Homily 2018 02 21 Not seeing the love

No recording. Sorry. Just a quick point about this being an evil generation that seeks a sign. Seeking a sign is evil.

Look. God’s love is all around us for all to see. Do we see it? If we do, why do we seek a sign? Isn’t Jesus’ love a sign? Jesus healed people, exorcised demons, raised people from the dead, preached the good news in all truth and justice with no political correctness. Do we see the love? The love is the sign. Those who seek a sign see no love. They condemn themselves.

Jesus’ parable in Luke about the Lazarus in the bosom of Abraham and Dives in hell is similar to this. Abraham says to the deceitful ploy of Dives in hell: “No, if they do not accept Moses and the Prophets they will not accept the faith even if someone should rise from the dead. Now THAT is a description of self-absorbed and hate. Yep.

See the love. Look for it in the right place. Look on the instrument of torture and death, the Cross. Look for it in the arms of Mary. Do you see it yet? Love. The sign.



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4 responses to “Homily 2018 02 21 Not seeing the love

  1. Aussie Mum

    Looking for signs has increased as prominently displayed crucifixes have decreased. A crucifix reminds us just how much God loves us. Until recent years, the Sisters of Mercy who taught me wore a large rosary that hung from their belt. The likewise largish crucifix on the end of the rosary beads stood out for all to see. They don’t wear their rosary today but instead an empty cross on a chain around the neck. An empty cross does not speak to the heart.

  2. pelerin

    And why are Catholic churches being built today with plain crosses both outside and inside? Are the architects and those who commission the buildings ashamed of depicting Christ on the Cross? Are they wanting to copy the plain Cross in Protestant churches? Perhaps plain Crosses are cheaper and easier to sculpt? As Aussie Mum says ‘An empty cross does not speak to the heart.’

    • Father George David Byers

      I agree, yes. But, be careful where you are standing in this world. It is a tradition for Franciscans to have the Tau-Cross, empty except for the person who carries about the death of Jesus within them, as Saint Paul says, so that the glorious love of His risen life might shine through that person who should at least want to be crucified to the world to live for Jesus alone. Also, if you are in the cell of a Discalced Carmelite friar or nun, you will also see a plain cross for the same reason. Also, if you are in India, you will see this plain cross in the south all over, as this is called the Saint Thomas the Apostle cross, for he was there to evangelize about carrying the cross with Jesus. Apart from that, yes, it’s good to depict what happened to Jesus, as this is the greatest act of love ever, which redeems us and please God if we go along with this saves us.

  3. pelerin

    Thanks Father – I had no idea. They say we learn something every day!

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