Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (What will be already is, edition)


Having absolutely no idea what this is – maybe some kind of succulent, kind of? – it is still appropriate to give to the Immaculate Conception. Surely, it’ll be something awesome in its own right, right? After all, God doesn’t make rubbish. And that makes it awesome right now, and anticipation is all part of it, because you know everything is already there just ready to blossom out. What will be a man is already a man, says Saint Thomas Aquinas. Today is March 29. If you count the first day, Jesus is already in the womb of Mary five days from the Annunciation that she is to be the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God.

When you’re going to pray, do you say that maybe, you know, you’re not good enough at prayer. Being in the state of grace is already totally awesome, and we thank Jesus for that, for the indwelling of the Most Holy Trinity.

Remember what the Queen Mother of Heaven and Earth, Angels and Men, the Mother of God called herself at that grotto along the river in Lourdes, France? She referred to herself in her most humble state of all, when she had just been conceived. So tiny! Transformed in grace since the first moment of her conception, she was already perfectly doing the will of the Most High.

So, a “not-yet”-flower for Immaculate Mary? Sure. I think she might smile at that.


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2 responses to “Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (What will be already is, edition)

  1. janet123!

    um, no need to print, but: WOW! Thank you for “spelling it out” and yet saying exactly what needs to be said. (This would make a great promo for the movie UNPLANNED, which I hope everyone will be able to see.) and it also helps me along with Jesus’ 2nd great commandment in today’s gospel.

    • nancyv

      phooey, I was so excited to comment on this beautiful bud, that I left out a word “Thank you for NOT spelling it out” (and letting me let God figure it out in my heart). Also, I am going to have to change my secret password. ha!

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