Enculturation dialogue? Mocking condescending religio-anthropologists

An Australian hyphenated priest I know, he being a hyphenated as a priestanthropologist, traveled to South Dakota to do up some anthropology of coming-of-age ceremonies, perhaps some sort of enculturation attempt for the sacrament of Confirmation.

One of the Sioux guys brought him way out in a field where they came upon a half-rotted Bison carcass. The Sioux guy told the priest guy to cut open the carcass and remove the huge liver. This would involve widely separating the rib-cage, digging around the organs at full arm length, and letting the liver slide over oneself in all its stench. The priest was then told to slice a good chuck off of it, and eat it raw. He did. The Sioux guy almost died trying to hold in his laughter, finally admitting that they never did such a thing.

Look, no one likes condescending academic types pandering with all the sycophancy they can muster. It’s so disgusting. It’s so creepy. It’s so self-congratulatory. The priest guy was enculturating anything but himself.

For me, I would rather have the anointing and then Holy Communion…

Those of every tribe, tongue, people and nation will look upon Him whom we have all pierced on the Cross of our redemption and salvation. All people want Jesus’ love and truth and sacraments. Not bullied cleverness. The ones mocking condescending religio-anthropologists are the indigenous themselves. As is only right. There are lots of stories like this that I’ve run across. There’s no limit to condescension.

Summary: there’s nothing mysteriously credible about religio-anthropologists just because they are brave to dumb-down and even reject Christianity and Catholic truth, Catholic morality, Catholic liturgy. If there’s a condescending bully who needs to be called out, do it. And go ahead and use your imagination. Make them eat rotting liver. ;-)


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2 responses to “Enculturation dialogue? Mocking condescending religio-anthropologists

  1. Do you think there might be some enculturation/Socialization going on between tribe Catholic and tribe Dem-Lib-Secular in big city USA? Of course it wouldn’t involve plunging into a dead carcass to dine on raw fermented liver. They are Vegan.

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