Hating the Traditional Mass?

I don’t know where to begin. I just can’t even…


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Homily: Mary’s children vs Judas Bishops

If this homily were to be given anywhere else, in any other diocese, I would surely be forthwith cancelled, but this is the best diocese with the best bishop. I rejoice in that. I speak while I can. Circumstances can change over night. I cannot but speak from the heart about Jesus, and what, please God, I correctly perceive to be in His Sacred Heart, that is, honor for His dearest Immaculate Virgin Mother who stood perfectly in solidarity with Him in the midst of the wolves on Calvary. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, dearest Mother Mary.


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Father Byers for Mayor of Andrews: “goodness and kindness”

George Byers, Jr, my dad

Someone who will remain unnamed but who is very influential in the State of North Carolina and now these USA put up my name as candidate for Mayor of Andrews.

  • “But Father George! Father George! You’re a priest! You can’t do that!”

Meanwhile, the Pope and the Papal States and now the sovereign City State across the pond… But I’ll let that slide.

Let’s say that I would be cancelled as a “rigid” priest by the Power-Cardinals stateside and in the Holy See, so that it would then be possible for me to go into politics. Not that I would make a living of that here, but as a sideline and springboard…

Here’s the deal: I wouldn’t even have to campaign to win this small town election for mayor with that particular endorsement of that particularly influential person. If that were known, it would all take on a life of it’s own, especially if I were a cancelled Catholic priest – cancelled for not compromising with Christ Jesus – here in this heavily Baptist area.

But, it is to laugh, and enough to send me down memory lane. My dad was mayor of a town fully 27 times the size of Andrews, and my uncle was the Fire Chief. It’s an honor for me to be mentioned in this way, you know, in honor of my dad and also my uncle. We’d all have a beer together over that and have lots of laughter.

His advice to me would be what he told me so very often in the last years of his life:

“Goodness and kindness, George, goodness and kindness.”

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Diagnosis: Covid, then Pneumonia: Mass schedule as I come back from the dead

The doctor did a very thorough type of antibody test, which had multiple indicators of being positive for Covid antibodies, meaning that it is very likely that I had it fairly recently, say, at the beginning of my six week saga. The first couple of weeks were Covid, not so bad, but when the viral pneumonia hit… BAM! so very tired and weak.

But the white blood cell count is back up to normal, and I do have heaps more energy, but the doctor said I still have to take it easy and concentrate on getting better, mainly RESTING! Yikes…

I’ll be doing all daily and weekend Masses, but not 5:30 AM Sunday morning at church for Adoration and Confessions before more Adoration and Confessions across the mountain at 8:00 AM, then two Masses and then Communion Calls until night. Just the Masses, and I’m spreading out the Communion Calls. So:

  • Vigil Mass 6:00 PM Saturday (Spanish) at Holy Redeemer in Andrews, preceded by Confessions.
  • 8:30 AM Sunday Mass at Prince of Peace in Robbinsville, preceded by Confessions.
  • 11:00 AM Sunday Mass at Holy Redeemer in Andrews, preceded by Confessions.


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All things work together for the one who loves God, even…

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wp-16259485408136363652715723445658.jpg

There are those who say that they will have a question for God if they make it to heaven, such as what’s the deal with wood-ticks and mosquitoes and wasps and hornets and yellow jackets. Myopic. And not recognizing the perfect ecosystems which we go about destroying. Mostly, it’s just not having a bit of humility, not wanting to open one’s eyes and be directed to the Creator by His Creation.

Meanwhile, this bit of stinging horror pictured above is just under the eves of the carport, just where I open the car door, so that when I stand up, all in black, these beasties think they are under attack, just inches away. I often feel them smashing into the “baseball” cap I wear. It’s their favorite spot no matter what I do, year after year. I’m allergic to such critters, a hereditary condition. Sorry, but I got out the ol’ wasp spray.

People say that Saint Francis wouldn’t like harming such innocent creatures, but that’s only because of the myths that have grown up around Saint Francis. No wimp, flowers in the hair hippie he, no, no, no. Go ahead, read the rule for his fledgling community that he wrote. Remember, he was deacon, and had courses in the law of the Church such as it was at the time. He is precise. He wants his friars in heaven. He wants them to be crucified to themselves and the world so as to live for Christ Jesus.

  • “But Father George, you’re talking about being crucified to yourself and to the world and you’re afraid of a little sting? Bwahahahahahahaha!”

I know. I know. But it’s just that a little sting could do me in right quick.

  • “But Father George, you used to have bee hives!”

Well, I never said I was always prudent in having no fear of anything. And these beasties are different than bees.

Our Lord says that we will have no questions when we enter, please God, into heaven. But I insist that I will have a question, but it will be merely rhetorical. When something bad happens to us here on earth, we tend to ask, perhaps with some bitterness: “Why is it always me?”

When we enter, please God, into heaven, it seems to me that we will be so thankful and so awestruck at the love and goodness and kindness of the Lord, that we will ask the same thing: “Why me, Lord? I am a useless servant who only did what he had to do.”

And you know what that is? Going to Confession. Oooo! That stung, didn’t it? ;-) But don’t be afraid of a little sting. The happiness of the grace of absolution, just so wonderful.

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Notes about the rectory garden…

There are now three spaghetti squarrrshes. You’ll notice that in the lower right squarrrsh there’s a little worm hole. Not to worry. I’ve found that the worms (protein!) generally don’t burrow further than the outside shell, and you can easily extract a small bit of the shell before microwaving[!]. This Spring – 2021 – I ate through the remainder of last years squarrrsh – Autumn of 2020 – that I had sitting on a shelf in the kitchen. They were perfectly fresh. Five minutes of microwaving, say, a quarter (lengthwise), made for perfect al dente spaghetti, as it were. Great!

The seeds for these spaghetti squarrrsh came from the ones I was eating the following Spring. While I was microwaving, I ran out and planted the seeds I had gouged out of the squarrrsh and watered them. And now there are so many more. God is good.

Meanwhile, I was complaining about there being no bees. Well, that’s changed. I saw about a dozen today. So, they’ve discovered the garden.

So impatient, I was also complaining about there being only a few October Bean pods. Now I count fully one hundred.

The tomatoes are putting out lots of fruits, the count – which I shouldn’t do (Remember when King David did that?) – the count is at about 60 having harvested about a dozen already.

Today was the last pickings of the asparagus patch. That needs to grow into a huge forest once again.

The lettuce all of a sudden took off…

Blah blah blah ? ? ?


The Lord God made us in such manner that as we go through unrepeatable minutiae dealing while with that which is utterly mundane, such as manure from Cooper the mini-horse next door, so as to fertilize any garden, or whatever it is, if we do any and all of that with the love of God, walking with, say, Saint Joseph and our Blessed Mother, with our Lord Jesus, with our angels guardian, with agility of soul, purity of heart, interceding, say, for the whole of the Mystical Body of Christ, so that heart and soul is opened up in love for the whole of mankind especially in midst of the sorry state that we are in, well, these unrepeatable minutiae become an occasion to come away for a little while with the Lord, but at the same time already at the ready to assist those who call upon us.


I’ve been doing this all on my own. But when I was at one of the ordinations recently I was at table afterward with a gentleman who asked about gardening. I explained what I was doing and he asked if he knew what was happening in and Charlotte. Um… No… He was more amazed. He said that there is a grass roots movement (grass is the wrong word) of Catholics, particularly home-schoolers, to have big gardens, starting small, but say, enough when you got good at it to have provisions, say, for a year. He said that there is a prudent “prepper” side to this, but the main motivation – as it should be for everything in our lives – is to let the gardening speak to you about God. This isn’t at all a hippie thing. Rather, it is ferociously about Romans Chapter One, wherein Saint Paul says that the whole of creation speaks to us about the Creator. This takes a certain humility. And this leads to a kind of epiphany that God is good and kind in every way, and that He is with us even in all the unrepeatable maneuverings of manure from Cooper the mini-horse.

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Flowers from the Immaculate Conception (texted despite DNC, edition)

Texted to me specifically to put up on the blog as a Flower for the Immaculate Conception, even though the DNC is hysterically – “beyond even what Putin would do” – wanting to politically, as the government no longer for, of and by the people, wanting to censor text messages, that is, phone to phone, whatever about SnotBook, Twatter and Pacham-Amazon. Phone to phone. How did they not stop a Flower for the Immaculate Conception? Do they not know that Consecration to her Immaculate Heart will militate against the errors of Communism now spread throughout the world. She, the dearest Virgin Mother of Jesus, will bring souls from self-entitlement and only-a-cog-in-a-machine oppression to the joy of belonging to the Son of the Living God, Christ Jesus. But they let it through. Bwahahahahaha.

The one who texted me this Flower for the Immaculate Conception has been asking Mary Immaculate’s intercession for my recovery from pneumonia, and indeed, I started feeling better. This is a thanksgiving. And I thank all who said a prayer for me. You’re all very good and kind.

I had another seven hour saga with the doctor the other day. Much blood was drawn as this was also my yearly physical. He’ll call me later today or tomorrow with the results. But I feel better. Still a little tired, but much better. On that note, I started Keto yesterday, 13 July, 2021, at 231 pounds. I’d like to make it to 189, the same ideal weight my dad’s doctor gave him back in the 1980s. I got to 190 last time I did Keto in a serious way. I know how to do it now.

Meanwhile, I’ll be giving a series of lectures on the women of the New Testament, including our Blessed Mother, ending with an exposition of Genesis 2:4a–3:24. But I needed my health back as a gift from Mary so as to give all that a flower back to her. For now, this flower for you, dearest Mother.

None of that will be texted, so I guess it’s safe from DNC censorship. ;-)

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Fr James Altman “Buck Breaking” and a warning about sitting on the fence

The great David L. Gray. Superb. I love it. Yes, what is happening is that slitting the throat of Father Altman is meant to send a message to other priests who might be a little scared to preach boldly. They should just continue sitting on the fence.

Speaking of fences, a story comes to mind. Down in the Down Under, Australia, I was sent to a parish to fix the problems left by the previous priest, serious problems, problems which came about because he insisted on siting on the fence.

The wonderful church ladies cornered me just as I was driving into town to my new parish, they not knowing me and vice versa. They just had to tell me a story to make sure I wouldn’t be sitting on any fences. They said they had reprimanded the previous priest for sitting on the fence, and warned him about why that’s never a good idea these days. Why? he asked. Because, they said, fences these days are made with razor wire, you know, concertina.


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The Fatima Century – by Craig Turner

Craig provides an amazing tour of world history relative to the Fatima Century. This was slightly revised and republished by Father Gordon MacRae, and is now on his newly revised site: Beyond These Stone Walls.

How Our Lady of Fatima Saved a World in Crisis


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Our Lady of Fatima & Saint John Paul II – assassination attempt

fatima pope john paul assassination

When Mehmet Ali Ağca , Soviet puppet, pulled the trigger, our Lady of Fatima redirected the bullets. Saint John Paul II survived.

Where were you at the time?

I was a seminarian and was at the Shrine of our Lady of Fatima just outside of Rome, looking back at the City. The panorama is burned in my mind. This brings back many memories.

This was just five years after I had the privilege to be one of the Cadets of our Lady of Fatima who were chosen to help carry her statue for the main candlelight procession during the vigil of the July apparition, the night of 12 July, 1976, amidst a crowd of 2.1 to 2.2 million souls, when I was sixteen years old. My sister had introduced me to the scapular and rosary and the Blue Army when I was only six. She’s the one who paid for the trip when I was sixteen. I thank her for the great Catholic formation I received on this pilgrimage with Father Robert J Fox. Anyway, on that same trip with many other cadets, we went to Coimbra and met Sister Lucia. Years later I would return to Fatima in 2008 with all my fellow permanent chaplains of the Sanctuaries of Lourdes, France. Much was the same. Much had also changed.

The one who throughout the years kept me close to our Lady of Fatima was Pope Saint John Paul II. The nations rage, but Mary Immaculate’s Son is the Lord of History.

Do you remember where were you at the time of the attempt? Have you been to Fatima? Do you belong to the World Apostolate of Our Lady of Fatima (Blue Army)?


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African and American Proverbs: NOT ONE MORE PENNY to wolves in sheep’s clothing

This was sent to me by a priest friend from India. Fine. I get it. This is about good and holy priests being cancelled by their secularized faithless bishops. Ha ha.

The only way that could happen is that the priest is actually good and holy, wants his bishop to be good and holy, trusts the bishop to be a good shepherd, but regardless of the bishop, the priest will do what is good and holy. As we know, this is often what will get the priest ripped to shreds and spit out by his bishop.

Great! We need priests who are men and believers regardless. This is analogous of what happened to Jesus, the Lamb of God, who offered Himself as the Bread of Life to His own sheep, who are to bring the Most Blessed Sacrament into themselves, heart to Sacred Heart. The leaders of religion at the time had Him put to death.

Any priest who thinks that he is safe from any bishop ripping him to shreds and spitting him out – and making that happen by being politically correct with all that which is a rejection of doctrine and morality to be in good favor with his bishop, is already the wolf who is massacring his parishioners.

At this point, the sheep need to rise up. Someone, somewhere, at sometime in my lifetime, said a few words about all this. Memorable words. Words which can be acted upon. Yep.


In other words. The sheep should stop supporting the wolves who kill off the real shepherds so as to fleece the sheep all the more. Let’s see:

  • Catholic Campaign for Human Development, all about Marxism, promoting contraception, abortion, gay “marriage”, ever anti-Catholic, you know, just like the Demoncrats.
  • Catholic Relief Services, all about Marxism, promoting contraception, abortion, gay “marriage”, ever anti-Catholic, you know, just like the Demoncrats.
  • Need I continue, and name names, and particularities, all the hell of the wolves in sheep’s clothing? You know the drill.

Meanwhile, I thank everyone who has prayed for and contributed to, say, the war chest of Father James Altman, who will also help other cancelled priests.


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Van Thomas Barfoot (RIP)

From a forwarded email:

Remember the Guy who wouldn’t take the flag pole down on his Virginia property awhile back? You might remember the news story several months ago about a crotchety old man in Virginia who defied his local Homeowners ASSociation, and refused to take down the flag pole on His property along with the large American flag He flew on it.

Now we learn Who that old man was. On June 15, 1919, Van T. Barfoot was born in Edinburg, Texas. That probably didn’t make News back Then. But Twenty-five years later, on May 23, 1944, Near Carano, Italy, that same Van T. Barfoot, who had in 1940 enlisted in the U.S. Army, set out alone to Flank German machine gun positions from which gunfire was raining down on his fellow soldiers. His advance took him through a minefield but having done so, he proceeded to single-handedly take out three enemy machine gun positions, returning with 17 prisoners of war. And if that weren’t enough for a day’s work, he later took on and destroyed three German tanks sent to retake the machine gun positions.

That probably Didn’t make much news either, given the scope of the war, but it did earn Van T. Barfoot (who retired as a Colonel after also serving In Korea and Vietnam – a well deserved Congressional Medal of Honor.

What did make news was his Neighborhood Association’s quibble with how the 90-year-old veteran chose to fly the American flag outside his suburban Virginia home. Seems the HOA rules said it was OK to fly a flag on a house-mounted bracket, but, for decorum, items such as Van T. Barfoot’s 21-foot flagpole were “unsuitable”.

Van T. Barfoot Had been denied a permit for the pole, but erected it anyway and was facing court action unless he agreed to take it down. Then the HOA story made national TV, and the Neighborhood Association rethought its position and agreed to indulge this aging hero who dwelt among them.

“In the Time I have left”, he said to the Associated Press, “I plan to continue to fly the American flag without interference.” As Well he should. And if any of his neighbors had taken a notion to contest him further, they might have done well to read his Medal of Honor citation first. Seems it indicates Mr. Van T. Barfoot wasn’t particularly good at backing down.


My comment: I bet the ASSociation knew well about his Medal of Honor. Before anyone attacks any Medal of Honor recipient, they should go get a Medal of Honor themselves. Pfft. But ten thousand who are set on dishonoring the most honorable fade into insignificance before such greatness as we have with one Van T. Barfoot. And we have many such great Americans with us today. They are many.


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Bishop William Callahan’s Message to Parishioners at St James The Less 07.11.2021

In other words, the laity are to shut their damn faces in their support of Father Altman, who is presented as some sort of terrible, terrible criminal. This is so very ludicrous, but ever so sad.


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Update: Diagnosis: viral pneumonia. Mass schedule…

WE WILL HAVE HOLY MASS July 10 6:00pm Saturday at Holy Redeemer in Andrews.

WE WILL HAVE HOLY MASS July 11 8:30am Sunday at Prince of Peace in Robbinsville.

WE WILL HAVE HOLY MASS July 11 11:00am Sunday at Holy Redeemer in Andrews. Substitute priest. TLM.

No. I do not have Covid. They tested.

I’m back home for now.


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Fr Mark Goring backs Fr James Altman


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Dr Taylor Marshal opposes muzzling of Fr Altman

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Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Beehives and Seminaries, edition)

Thems is October beans. Unfortunately, so far, it seems that the flowers haven’t been much pollinated, so that the beans per flower ratio is only about 1/100. But if these mature, I’ll have a handful to attempt more next year.

The problem is that I’ve not seen even one honey bee. The pollinating is being done by, of all things, Tomato Wasps, you know, the ol’ Braconid wasp, since I had lots of tomato plants just at this spot last year. But what happened to the honey bees? I do see plenty of hives around WNC, but I don’t know if they are active anymore. I’ve never seen people tending to them, and they look to be relics of the past, before the catastrophe. Most honey bees were wiped out by a honey bee plague quite a few years ago, threatening agriculture.

Hey! An opportunity to do a service to the neighborhood! In a long distant previous life – many decades ago – I used to care for a half dozen hives with bees of the Italian variety.

There’re a zillion references to honey and bees in the Sacred Scriptures, and right throughout the history of the Church. I’m tempted to get one hive. This will take some research and planning and placement logistics.

  • MY QUESTION IS THIS: What’s the variety of bee that is the best for a tiny operation nowadays, after the catastrophe?

Regarding Flowers for the Immaculate Conception, there’re a lot of logistics going into any flowers, wild or domesticated, especially including honey bees…

Analogy: When giving souls as flowers to the Immaculate Conception there are logistics in the background that have to be taking place, as in priests who provide the sweetness of the Mannah from Heaven, sweet as honey, from the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Sacraments even and especially during times of idiocy such as the Covid-19 lockdowns. Any good wrought by any priests is actually through Mary’s intercession with her Divine Son, Christ Jesus. But there seems to be very few priests who are willing to be the worker bees.

So, we need bee hives, Seminaries, that don’t churn out compromised candidates, but rather young men who are well formed to be dedicated unto death to Christ Jesus, all the doctrine, all the morality, all goodness and kindness and fortitude and conviction and ability to lead, you know, without being given over to the disease of Modernism and all the catastrophic doctrinal and moral heresies of the day wiping out the bees, as it were, and because of that, eliminating the sweetness of the harvest of souls for our Lord.

Jesus commanded that we are to pray the Harvest Master to send out laborers to the harvest. So, we need to get the Rosary going, all those Hail Mary roses, flowers for the Immaculate Conception.

Here in Charlotte Diocese, we have a great Seminary with the best seminarians, best formators, best staff, best administration, best diocese. That’s taken many Rosaries. And we have to sustain them. Hail Mary…

  • Anyway, back to encouraging giving actual flowers to the Immaculate Conception, and the logistics for that: What’s the variety of bee that is the best for a tiny operation?


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John Henry Westen with Father Altman’s 1st reaction


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Fr Heilman defends Fr Altman

Fox News


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Fr Altman’s last statement


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