to it. And actually, if she was in the military, she would be expert and an instructor. To hear this gentle grandma carry on was really a hoot and she very much enjoyed it all as well. It was just a really, really good day for all. But…

I was worried that this might be too much for our hero. It was. I got a call about 20 minutes after I left, when I was already just into the 30 mile dead zone for phones. I got the message only after midnight. He had had a seizure about 15 minutes after I was gone. I feel terribly guilty, but this morning he said that I had nothing to do with it. This is just what happens. He not only didn’t regret anything, he said that he thoroughly enjoyed every minute, having the best time ever, very happy with everything. They do plan to come again. And, of course, I could go and make my way up to where he is. I do have some errands I could do in Minnesota and South Dakota…

Update: They’re on their return trip. Pray for their safe travels: Hail Mary…




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Hillary: Lording it over, not serving

hillary clinton power.pngThis speaks of a lust for power, not of service to all.

Hillary scares me. She’s a pathological liar and a true sociopath. She apologizes to terrorists. She exclaims “What difference does it make?” when the best of our best are tortured and murdered overseas. She wants to undo especially the first and second amendments to the Constitution, which means no free exercise of religion (no following your conscience in the public square), and no means to defend ourselves. She wants to appoint anti-Constitution Supreme Court Justices. She wants to weaken the military to the even less than nothing to which Obama has brought it to. She wants to force people to pay for abortions, this being the worst of all. I foresee a great persecution of Catholics especially faithful priests under her regime. The FBI with the Department of Justice will simply become her henchmen. She will deal the death blow to the economy, confirm it really, and then chaos will ensue.

Personally, I have a terrible dislike for both of them, but not voting is voting for Hillary.

On immigration, well, look at it this way: if the other lowers taxes tremendously for a couple of years to kickstart the economy, bringing back manufacturing to these USA, there will be such a huge need for jobs that we will be begging the Latinos to stay. If Hillary destroys the economy and these USA crumble, vengeance will be taken on Latinos. What do you really want?

Note to the IRS: This is not a political post, is it? No, it’s not. I’m not endorsing anyone or asking much less telling anyone for whom to vote. I didn’t even mention the name of Hillary’s opponent (there are many).


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Nostalgia: VMFA 312 Checkerboarders

george-byers-jr-usmc-corsairI sometimes get nostalgic when I’m not feeling well. Yesterday, in the minutes it takes to get back from Graham County to Cherokee County, my right eye swelled shut for who knows what reason, although it looks like I was in a fight. If I had gone to the emergency room (I wouldn’t!) they might have been tempted to call the LEOs who would ask what really happened. I would just say, “I don’t know.”

Meanwhile, the face being what it was, I had a moment to be nostalgic and so looked up a phrase involving Pappy Boyington and my dad’s name just on a lark. Hah! Another picture of my dad perhaps in his early-twenties. A bit after this picture, he would end up in another USMC Fighter Attack squadron, the VMFA 312, the famed Checkerboarders, which was the squadron used to portray Pappy in the series Bah Bah Blacksheep, though my dad headed up the Checkerboarders and was later in command of one of the bases in Japan. Dad died back in 1993 with all the sacraments. So very important. I really have to wonder if he and Pappy ran into each other. Dad could put back some liquor at the time and be a bit boisterous and be a bit of a troublemaker, just like Pappy. Maybe they were too much like each other and so had to be in different squadrons as far apart in the Pacific as possible.


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Flores for the Immaculate Conception (retreat edition)


A Renaissance style statue of the Madonna and Baby Jesus to be seen at the Church of Saint Margaret of Scotland next to the retreat center.

As mentioned in Retreat: Getting permission from Mary to carry the very dead body of Jesus, the retreat went very well. But as I find out, not everyone reading that post thought the same way, as if the great advice I received was instead despicable! No!

You’ll remember the story I’ve recounted a 1000 times when my guardian angel smacked me down for wanting to have the same kind of reverence he has before God, for, after all, didn’t Jesus say that they see the face of God right now? Yes. But the reprimand was justified, as the kind of reverence any of us mere mortals are to have is not that of angel, but we are instead to go to the Father through with and in Jesus, something an angel simply cannot do. It’s good to get smacked down by one’s guardian angel. It’s their job. When it happens, say “Thank you” to them.

When I was smacked down on the retreat by a good and holy fellow priest who told me of my hubris (in the face of my weakness) that I must take back all the vows and offerings I’ve given to Jesus over the years, also for priests and bishops, I have only thanksgiving for what had me do. This is, after all, a family affair, and I should not bypass our Blessed Mother when making such offerings to Jesus. No one should. She can present them to Jesus, and that’s only right, since she also requested that we receive whatever grace we receive through Jesus. As I say, I did make the Monfort consecration uncountable times, but making particular offerings in this way is also to be done. Of course. Happy to do it this way with the good mother of Jesus and ours. Brilliant. Happy to get smacked down only to be lifted up by this good priest friend.

But then this “things are clicking into place” phase I’m going through brings home that love of God and love of neighbor are the same act of love just as the Head of the Body of Christ should not be decapitated from the members of the Body of Christ. And thus, my being indignant at the way priests can be treated, HERE and HERE and HERE. I am a bit more aware that the least I care about my fellow priests (and others) is the most I care about Jesus. Yikes!

In all this, how can one not give a flower to the Immaculate Conception? She’s the one who leads us to Jesus, to the entire Mystical Body of Christ. She teaches us how to love with purity of heart and agility of soul. She teaches us how to be good children of God.


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Assessment tool of porn for any priest for any or absolutely no reason at all

Reader-reaction has been rather interesting with the publishing of Canon Law Society of Amerika and zero due process for priests, along with Cardinal Dolan ensures priests have no due process before Church or State. I’m told that not even a mere accusation is necessary to require a priest to do a psycho-sexual battery of examinations at a long-term live-in “treatment center” since the whim of the bishop or whatever chancery rat is more than enough. This really has to stop. The porno bishops and their “treatment center” henchmen and enabling canon lawyers really have to be stopped, all of them, all laicized. Sure, give these bishops and priests due process, all in public, all the details, all their hatred for God and neighbor, all their hatred of self and their hatred of their fellow priests. All the details of who supported them in Rome will come out. Great! Let’s do it.

If some damned bishop or damned cleric or someone working in their stead tried to lay his or her hands on my privates to do their plethysmography thing as mentioned so many times in the John Jay report, and then showed me their disgusting pornography, well, they wouldn’t live to tell the story. That statement might well get me laicized for putting hypothetical pressure on the hierarchy (against canon law), but, hey, someone has to call them out on behalf of priests right around these United States and right around the world. I have no fear of going to any such treatment center, for I simply would not go. And I refuse to live in fear. I expect repercussions, even welcome them for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Being laicized for such illegitimate reasons brings me no fear. The priesthood is a sacrament which lasts forever. I would rather be laicized here and be a priest in heaven than to be a priest here on earth and be damned forever in hell. I look forward to eternity. Do you? Of course, the perp bishops and chancery rats who force priests into “treatment centers” would see my protestations as risible, for obviously they don’t see sexual sin and pornography as being in any way sinful. They are disgusting.

Here’s the way it is: The same abuse of power that can rape a kid is the same abuse of power which can shift the rapist right around, which is the same abuse of power that denies anything is wrong, which is the same abuse of power which will not grant due process to priests who may well be innocent, which is the same abuse of power which would take any priest for any or no reason and have them raped at “treatment centers,” which is the same abuse of power which has it that this kind of perverted “being tough on priests” is that for which they are to be congratulated by society: It’s all the same abuse of power seen with raping a kid. It really has to stop. Things are a 1000 times worse now than in 2002 for the reason that no one sees any of this in it’s context of abuse of power, and this purposed blindness starts the whole cycle again.

Oh, and if you think this really never happens, think again. This happens all too frequently. “Treatment centers” have to have a certain percentage of clientele to stay open, right? There are way too many bishops who do this to their priests. And if you think it’s not all that serious, that it’s just stupid to think it has to be stopped. People in the porn industry die off very quickly. They are so drugged up and so beaten down and so continuously raped that they simply die. What’s the average? I think about two weeks. But that’s not serious, right? Forced Unlawful Carnal Knowledge (the acronym used in criminal court by the Brits in the days of yore) is not good and holy. And yes. It has to be said. Maranatha! Return to us, Lord Jesus!

And if saying that is not enough, I shall add again that some will surely think that such posts as this are only geared to procure the false admiratio of the naive. No no. These actually are serious matters. Priests are getting crucified. I will stand in solidarity with them. What else can I do? They belong to Jesus, who will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire. Amen.


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Canon Law Society of Amerika and zero due process for priests


This is for Tuesday 11 October 2016 // 11:00 AM – Seminars on Day 2 of the convention of the Canon Law Society of America (CLSA).

This is not about convicted clerics, but those who are merely accused. Thus, any old accusation comes in and Father is instantaneously sent for a psycho-sexual battery of examinations lasting many weeks if not the usual six months. According to the John Jay report, this has also many times included the continuous rape of the priest by way of various methods of plethysmography, showing him porn of all sorts. That any of this is given legitimacy by even discussing it as that which is in some way a good thing to do all the while with zero due process for the priest, stripping him of all civil and ecclesiastical protections in the law, is diabolical and symptomatic of what is wrong with what Pope Francis calls the self-absorbed, self-referential church in which church leaders congratulate themselves in all of their Promethean Neo-Pelagian ways that oust also the innocent into the darkest of existential peripheries.

Perhaps Father Golden is going to speak against all this. But just to say: there is no “voluntary consent” or other niceties. The priests I know who have been brought to face such as nightmare are simply given an ultimatum from on high: Either you submit to this torture or you will be dismissed from the clerical state (laicized). In other words: Submit to the perverted sex-shows mandated by the bishops and Rome, or forget about being a priest any longer. It’s happened many times. Again, this is also for merely accused priests who could well be innocent. Nobody who could do anything about this gives a damn. I wonder what they will think when they face their judgment and their own damnation is in the offing.

There are those who are amazed that such things could happen or can be discussed. But I’ll ask them this: Are you amazed that the Divine Son of the Immaculate Conception was crucified and that you celebrated that death and resurrection this very day at Holy Mass? We’re talking about His priests getting crucified. Forget your “pious ears” and your being offended before such impolite topics. That Jesus was stripped and scourged and beaten and nailed to a tree isn’t a polite topic either. BUT YOURS ARE THE SINS THAT DID THIS. Instead of complaining to me, do something about helping priests to have due process. Stop the bishops from raping their priests at “treatment centers.”


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Cardinal Dolan ensures priests have no due process before Church or State

Apparently thinking himself to be patriotic, Cardinal Dolan hired Kenneth R. Feinberg (who ran the federal September 11 Victims Fund and took care of those suffering because of the Boston Marathon bombings and the Pulse Nightclub shootings in Orlando), to head up an independent group which is to judge what amount of compensation any accuser of any priest will be awarded. The case is merely handed to them and the Cardinal simply washes his hands of it all, having, then, no ability whatsoever to intervene.

Payments can be made on behalf of deceased “victims” of those merely accused of alleged misdeeds, who, by the way, may also be deceased. The cases can be decades old. The bishops condemn any waiving of any statute of limitations for non-Church-related cases in the criminal justice system since the passage of time makes it impossible for the accused to defend himself, but then the bishops hypocritically condemn any effort not to waive any statute of limitations when it comes to their own priests because they have forbidden themselves to treat priests as worthy of due process. In this way they make themselves heroes for being “tough on priests.”

“I wish I would have done this quite a while ago,” exclaimed Cardinal Dolan to The New York Times.

If you think hiring an anti-terrorist personality like Kenneth R. Feinberg is over the top, know that according to The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, all priests are terrorists and are guilty of anything for which they stand accused simply because of the fact that they were ordained; bishops are forbidden to treat priests as defendants, and are encouraged never to have attorneys involved for anyone.

Feinberg is, of course, under enormous pressure never to find any priest innocent as he could then kiss his patriotic legacy goodbye, becoming, in this way, the enemy of all. Nothing against Feinberg, but isn’t it true that someone in that position is at risk of being paid off by the likes of, say, a Soros?

Go ahead and watch that couple of minutes of Becket excommunicating an ecclesiastic who bows down to state judgments on clergy. Is there a Becket today, anywhere?


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Retreat: Getting permission from Mary to carry the very dead body of Jesus

Update: During the consecrations at Mass: permission granted. Of course, that means nothing if I don’t follow up with prayer…

===== Original post =====


Requesting permission from Mary to carry the very dead body of Jesus from the Cross, from her arms, to His sepulcher is not the fruit of the retreat with the Diocese of Charlotte which I might have wished to glean this past week, but only because I am so very weak, all talk and no reality.

A priest friend reprimanded yours truly during the retreat for such weakness, the same weakness by which all the Apostles ran away from Gethsemane, from Calvary. John returned. Would I? The Apostles had exclaimed their dedication to the Lord – “Let us also go to die with Him” (John 11:16) / “‘Even though I should have to die with you, I will not deny you;’ and they all spoke similarly.” (Mark 14:31 et al.) – but they could not possibly keep their vows.

Paraphrasing and adding my own reflections: “What hubris, what arrogance, all these vows of yours to the Lord,” protested my friend about a lifetime of my offerings to the Lord, vows I had made in good faith for my good and the good of the Church, vows which our Lord took seriously, much more so than I: “It’s for you, Jesus!” or “It’s for your priests, Jesus!” And so on. Despite my superficiality, Jesus showed me His own priesthood in action countless times with miracles of grace for so many, putting my little offerings to Him into action. Although rejoicing in our Lord’s priesthood all these years, seeing His ministry in my priesthood ever so very plainly, I was not at all as close to Him as I knew I must be. “Take all your offerings and vows back from Jesus,” commanded my friend, leaving me quite aghast, my heart trampled on the ground, he not allowing me to fool myself with complacency any longer.

But then, of course, he picked me up a second later, telling me to give my all to Jesus once again, but this time through Mary, she being our mother. It’s not that I hadn’t made the Monfort consecration to Jesus through Mary as a seminarian, memorizing the long form of that consecration and repeating it so very many times in my life, a thousand times it seems. It’s not that I hadn’t preached and given retreats on ‘To Jesus through Mary’ throughout my priesthood all around the world. It’s not that I couldn’t provide an ultra-academic Scripture based explanation of ‘To Jesus through Mary’ perhaps even much better than most anyone anywhere. It’s just that when it came to making my particular offerings and vows to Jesus, I had done so without much thought being given to Mary, much like, I dare say again, the Apostles before the passion and death of our Lord. And that’s a mistake, deadly.

The task set before me was to present my vows and offerings anew to Jesus, but this time through Mary. During adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament I had tried to do this with words, but I was not satisfied and I felt quite lost, cut off, useless, not that an act of the will in our Lord’s grace was not enough. I know that. But then an image, a picture, a depiction of what this might mean analogously came to mind, making this ever more personal, at least to my weakness. Effectively, such offerings and vows are meant to be, I think, in some tiny way similar to what the beloved disciple did when our Lord, ever so dead, tortured to death, had just been taken down from the cross and was in the arms of His mother. John needed to carry about the dead body of Jesus to His sepulcher. Would he not, say, put a hand on the shoulder of Jesus and then look to Mary for her permission to take Jesus from her arms? Yes. And he would wait for seemingly interminable heart wrenching seconds for her to glance up into his eyes and then giving a nod and perhaps a word of encouragement…

“Come, all you who pass by the way, look and see whether there is any suffering like my suffering” (Lamentations 1:12).

That moment of looking into her eyes would bespeak ten thousand offerings and vows to Jesus through her, “I promise to carry about the death of the Lord!” with this being reminiscent of 2 Corinthians 4:10, “always carrying about in the body the dying of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be manifested in our body.”

I say “would bespeak” since I am so unworthy and yet await her glance. But this is the fruit of the diocesan retreat thus far.

Thanks everyone, for your prayers.


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I’ll be on retreat from Sunday afternoon until Friday afternoon with the rest of the Diocesan priests of Charlotte.


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A friend’s Freemasonry: Dead Catholics

father miguel pro cristero

Disclaimer: I’m not a Freemason and don’t participate in their rituals, so, what do I know? There is plenty of literature by disaffected Freemasons. Go read that to find out all that which is ever so boring to me. Though if I had someone in the parish willing to take me through all the rituals, one by explaining the significance of all the little bits and pieces, I think that would be most instructive as to what the Freemasons are all about. Otherwise, that discussion is simply a distraction. I would rather talk about my own experiences, or about directives on the Catholic side of things so that we know what’s expected of Catholics regarding Freemasonry and why. I do know about my own experiences of course, and I happen to know quite a bit about recent directives from the Holy See about just what it is one is to do in the face of Catholics joining Freemasonry. Let me begin with what might become a series of articles by relating my first experience with a Freemason, and if a Freemason objects that no one speaks for Freemasonry, then neither does he.

I was twenty years old and over in Italy, seriously thinking about going into the seminary, already piling on the academics and getting introduced to the piety and philosophy and theology and liturgy and history and saints and spirituality of the Catholic Church, all new to me, really, since my parish back home was really quite pitiful in all these areas. A friend, if I can call him that, from Los Angeles and also over in Italy for studies, had just given up on his vocation to the priesthood altogether and was instead bragging that his father was really wonderful because he was a high-up Freemason, all the way up, actually. As he went on and on about life as a Freemason he became much more animated, filling himself with adrenaline, his eyes becoming as wide as saucers, and he began dancing about as a boxer might just before engaging in a first punch, but instead he was striking the air to punctuate his statements about his father and Freemasonry and what doors can be opened. The more filled with adrenaline one becomes, the less that which is reasonable can make up part of the picture. He was sweating and extremely nervous. He now quickly moved on to two points:

  • One of the things his father told him was that when one is high up in the Freemasons there is an expectation that one will kill a Catholic before one dies. Now, I don’t know if that be the truth or not and that’s not the purview of this account, but there was no reason for him to lie, especially in view of what he was about to do.
  • He then immediately told me to prepare to get my neck broken, you know, in the sense, of course, that one might “break” one’s knuckles by popping a bit of air in the joints. “Just let it happen,” he said. And then, totally wide-eyed and way overflowing with adrenaline he proceeded to just about break my neck by just about ripping it right off my shoulders, twisting it right around and forcing it with all his might when it stopped, dragging my whole body off balance and to the side. This was no simple chiropractic move nor was he a chiropractor. Little did he know that he was dealing with Mister-Super-Loose-Skeleton-Guy (that would be myself, another of my many genetic “defects” which saved me quite a number of times). My self-rotation range of motion for the head is only about 90 degrees in one direction, but with a bit of pressure this can be forced a bit more. And he did try to extend this beyond 110-115 degrees but couldn’t do it. I’m really very thick necked. But he was really very big, perhaps 6′ 4″ and 275 pounds and very strong indeed. At the time I was only about 170 pounds. When all was said and done, my C2 et al. really hurt (and still do now and again). I didn’t hear any popping, but I sure did hear, perhaps from the inside out, what sounded like fractures. When you tell someone a “If I tell you I’ll have to kill you” bit of information, you have to make sure to kill that person after you tell them whatever it is you’re bragging about. He failed I’m happy to say. I guess my stiff-necked muscles intervened. I also have a great guardian angel. [All guardian angels are great!]

I looked up this guy’s name on the internet and came up with a spitting image of him in Los Angeles where he wanted all his dreams to come true. He hasn’t changed a bit in 36 years. Amazing. If it’s him. But I really think it is. A spitting image, if I do say so. If it is him, the pictures, taken to be published widely – he’s famous now – indicate that he needs prayers. Such immorality. Such dishonor. Such disrespect for others. I don’t necessarily put that on the Masons. It is what it is in the history of his own life. I forgive him. I hope he comes around before he dies.

I know. I know. To those who say Freemasons don’t exist and that they were created by conspiracy theorists, blah, blah, blah, I say, count the number of Lodges in your neck of the woods.

Moreover: You have to know that what I say here doesn’t for a second stop me from listening to what Freemasons have to say to me, if anything. But more on that later. And just to say, what I do have to say was highly appreciated by someone as high up in Freemasonry as this fellow’s father. Bear with me, those on either side.


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Shimon Peres (Szymon Perski) 2 August 1923 – 28 September 2016. RIP, friend.

Oh my Lord, it’s time to pray
When a new sun shines, let’s make hay
So save my land from desert stay
Call the ocean’s salt to melt away
Call the ocean’s salt to melt away
And bless streams with love’s sway
Provide my foe and friend a bloodless day
Invite boys and girls for peace to pray,
Then send a ray of hope for a new way…
And bless streams with love’s sway
Provide my foe and friend a bloodless day
Invite boys and girls for peace to pray,
Then send a ray of hope for a new way…

The words were written by Shimon Peres (Szymon Perski; 2 August 1923 – 28 September 2016), who was the oldest living head of state in the world in 2014, when he retired. Bocelli sings this with Liel. It is Liel who wrote the music. They performed this for Shimon back on 27 September 2008.

shimon-peresShimon had an incredible military, diplomatic and political career, even receiving the Nobel Peace Prize with Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat back in 1994 for the Oslo Peace Accords. The Warrior for Peace…

I agree with the lyrics: Provide my foe and friend a bloodless day. Don’t you?

Since Shimon has now passed away, I think pretty much anyone who was anyone back in 1948 has passed away as well, and with them an incredible chapter for Israel.

A Ray of Hope = Salvation is from the Jews, Jesus, who is called Lumen gentium… The Light of the Nations and the Glory of God’s People, Israel.

And, just because I like making people think, this Catholic priest, who is Jewish, now has a vehicle which looks like this from the back:


I’m guessing this is why some “traditionalists” (note the scare quotes) hate me so much. No matter how much I’ve done to reestablish the Traditional Mass on three different continents (really a lot, mind you), they publicly claim I’m not even a priest. I forgive them, but I wonder what Jesus will say to them. HE was a Jew. Lots of scare quote traditionalists have conspiracy theories about Jews, and all Jews are lumped together just like in the camps. Did they have a conspiracy to be killed by Hitler? Is Iran a figment of the Imagination? Maybe I should start some conspiracy theories of my own and wonder if scare quote traditionalists are really secret ISIS sympathizers. Heh heh heh…

Anyway, Shimon! May you have a pleasant meeting with our fellow-Jew, Jesus, Divine Son of the Immaculate Conception and Prince of the Most Profound Peace. Amen.

– Father George David Byers, Missionary of Mercy


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National Anthem: Star Spangled Banner – Meaning of “hireling and slave” – Singing along with Whitney Houston!

O say can you see, by the dawn’s early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming,
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

On the shore dimly seen through the mists of the deep,
Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,
What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,
As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,
In full glory reflected now shines in the stream:
‘Tis the star-spangled banner, O long may it wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion,
A home and a country, should leave us no more?
Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave,
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

O thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
Between their loved homes and the war’s desolation.
Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the Heav’n rescued land
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: ‘In God is our trust.’
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!


The lyrics were written in 1814 by Francis Scott Key about the Battle of Baltimore fought against the Brits’ Royal Navy in 1812. The Brits just wouldn’t let it go, and had to engage again, and so lost again, almost thirty years after the end of the Revolutionary War. The Royal Navy would enlist mercenaries, the “hirelings” mentioned in the third verse, and enslave Prisoners of War to fight for them as well, the “slaves” mentioned in the third verse.

Why do I insist on this having nothing whatsoever even remotely to do with black African slaves when Key himself was a slave owner who lived long before the American Civil War? Because of the purpose of the song and what it is describing, that is, a particular night of battle in the harbor of Baltimore against the Royal Navy in which hirelings and slaves were employed in the battle by the Royal Navy, surely other Brits or POW American military.

Even if a tiny percentage of these hirelings and slaves happened to be black Africans, possibly most recently from the United States, the mentions of those hirelings and slaves wouldn’t refer to any previous status of slavery, but only to the slavery imposed by the Royal Navy on any POWs. To win this battle in Baltimore, there would be no interest in going to, say, Mississippi, and killing hirelings and slaves. Why? It’s ridiculous.


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When Padre Pio met Saint Michael. When Father Byers knew nothing at all.

elijah judas tree

Elijah with the flaming fiery sword on Mount Carmel, Israel.

You can read things dozens of times over the years and just not “get it” at all. That’s me. But this year when I read the following letter of Padre Pio, I was mesmerized. I now know a bit more just how much I absolutely don’t know anything about the spiritual life. I have written academically about that of which he speaks, the flaming sword. I am vindicated on that academic level at least, for I am alone across the millennia in what I have written. But on a spiritual level, well, I am thrust to the ground in deep humiliation, for I obviously know nothing of the spiritual life. But at least I know that I know nothing. These days, that’s something. And it’s way more than enough to ask for this great saint’s help. Apologies are given in advance for the inadequacy of [my comments] below. You can see from my Coat of Arms (thanks to Elizdelphi! No words on the banner yet) that I am grateful to have written about the sword of which Padre Pio speaks…


From the Letters of Saint Pius of Pietrelcina, priest (Epist. I, 1065; 1093-1095)

I will raise my voice and will not stop imploring him

“Out of obedience I am obliged to manifest to you what happened to me on the evening of the 5th of this month of August 1918 [Vigil of the Feast of the Transfiguration of Jesus] and all day on the 6th [Feast of the Transfiguration].


“I am quite unable to convey to you what occurred during this period of utter torment. While I was hearing the boys’ confessions on the evening of the 5th [making them saints!], I was suddenly terrorized by the sight of a celestial person [an angel, a cherub] who presented himself to my mind’s eye [So, not an apparition, but entirely spiritual. People think angels are all fluffy chiffon pastels and cutesy cutesy. Pio speaks of torment and terror, and this angel is from heaven!]. He had in his hand a sort of weapon [“weapon”] like a very long sharp-pointed steel blade which seemed to emit fire. [This is the sword mentioned in Genesis 3:24. It is the sword which “turns into its contrary by way of the fiery grace of enmity against Satan and by way of friendship with God whatever is presented to it.” This is the sword with which the Carmelites depict Elijah. This is the sword of Saint Michael. This is the sword of Saint Teresa of Avila…] At the very instant that I saw all this, I saw that person hurl the weapon into my soul with all his might. [Seeing that a cherub could crush the entire universe if given permission from the Most High, this is saying really a lot…] I cried out with difficulty and felt I was dying. I asked the boys to leave because I felt ill and no longer had the strength to continue. [What an understatement of all time. They must have been scared for him.] This agony lasted uninterruptedly until the morning of the 7th. I cannot tell you how much I suffered during this period of anguish. Even my entrails were torn and ruptured by the weapon, [“weapon”] and nothing was spared. [“nothing” – and here I try to hang on to this and that. And in doing that I am totally lacking in generosity. I’ve done nothing in my life. I’ve not laid down my life as so many have done. Pio is going through his purgatory all at once, 40 some hours for him. And what would I do, I who surely have a purgatory lasting until the end of the world?]


Elijah’s fiery sword on the Discalced Carmelite Coat of Arms

“From that day on I have been mortally wounded. [And this is no longer his wound, but that of humanity, with Pio now being in solidarity with Jesus on the Cross even as Jesus is in solidarity with us, loving us while we are yet sinners, drawing all to Himself as He is lifted up on the Cross. And we watch with Him…] I feel in the depths of my soul a wound that is always open and which causes me continual agony. What can I tell you in answer to your questions regarding my crucifixion? My God! What embarrassment and humiliation I suffer by being obliged to explain what you have done to this wretched creature! [For we do nothing to save ourselves. Jesus is our Savior. We come to realize this. We are nothing. He is all. He shows us what He has saved us from, and not just us, me, but we see how He has saved all of us as we gain some heightened perspective on the cross.]


“On the morning of the 20th of last month [two weeks later], in the choir [making the traditional thanksgiving prayers after Mass], after I had celebrated Mass I yielded to a drowsiness similar to a sweet sleep. All the internal and external senses and even the very faculties of my soul were immersed in indescribable stillness. Absolute silence surrounded and invaded me. I was suddenly filled with great peace and abandonment which effaced everything else and caused a lull in the turmoil. All this happened in a flash. While this was taking place I saw before me a mysterious person similar to the one I had seen on the evening of August 5th. [We entertain angels and even the Son of Man and do not know it. How much the angels reflect the Son of Man! And the fiery love of God, issuing from the throne of the Most High, from the Heart of Him who loves us so much, is just that fierce on that sword which transforms us utterly in God’s love.] The only difference was that his hands and feet and side were dripping blood. This sight terrified me and what I felt at that moment is indescribable. I thought I should die and really should have died if the Lord had not intervened and strengthened my heart which was about to burst out of my chest. [We are utterly weak. It is all Jesus.] The vision disappeared and I became aware that my hands, feet and side were dripping blood. Imagine the agony I experienced and continue to experience almost every day. [He speaks also and especially of his embarrassment, for he, as all of us from Adam until the last man is conceived, caused those wounds in our Lord. How is it that he, Pio, or any of us could share such wounds of love for all those Jesus has redeemed and wills to save?] The heart wound bleeds continually, especially from Thursday evening until Saturday.


Padre Pio reprimanding the Bishop about the Seal of Confession.

“Dear Father, I am dying of pain because of the wounds and the resulting embarrassment I feel deep in my soul. I am afraid I shall bleed to death if the Lord does not hear my heartfelt supplication to relieve me of this condition. Will Jesus, who is so good, grant me this grace? Will he at least free me from the embarrassment caused by these outward signs? [The embarrassment, mind you, is more than enough to end his life on this earth.] I will raise my voice and will not stop imploring him until in his mercy he takes away, not the wound or the pain, which is impossible since I wish to be inebriated with pain, but these outward signs which cause me such embarrassment and unbearable humiliation. The person of whom I spoke in a previous letter is none other than the one I mentioned having seen on August 5th. He continues his work incessantly, causing me extreme spiritual agony. There is a continual rumbling within me like the gushing of blood. [This Hebrew description of this sword in Genesis 3:24 (which I think I am the very first to translate pedantically, as it really is just that difficult), the sword which the angel is mashing around inside Pio is variously and wrongly translated as the twirling sword, the sword which moves about this way and that, etc., is, instead, “the sword which causes that which is presented to it to be transformed into its contrary.” Thus, we don’t take from the Tree of the Living Ones, though we can humbly receive its fruit (the Eucharist from the Cross).] My God! Your punishment is just and your judgment right, but grant me your mercy. Lord, with your Prophet I shall continue to repeat: O Lord, do not rebuke me in your anger; do not punish me in your rage! Dear Father, now that my whole interior state is known to you, do not refuse to send me a word of comfort in the midst of such severe and harsh suffering.” [If it were I who had to respond to him, knowing I know nothing, but despite that, I would say that in our very reception of mercy we must show mercy to the rest of the members of the Body of Christ, those whom Jesus has redeemed and wills to save. Our suffering is occasioned by the lack of others, lack of faith, etc., but it is not their cross we carry, but instead we come to know what we would be like if we ourselves were to be without the grace of our Lord in therefore our lack of faith, etc…. and our remaining in friendship by the grace of God in such horrific circumstances acts as an intercession for those who are truly without faith, etc. This is drawing all to Christ on the cross in solidarity with Jesus, who does this by His grace. He, the Head of the Body does this, but we are members of that Body and we are with Him. If we only knew! If we only knew! Now Pio had his eyes opened, his soul torn open, his hands and feet and heart torn open. But it’s all Jesus. Jesus’ love taking on our lack. Embarrassing to us? Yes. And we run away. Pio couldn’t run any more. The angel presented himself, and, fiercely raising his weapon of God’s love… I know nothing. Saint Pio: help this donkey-priest to come to know Jesus! Help all of us priests!]


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Boys gives out free hugs and donuts to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Dept.


Full story on FoxNewsInsider (sent in by a reader on the other side of the world).

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Padre Pio’s letter to Pope Paul VI on Humanae Vitae just before he died


Your Holiness:

Availing myself of Your Holiness’ meeting with the Capitular Fathers, I unite myself in spirit with my Brothers, and in a spirit of faith, love and obedience to the greatness of Him whom you represent on earth, offer my respectful homage to Your August Person, humbly kneeling at Your feet.

The Capuchin Order has always been among the first in their love, fidelity and reverence for the Holy See. I pray the Lord that its members remain ever thus, continuing their tradition of seriousness and religious asceticism evangelical poverty, faithful observance of the Rule and Constitutions, renewing themselves in vigorous living and deep interior spirit—always ready, at the least gesture from Your Holiness, to go forward at once to assist the Church in her needs.

I know that Your heart suffers much these days on account of the happenings in the Church: for peace in the world, for the great needs of its peoples; but above all, for the lack of obedience of some, even Catholics, to the lofty teachings which You, assisted by the Holy Spirit and in the name of God, have given us. I offer Your Holiness my daily prayers and sufferings, the insignificant but sincere offering of the least of your sons, asking the Lord to comfort you with His grace to continue along the direct yet often burdensome way—in defense of those eternal truths which can never change with the times.

In the name of my spiritual sons and of the “Praying Groups” I thank Your Holiness for the clear and decisive words You have spoken in the recent encyclical, “Humanae Vitae”, and I reaffirm my own faith and my unconditional obedience to Your inspired directives.

May God grant truth to triumph, and, may peace be given to His Church, tranquility to the people of the earth, and health and prosperity to Your Holiness, so that when these disturbing clouds pass over, the Reign of God may triumph in all hearts, through the Apostolic Works of the Supreme Shepherd of all Christians.

Prostrate at Your feet, I beg you to bless me, my Brothers in religion, my spiritual sons, the “Praying Groups”, all the sick—that we may faithfully fulfill the good works done in the Name of Jesus and under your protection.

Your Holiness’ most humble servant,

PADRE PIO, Capuchin

San Giovanni Rotondo, 12th September, 1968.

l’Osservatore Romano – Weekly Edition in English – 10 October 1968


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Padre Pio’s heart in Boston: Final Insult

padre-pio-heartThe relic of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina will be at the Cathedral in Boston today. Just my opinion, but this seems to me to be the final insult launched against this great saint.

  • You might know that Padre Pio was falsely accused for sexual abuse and exonerated of the same.
  • You might know that he was wrongfully smacked down by ecclesiastical superiors for years and denounced to many successive Popes.
  • You might know that all this was for the benefit of the self-hero worship of those who persecuted him: “We’re sophisticated and up-to-date!” they screeched, as if holding Padre Pio’s decapitated head high with one hand and their degrees in psychology held high in the other hand was proof that Padre Pio was bad and evil while they were good and holy.

The mirror image of what happened back in the day against Padre Pio has happened to Father Gordon MacRae (born and raised near Boston) in our own day (see: http://thesestonewalls.com/about/). The present leader of mocking accused priests with zero due process regardless of their guilt or, in fact, innocence, is, ironically, Cardinal O’Malley of Boston, another up-to-date OFM.cap. Take a look at the policies of The National Catholic Risk Retention Group and you’ll know what I mean. Boston is by far one of the main supporters of TNCRRG. All accusations are to be believed without question and paid a settlement immediately hopefully without lawyers with the accuser in complete charge of everything, even if, say, the “incident” is said to have occurred even before the priest was a priest, even before he was born. Yes, it’s happened. No one cares, that is, except for the ecclesiastical superior who revels in the good press he gets for “being tough on priests.”

Isn’t it just this very kind of self-absorbed, self-referential, Promethean, neo-Pelagian, self-hero worship that Pope Francis has declared himself to be against? Yes, that would be right. I stand with Pope Francis on this one. I stand with those who are falsely accused and wrongly convicted and smacked down with no due-process whatsoever. Isn’t that what Pope Francis wants, that is, to go out and cause a ruckus by heading out into the darkest of existential peripheries, to those who are condemned by the self-referential crowd who only want to be on the nice side of media hype? Yes, that is what Pope Francis wants. Since I’m the Roman Pontiff’s own Missionary of Mercy, I think I ought best not neglect stories like this.

Pointing out irony is, I think, O.K. After all, our Lord Himself is Irony Incarnate. On His cross, mercy and justice kiss. We had better be there in the midst of that embrace, or our Lord may well say to us at the judgment: “I do not know you.”

The mercy that so many falsely accused priests want is justice itself.

But this is the hopeful side of Padre Pio’s heart going to Boston. Whatever the motives of those who brought Padre Pio’s heart to Boston, know that this is a missionary journey of Padre Pio; he goes into the lion’s den. Just so you know, if you think I am rather severe with some ecclesiastics in this post, it is Father Gordon J MacRae himself who reminded me that we are to pray for Cardinal O’Malley, who was so loved by our Lord that he also was redeemed. Yes, that’s exactly right, and this was always the attitude of the great saint of Pietrelcina as well. It’s the attitude of Joseph in Egypt, who tells his brothers that their selling of him to the Ishmaelites was all within God’s providence. We do trust that we will see great fruits from the incarceration of Father Gordon, and we have already seen very many.

So, do, yes, go to the Cathedral in Boston just now and ask Padre Pio’s intercession not only for Father Gordon MacRae, but also for Cardinal O’Malley. It will do you good. But just remember a few things:

  • Padre Pio loved the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and was hated for that.
  • Padre Pio supported Humanae Vitae, and was hated for that.
  • Padre Pio was obedient to his superiors, and was hated for that.

The mercy that so many falsely accused priests want is justice itself, but in our Lord’s grace they can embrace the fact that our Lord will use the injustice for the sake of mercy.

Thanks, Padre Pio, for leading the way. Thanks so very, very much. We need you today!


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ISIS and “Patriotic Americans” popping the head off Mexicans like chickens


Recently FoxNews published an article about a trauma doctor who takes care of survivors of ISIS murders of children (HERE: warning: graphic). He said that for ISIS such murders, decapitations, burning, etc., are like the mere killing of a chicken for these monsters.

When I saw that headline, it instantly reminded me a young “patriotic American” who told me that he would like to be on the U.S. southern border patrol with a rifle so that he could “pop the heads of them Mexican trash just like the chickens back home.” I asked him what “pop the heads” meant. He said that his father would take him out back of the house next to their little farm pond and teach him how to shoot a rifle by having him shoot the heads off their chickens from a couple of hundred yards out. He said that it would make the heads of the chickens pop off their necks high into the air when he got a good hit.

As you might imagine, I gave him the lecture of his life, as really he should have known better than that. This was neither patriotic nor did it have anything to do with being American. He thought he was patriotic because he would also just as soon go and shoot the heads off Islamicist terrorists. He absolutely couldn’t see the difference between a migrant worker and an ISIS terrorist, which, in my opinion, made him just as bad as an ISIS terrorist.

And yet, when that little incident of the reprimand was discovered, it was I who was reprimanded, rather severely I might add, and by someone who really should know much better than that. Who do I think I am interfering with someone who is so full of enthusiasm since after all he’s just a kid (I think perhaps 18). And yes, this is another one of those strange posts, you know, for the record. I am such a troublemaker! I wonder what Pope Francis would think of my reprimand of that kid…


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Shawshanked in reverse 23 years later: Fr Gordon MacRae & Pornchai Moontri


Father Gordon MacRae, wrongfully convicted and wrongfully imprisoned 23 years ago, has published the front page article on SperoNews today: The Shawshank Redemption and Its Real-World Version. The guilty verdict based on zero evidence was announced at 10:00 AM 23 years ago today, the day of the release of the film The Shawshank Redemption. Today is the Feast of the great Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, OFM.cap., Patron of Father Gordon.

Here are some articles Father Gordon has published about Padre Pio on TheseStoneWalls:

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Brat Lies Matter, but we need school lessons on dealing with police


Brat Lies Matter in the USA because we have free speech. On that level it doesn’t matter if everything said is a lie, “It’s a book!” or some such lie aimed at inflaming violence, injury and death, though it does matter if the continuous lies directly incite violence, in which case people may well be going to prison, and rightly so.

Of course, to be perfectly correct about the matter: Error has no rights at all. But anyway:

Have you noticed that it’s not about black and white? The police officer is black and the police chief is black and protesters are both black and white. This is about anarchy and hatred of society, really about self-hatred. Now there’s a state of emergency and the National Guard has taken to the streets. A friend said that just outside of Charlotte, all day yesterday, the sky was filled with Black Hawks at the ready.

Anyway, I mean, here’s the deal: maybe the guy was mentally deficient or otherwise disabled, but he exited his car at a police stop and pulled a gun. At that point any claimed disability, whether a lie or the truth, doesn’t matter at all. People have a right to self-defense, and black police officers are people too. It’s all sad.

But let’s be clear: Brat Lies Matter hates black police officers because they are black. And now one civilian is at the edge of death and twenty some police officers are injured.

If I were head of schools in Charlotte I would require immediate and mandatory classes on how to interact with police, regardless of racial heritage:

  • At a traffic stop, pull fully off the road, turn any music off, do not unbuckle your seat belt, don’t rummage around in the center console, under your seat or in the glove compartment, roll down the window 50%, keep both hands on the wheel, be polite with the officer when he approaches your vehicle, follow his instructions no matter what.
  • If the officer says to exit the vehicle and get on the ground, and you’re parked over a mud puddle, you’re going to get wet. Get over it. Deal with any treatment issues later. Now is not the time to use threats and foul language. Don’t jerk away. Don’t argue. Just comply.
  • Don’t hit the police officer. Really.
  • Don’t pull a gun on the police officer. Really.
  • Don’t run into traffic.
  • Don’t ram the police cruiser.

As part of these school lessons, everyone will be required to be respectfully present and participate if possible…

  • In singing the National Anthem while saluting or with hand over one’s heart
  • In reciting the Pledge of Allegiance

If it’s a Catholic School, I would have the students take a knee in chapel and recite before the Most Blessed Sacrament the Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, that is, the full version, with no politically incorrect bits taken out.

Last night, the parish of Saint Thomas Aquinas, near ground zero of the Charlotte riots, had an all night session of adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament. And that’s exactly the right thing to do. Good for them. We’re not going to change anything for the better without Jesus, Divine Son of the Immaculate Conception.


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