Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (New phone surprising red edition)


Wow. Blood red. With detail. That‘s been quite impossible up to now, with anything red just becoming a blur. That opens up a whole new world of flowers for the Immaculate Conception. Good thing, that.

Mary foot of the cross

You have to know what it was like to take a pilgrimage to Jerusalem during the high holy days. The temple was there, and it was fully functioning. The sweetly nauseating smell of rivers of blood from the sacrifices would have been everywhere, all the time, inescapably. Mix that with the gritty smoke of the conflagrations sending up the sacrifices in flames, and one would be left ashen.

And then there’s the red which comes from The Sacrifice of the Son of the Living God laying down His life for us, the Innocent for the guilty. The Immaculate Conception knew all about it. A red flower for you, Mary.

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