Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Hidden with Christ in God, edition)


The garden out front of the church has grown up in wild serenity, hiding Mary who is already hidden with Christ in God, for all to see, but hidden nonetheless, as much as supernatural is unknown to the mere natural, even if all of creation proclaims with insistence and eloquence the Creator of all (see Romans 1).

All of this is hidden from the one who suppresses recognition of the Creator proclaimed by creation. The suppressors know nothing of being hidden with Christ in God. The suppressors turn into violent beasts (see Romans 1 at the end). But they also are redeemed even if not presently saved. We don’t know who will be saved. It is incumbent upon us to bring people to the wounds of Jesus.

“The wounds of Jesus.” Yes. Don’t ask a fallen away to just come to church. Ask them to come with you a bit early, because you want to go to Confession. They’ll see how happy you are in having gone. They’ll want to do the same. It might take many invites over the months. But it may well be that they’ll go to Confession and know that happiness too. And maybe even the first time. Don’t be afraid of being hidden with Christ in God. Just the same, others would love to lose that fear as well.

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  1. sanfelipe007

    Yes, yes, yes. That was beautiful. Teaching humility/contriteness/holiness by example.

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