Homily: Saint Matthew’s moment of saving irony, Chestertonian mirth

I’m so bad and evil, precisely the reason why I rejoice for Matthew becoming Saint Matthew. The irony is crushing, exhilarating, joyful, mirthful, utterly and only Christian…

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Sociopath tries killing the memory of Officer Paul Perrette

Police Officer Paul Perrette, age 49, was an eight year veteran of the Monroe NC Police Department. He added three more years as a Monroe High School Resource Officer. Tons of commendations from the PD and civic groups. The then-Police-Chief Bryan Gilliard said, “This is a heartbreaking loss for our department, the students at Monroe High School and our residents. Paul was a very well-respected and well-liked member of our department and community and we are all just devastated.” Monroe High School Principal Mike Harvey said, “We are all praying for the family as they try to come to grips with horrible loss. We are one family right now and we will work together to support one another and get through this.”

Obituary: “He attended meetings at Turning Point once a month speaking with victims and their children. Paul was a member of the Monroe Police Special Response Team, a member of the Monroe Police Field Force Unit, a member of the Blue Horsemen Motorcycle Club and he worked with the Police Explorer Program.” He’s survived by his wife Danielle, and his two children Cory and Nicolette.

Back in 2019 I put up a post on this blog about the roadside cross honoring the life of Officer Paul Perrette, including the pictures of that cross which are now brought into this post, as well as the paragraph after the picture below:

  • “I noticed this in the territory of the parish for the first time the other day up Junaluska Road East of Andrews. He didn’t make it on to the ODMP [Officer Down Memorial Page] as it seems his was not a LODD [Line of Duty Death]. He was not part of our Police Dept, serving elsewhere. He was on a motorcycle and this stretch of road is notoriously dangerous. I can think of a number of scenarios. Whatever way an officer dies we honor his life of service and mourn his passing. Thanks, Officer Perrette. RIP”

This is a sharp curve with multiple sharp curve arrow signs. Did he just misjudge the curves? Right now, a few years after the fact, in late 2020, I doubt that more than ever. Other things have just now come to light. I think he was blown off the road by some idiot who, with four wheels, could take the curve a bit tighter, and then while passing him on the double-yellow blind curve, crowded him off the road which Paul was hoping to negotiate without slamming his rear brakes and skidding off. I’ve noticed that kind of horror about to be done I don’t know how many times over the years in this mountainous parish. The guys with four wheels on their vehicles who do this kind of thing are such cowards, hiding behind their four wheels, actually bumping the motorcycles ahead of them. Idiots, surely all on day three of a meth “high”.

Yesterday, September 7, 2020, just before Mass, some church members told me that the cross was missing since this past Friday, so, September 4, 2020. So, it was probably taken down, cut down, torn out sometime on the night of Thursday, September 3, 2020. These church members noticed the missing cross, they said, as they always say a prayer for Paul and his family as they pass by on their way to church.

I raced to the location after Mass, and, wading through the poison oak, I despaired of finding the cross. Maybe we’ll find it when the vegetation is cut down to ground level as in the picture above. It might be on the river bank. Maybe they dragged it out and threw it in a vehicle. Maybe they cut it up in bits and pieces and threw it in the river. Here are a few more pictures taken September 7 at that particular location:

FTP. It’s used to persuade people to hate the police, to destroy the police, to kill the police. FTP means F*** THE POLICE. Imagine the heartbreak of his family what with his memorial cross torn down and FTP appearing in its place… My heart is broken in solidarity with them…

The FTP on the road itself is aimed, if you will, to the place on the river bank where the cross was standing. As for the one who just now destroyed the memorial cross of Officer Paul Perrette and painted FTP all over the road and on multiple road warning signs, well, I bet he’s the very one who ran him off the road a few years ago. Just my conjecture. But you can be sure of this – in building a profile of this guy – he really hates police, like he has an ax to grind, not against Paul, mind you, but against all police. And that my friends, sounds like a sociopath on the hunt for a victim, a victim for whom Paul is just now the symbol.

Here’s a picture which should tell you a little bit about him. Paul is the one in the dark uniform:

As a law enforcement chaplain in this area, I would like to do what I can to replace the roadside memorial cross of Officer Paul Perrette. I’ll see if I can get the proper permissions from the NC DOT today.

May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.


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Army worms? Tomatoes don’t care. I don’t either. Analogy.

There are responses, like wasps and such, but you have to like having wasps around. They never really bothered me, so I’m good with them. There have been only a few. I don’t mind them, even though they do a bit of damage to some of the tomatoes. I just cut out the bad parts and eat the rest:

After the rains the tomato plants have really been growing, putting out many more tomatoes and much bigger tomatoes altogether, faster than any infestation of army worms can go after them.

Analogy with the spiritual life: we might have tons of weaknesses and such, but the love of the Lord by which He draws into the grace of His friendship, can grow stronger in us so much faster than any weaknesses and such, allowing us – if we so choose – to stay super close to Jesus, in all humble thanksgiving, thanking Him, with joy, that he would take us out of this fallen and ever so aggressive world with all of its aggressive monsters, usually with just two legs, and on to heaven. Thank you Jesus.

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Thank you, Algerian friend

“Someone” put up Arabic subtitles to the entirety. Brilliant. But then YT took it down, and it remained down, for years. Now it’s back up. :-)

Lest we forget. There is an election coming up.

  • Do we want this kind of mayhem in the streets?

Oh, I forgot. We already do. Don’t think for a second that idiot bombers like this will not be found in America. We’ve had plenty of domestic terrorists (sorry if I don’t speak with legal language but rather colloquially and with truth. Well, I’m not sorry.)

We’ve had plenty of terrorists hiding out or training up right here in my small Appalachian town of Andrews, NC. Not only idiot bombers that it took the FBI years to investigate, but even the September 11 terrorist pilots trained up in our tiny little airport.

Plenty of people want to assassinate police and kill innocent people, looting, raping, committing arson, assault. It’s commonplace. And not only here.

  • “You’re exaggerating, Father Byers! You’re a conspiracy theorist. You should just shut your face. You deserve to have your face shut for you.”

Oh. I see.

There are people who have lived the American dream, or think they have, but have not. Some people have lived very sheltered lives, but have done well in life, enjoying themselves, never a problem, and after a lifetime they say to themselves that they’ve been living the American dream.

No. They have not. Not at all.

The American dream is dreamed by those who are not in the dream, but who make the dream happen, and know that it takes sacrifice to make it happen. Making the dream come true and in that way living the dream.

The sheltered lives crowd, truly the self-entitled crowd, who have no real idea of patriotism, no sense of service to others, no sense of respect for others, only concerned about themselves, don’t have any dream as they don’t want to change their circumstances in the least. And they let it all slip away, thinking that if they only double down on not striving for anything, it will all be good. They deny that there is mayhem.

Boston strong? America strong? Yes. But it’s only the non-narcissistic who will make it happen.

Here’s how bad it is: even if the self-entitled get hurt, have their businesses and homes burned down, they will only be angry with those who do something about it, thinking that doing something about it makes it worse. And then defending the innocent from unjust aggression becomes a crime.

It’s already happened, right?

The response of the self-entitled is to vote for killing innocent children by way of electing the most pro-abort ticket in the history of fallen humanity.

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Supporting LEOs & grieving LODDs political? Thin Blue Line Flags…

The flag above used to be all about respect for the THIN BLUE LINE, honoring those LEOs active or retired, those who have been wounded in whatever way on whatever level on our behalf, those who have given their lives in LODD (Line Of Duty Death).

But now this has been perverted into BLUE LIVES MATTER. Well, I agree that Blue Lives Matter just as ALL lives matter. Sure. But I don’t use “blue lives matter” anymore because that’s a cave, it seems to me, to the “No lives matter until black lives matter” crowd, who don’t want to ever admit that all lives matter because – of course – their lives matter like everyone else.

But the thin blue line, the grieving, is just fine. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the Marxist agendas of the Dems and their anarchist protectees.

There was SJW minister round about who’s been wearing a Marxist Black Lives Matter Covid-1984 mask. BLM is anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-religion, pro-racism, pro-alphabets of all kinds, anti-nuclear family, and they want to entirely destroy law enforcement. I don’t get it. Can someone explain this to me?


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Nicholas Sandmann’s great RNC speech, but the bishops…

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has already signed on fellow Kentuckian Nicholas Sandmann as a grassroots director for McConnell’s reelection bid. Great!

But there’s a down-side: Nicholoas has received death threats and says: “My parents are receiving death and professional threats because of the social media mob that has formed over this issue.”

During the January 18 March for Life when this happened at the Lincoln Memorial it is reported that Nicholas was under 18 years of age.

That a number of bishops very strongly and publicly rebuked Nicholas, thus inciting the death threats against a purported minor and his family is egregious. Any backtracking doesn’t count in the bishops own policies about child-protection. If Nicholas was under 18 at the time of their unjustly smashing him down publicly, endangering him and his family, it seems to me that such bishops need to resign.

Hey! Just my personal opinion. But if he or his family is injured or worse, I’m also thinking that those bishops need to be put in prison.

It’s also my personal opinion that these truly violent attacks may be wrought by one or the other bishop because Nicholas Sandmann is pro-life, actually went to the March for Life, and wanted to promote for reelection the most Catholic POTUS these USA has ever seen, as is the right of a Catholic layman to do.

The anti-life, anti-catholic bishops are getting increasingly frustrated as their “power” is slipping away with the likes of a young man of integrity and honesty.

Go get ’em, Nicholas! Know this, that there are Catholics aplenty who totally support you.


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“Don’t Let Them Ruin America”

I’ve been putting up some opinions. This 44 second conglomeration video of Dem lies about the destruction of American cities is one of those opinions. If I put it up it’s that I’m endorsing anyone – regardless of the last couple of seconds of that person’s video – rather I’m just challenging the Dems to come up with a video which expresses their opinion about the wanton destruction of America’s cities, their opinion about the rape, assault, murder, arson, looting, terrorism really. Oh, I forgot, the video above is all their voices, their opinions.

Sometimes when people are quoted from an audio recording, a video recording, they become furious at attacks on them, but, really, it’s just them saying their own thing. But they will about kill you for saying what they are saying: “Damn you, you damn priest! Stop quoting us saying what we’re saying!”

Um… uh… I think I’ll just hold on to all my first amendment God-given unalienable rights over against the violent Dems.

I would put this to the Dems – consider it a courtesy warning – If they keep up the encouragement of the violence and murder and mayhem, they may well be held responsible for crimes against humanity just as the radio station in Rwanda was held guilty for inciting the genocide. It was that radio station that “gave the go ahead.” And that’s what the Dems are doing. They should all go to prison. Oh, I forgot, they won’t mind. They will have already met the vast majority who go to prison, that is, upon the draconian laws enacted against black men by both Biden and Harris. They’ll love it there.

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SKYFALL: Silva attacks M – government inquiry – Why LEOs?

Slightly a Brit thing here, but the analogy holds here in the USA with idiot Dems who defund police but charge tax payers for armed security for themselves.

Don’t think this won’t happen in Congress starting November 4, 2020.

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Homily: Exorcism and Satan’s fake “evangelization”

What any demon manifests is always directed by Satan, the father of lies and a murderer from the beginning. Even during an exorcism whatever Satan or his demonic minions have to say is meant as deception even if on the face of it the truth is to be had. Sometimes the method, the circumstances change everything so that the truth is perverted upside-down, inside-out, back-to-front, always what the dark prince of this world – as he is called – wants in his arrogance and writhing spiritual and intellectual frustration.

Before the crowds can react to the miracles and instruction of Jesus, the devil jumps in to start “evangelizing”. What a fright, unless we are with Jesus. In that case, we laugh, heartily. For the love of Jesus provided by Him, the Son of the Living God, cuts through the mind games of Satan such as this fake “evangelizing”.

But if we are not with Jesus – or just fake out even ourselves that we are with Jesus even though we are not keeping His commandments and not respecting our neighbor – well then, we will fall into the trap of the false “evangelizing” of Satan.

But perhaps we are afraid to really hear what the Gospel has to say. I know that I have been afraid for a very long time in that the Gospels of recent have been opened up to me. Not that I’m “special” mind you. I’m trying to confess here that I’ve been belligerent in not listening to the Holy Spirit for so very long. Saint Peter says this:

  • “Know this first of all, that there is no prophecy of scripture that is a matter of personal interpretation, for no prophecy ever came through human will, but rather men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke under the influence of God. (2 Peter 1:20-21).”

I rant a bit against some of fellow Scripture scholars and their methods of interpretation manifesting their adherence to dialectical materialism, to marxism. Forgive me this. I get into the Good News of the Kingdom of Heaven pretty quickly.

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No Catholic can vote for Joe Biden: Pro-life priests explain

Now, there’s an opinion. Am I still within the guidelines of the USCCB? If anyone thinks I’m being one-sided, not following the rules, and would like to see the other side of this, namely, that “Only real Catholics vote for Joe Biden”, then – Hey! – make another video of the same length and I’ll put it up here. No, really! But, here’s the deal, it has to be a Catholic priest or, say, deacon, whether diocesan or, say, a Jesuit. No, really! Be creative! Tell us how the most pro-abortion maniac, the most anti-free-exercise-of-religion candidate, Joe Biden, anti-Catholic on… really… everything… tell us how he is better than the most pro-life candidate this country has ever seen, Donald Trump, who is also the most pro-free-exercise-of-religion we have ever seen. So, this is a debate. I think that’s allowed by the first amendment without prejudice. Right? Right? 


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Pilots during Sept 11 2001 attack, lest we forget

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Masses for Priests?!?!

A guy I know has started a project of getting specific priests to say Masses for specific priests, both of them living.

He’s had me say three Masses for another priest who, in turn, is offering three Masses for yours truly at the request of the same guy.

In other words, you’ll have to do the groundwork for this, going to two different parishes. Perhaps you can start by doing this with two priests you know, say, your pastor and the pastor of a neighboring parish.

This is something the Mother of all priests, Jesus’ good Mom, would appreciate very much.

Of course, when I die and I’m in purgatory until the end of the world, I would be very happy to have Masses said for me, even if I could not anymore offer Masses for those saying Mass for me.


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Homily: Jesus baits people in Nazareth Synagogue. Tsk tsk: Not a Man of Consensus!

Pretty much since my first Confession, my first Holy Communion, my Confirmation, I’ve been baiting the authorities that be about all that which is good and holy, not because I’m good and holy, but precisely because I’m not and I wanted, in all my cynicism, to see if anyone would stand up for that which was and He who is truly Good and Holy. Some disappointments were to be had as we are all so very week. But as I was ordained to the diaconate and to the priesthood my baiting intensified as a teaching tool, that by which the uninstructable might me shaken up enough that they might at least question the heretical positions that had taken up to rationalize whatever horror was purposely going on their lives.

It got to the point very quickly as a priest – under the thumb of whatever more seasoned pastor – that I had to be reprimanded as being too brash, too challenging, to much respecting of the moral capacity that we all have especially if we but assent to the grace of God.

  • “People are just too weak. Let them do whatever the hell they want to do, because we don’t want to offend them as they give us money.”

Walking into the door of the rectory of a parish in my first summer as a deacon, I was told what’s in the quote above, except replace money with new cars once a year. Seriously, before I was even greeted. I just continued my usual explication of the Living Truth of the Son of the Living God with all humor and charity and mercy, but the Living Truth was not watered down one bit.

Thus we come down to today, to my take on the Gospel of Jesus baiting people in His own hometown synagogue of Nazareth. Hah! Have I gone off the deep end in seeing Jesus’ actions as a vindication of a lifetime?

At the same time, know this, that people will forgive my own terrible idiocies if they see I’m actually trying to say something in sincerity about Jesus however much I otherwise get in the way, however much because of my own inadequacies I would otherwise obscure the Living Truth of Jesus. At least that. Jesus makes it happen for the good of His little flock.

But I still feel vindicated in not being “a man of consensus.” That title was put to us as the ultimate goal for which to strive, but this did not mean unity of judgement in the unmanipulatable Living Truth who Jesus is. Rather, being “a man of consensus” was all about being soft and nothing, able to compromise with the world’s sin, with the world’s darkness, with the world’s lies and aggression. Just no. That’s not what we are called to do. We are called to be one with the Son of the Living God, Mary’s dearest Son.

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My LEO & DOT experience yesterday, post removed

Yesterday’s post about FTP (F*** THE POLICE) etc. was best removed as there are developments. Any Justice Department, FBI, SBI, DEA hacks who want to take a look at that post, be my guest. It’s not erased. It’s in “Draft mode” at the moment. There are people all y’all will want on your radar for any crazy foreseeable times to come. The perps are totally powder kegs with short fuses. All the pictures are still in that post, still in the archives of the blog. Go for it. Quite damning, really. It’s just that I didn’t know how damning those pictures were, and how they implicated certain people whose established names and locations come to mind now that a certain timeline of events were established. LOL. Truly: LOL.

Have I already been singled out by said perps? From all indications, absolutely. Whatever. I’m with the ICPC and I can’t stand idly by while assassination threats are made by idiots. Not just graffiti. There’s a lot I’m not saying. Just. Wow. Hah! LOL. Idiots are such totall idiots. But, it needs taking care of, badly, you know, because they ARE idiots.

After putting that post up I had trundled off to see some law enforcement, asking that I be allowed to take pressure off certain powers that be by my painting over some very specific threats. The only reason that wasn’t allowed was because, by law, paint cannot be left on the roadway, and the DOT would have to clean or replace the signs as only they know how to do. The DOT should charge the idiot haters the cost of cleaning, etc.

The fact of it is, the crime was basically solved in my meeting with the Sheriff and the DOT was called and put into action so very quickly that by the time I passed by the scene(s) of the crime on my way back to Andrews the DOT workers were already removing the graffiti. I thanked them for their quick work of it, and the response from these gentlemen was unforgettable:

  • “Thanks for that, sir. I mean we have other things to do. We don’t have time for this kind of crap. The guy who did this ought to be hanged.”

I laughed and thanked them again. The one guy was really upset, and is not the kind of guy you want upset with you. So… that would be an agreement. LOL! That made my day. Perfect. Hah!

But more than this, during that meeting up in Robbinsville, within just a few minutes the Sheriff had signed me on as another chaplain, signing all sorts of forms and such. They have a chaplain who is part time LEO as well with an incredibly awesome CV. But two is often better than one, at least for me as I hope to learn very much from him and the entire Sheriff’s Department. With me having signed my life away on those forms, we then talked a bit more about some some law enforcement matters. Mum’s the word on all that. Hah! What a great morning. What a great morning.

Moral of the story: Go ahead and do something. I’ve sometimes ranted about the seemingly useless “If you see something, say something” advice, but this time everything was put into action literally within seconds. That’s totally cool, restorative, really. Yay!

U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A.

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1st time garden: end of season evaluation

There’s but one remaining yellow caterpillar with black spikes (top center of middle leaf above), super destructive to the leaves of the yellow squarrrsh and the spaghetti squarrsh and the cucumbers, but there are still a zillion “lady” bugs, gathering on the last leaves, even more destructive than the caterpillars. Worse than the beasts was the white mildew. It’s like white paint sprayed over everything. It’s soooo humid here all the time. Grrrr….

The squarrrsh were pulled up a couple of weeks back, and I’ve now pulled up the cucumbers (having harvested the last offerings). All the spaghetti squarrrsh were harvested. Six of the ten were good, four having bit the dust to worms that turned them to mush.

The bucket of Sevin purchased in the Spring of the year was never used as the directions say to never use it when there are still flowers on the plants as it will kill all the bees everywhere. Well, well. This is my first time gardening and now I find out that squarrrsh of any kind and cucumbers flower throughout the season, as do the tomatoes, so Sevin can never be used. If I’m wrong on that, please let me know!

The tomatoes were also somewhat plagued by the “lady” bugs and yellow caterpillars, which are now pretty much gone as their main prey was the nearby squarrrsh and cucumbers. However, the tomatoes are now visited by horrible black caterpillars, which munch holes deep into the tomatoes even while they stay on the outside. Grrr….

Having said that, the tomato plants are doing well (the in-ground ones better than the 5 gallon bucket ones). A couple of the plants are over ten feet high, vigorous as ever, lots of tomatoes.

Some have dozens of tomatoes, even after dozens were already havested:

The real tomato plague consists of tiny little what-looks-to-be red aphids. Wherever they are (everywhere) the leaves turn spotty and then yellow and then die. Grrr…

But the tomatoes are growing so fast this late in the season (lots of gentle rain) that they have kept just a step or two in front of these pests and have been putting out an abundance of tomatoes.

Are tomatoes fruits or vegetables? That’s not for a first-time gardener to know, but let it be known that vine-ripened tomatoes are really very tasty. Tomatoes go with just about anything.

My first time gardening (starting up during the most severe lockdowns of Covid-1984), was a welcome way to get outside in God’s good creation, a most wonderful way to get some exercise, the perfect distraction from that which necessitates some distraction (lots of drugs and violence in the neighborhood). Clearing the mind and heart of some of the hell of this world by walking with the Lord in His good creation is exhilarating.

But what about the “lady” bugs and caterpillars and worms and mildew you ask? When I mumble a “Grrr…” it’s much more in the sense of a challenge than in the sense of disappointment or frustration. I’m immediately thinking: What can I do next year to improve? I can’t wait to try!

In summary: gardening is good for the soul.

Oh, I almost forgot: here’s a picture of the asparagus patch in honor of my mom, who was a wonderful gardener and had a veritable forest of asparagus. Some green-thumb parishioners planted this forest for me a few years ago, using store bought roots. They’re fantastic growers. Of course, it’s been quite some time to let them go to seed, so they are now up four and five and seven feet. They will grow taller:

Out front, the lettuce boxes had their last harvesting, many months after they should have been done. The lettuce had no pests at all.

The wild wildflowers in buckets on the steps need to be put down on the ground and off to the side as they are growing a bit too tall. They are getting ready to explode into flowers once again.


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Bill Barr Boasting Bagpipes: bringing swagger back to the DOJ


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How dare I preach about Mary’s Son Jesus?!

I had better get it right, because, if not, I’m liable to be scolded by Jesus’ good mom, the Immaculate Conception. She wants her priest-sons to speak rightly about her Divine Son, Christ Jesus, Christ our God, The Priest.

This family obligation, if you will, hit me quite strongly this past week. Because of renovations in the church, just painting and such at the moment, the statue of Our Lady of Fatima had to come down temporarily, so, she’s been standing right next to the priest’s chair in the sanctuary, off to the side.

I get distracted by noticing her fierce and, if I may, snarky eyes, as if encouraging me to speak more fiercely in an every more snarky manner. Since that’s the direction I’ve been heading over a lifetime, but more markedly in these past number of months, this is perhaps wishful thinking on my part, you know, the old “I’m blame Jesus’ good mom for any fierceness and snarkiness in my preaching.

I mean, here’s my view up close of those ever so fierce and snarky eyes:

Yes, she is happy to be our good mother as well, but what I see in those eyes is someone who has seen it all, and wants that the truth in all charity be preached to the little flock of Jesus her dear Son.

I have to recall when, at just 16 years old, as a Fatima Cadet of the Fatima Family Apostolate of Father Robert J Fox, I was able to help carry the statue of Mary on the vigil of the apparition of July 13, so, for the candlelight procession in Fatima the night of July 12, 1976.

These are the things I carry in my heart, into my preaching, to this day.

To be clear: what I carry in my soul is the grace of the good confessions of a life-time (at the time) in Fatima. Mary, you have to know, leads us to her Son. That she has interceded through the years that I might be able to preach about her dear Son is about enough to bring me to tears of thankfulness. Non sum dignus. Poor Father Fox, who had to hear my confession of a life-time (at the time!). His goodness and kindness and faithfulness have always been a good example to me to strive to follow.

It’s good to have a good confessor to whom to confess to Almighty God.

Go to Confession!


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Homily: Holy Spirit’s Joy vs self-entitled dark despair

Examples from the fake “joy” of terrorism, alternative “life-styles”, self-entitled narcissism, and so on, all in contrast to just when the true joy of the Holy Spirit is established by Almighty God in the souls of His little flock.

To anyone who might recognize himself in the alternative “life-styles” example: no apologies for my comments here. And certainly no apologies to the at-one-time largest monastery in North America (with, I think, some 412 professed monks), which was one of many home parishes for me when I was very many decades younger than I am now.

Oh, yes: Thanks go to the airport transport driver, really cool guy.


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Thank you Jesus.

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Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (situational awareness, ed.)

Now that’s a situational awareness beast! He’s saying: “Hey! There are some flowers for the Immaculate Conception! Let me rush to see them closer up!”

But then there’s another kind of situational awareness, spiritual, about the Corpus Christi Mysticum, as Pius XII called it, the Mystical Body of Christ, what Saint Paul simply calls the Body of Christ, with Jesus as the Head of the Body and we the members of the body.

If we go about all self-entitled with… self-entitlement… entirely unaware of the Body of Christ, whether Jesus or we the members of the Body, we’re not spiritually situationally aware. If we love Jesus, then we keep the commandments, learning necessarily to depend not on a strength we don’t ourselves have, but on Jesus’ strength which He will draw us into, His love, His truth.

We will walk in sanctifying grace, humbly thankful to Him who saves us from being the minions of self-entitled Satan. Being in His life, His grace, we see more clearly, in contrast, just how far Jesus had to reach to get us in this sorry world, just how far we were from God, how wrapped up we were with ourselves, entitled, we thought, to do so. But we stay with Jesus, looking to Him, praising Him.

We learn how to carry our own cross of weakness better in looking to Jesus, following Him. Seeing the darkness more acutely in the light of Christ, our very lives become an act of intercession for the the other members of the Body of Christ. We begin to recognize that love of God is an act which in itself is also love of neighbor. We do not decapitate Jesus, saying we love Him while we discard the rest of the Body of Christ. It’s one act of love, for Head and members, the one Body of Christ. Only He is divine. Only He is God. But we are drawn up to be one with God. In that we desire that all get to know the Head of the Body as they are called to do. One act of love.

It is in this way that we are spiritually situationally aware. Our lives become – to repeat this – acts of intercession for the whole Church.

This is NOT about weird extra-sensory perception. This is about having a vision of reality as it is, that is, a vision from the Cross, one with Jesus as He lifted up on the Cross, then, as He said, drawing all to Himself right across Calvary, right across all of hell broken out. This is not frightening for the one who is drawn into this love thanks alone to Christ Jesus. We witness His glory. We witness His love and truth.

And in this spiritual situational awareness one is brought up into the joy of the Holy Spirit, if but our very lives become a sacrifice, a life of friendship with God in a world that is aggressively set against God, a life of friendship with God while we are still subject to weakness, darkness, seeming distance from God. But as we stay with the Head of the Body by His strength, by His love, by His truth, this reaches out to others to bring them closer to Jesus than they are, whether very close or, for now, very far away.

And that’s all very much much a flower for the Immaculate Conception. There was no one more spiritually situationally aware than she was and is for all of us.

So, in my own lowly beastly way, as in the picture above, I exclaim: “Hey! Look! There’s a flower for the Immaculate Conception, another soul that must be on its way to heaven!”

Flowers… so… if you didn’t know… we’re always talking about the Rosary, with each Hail Mary being a flower for the good mom of Jesus.


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