UPDATE: “I’m here for killing Jews” Sean Patrick Nielson (Charlottesville)

A short time after I had put up the above video of Sean Patrick Nielson at Charlottesville, Virginia, I started getting hits to that post from a certain computer at a certain company on the southeast of Columbus, Ohio, like, all the time, day in and day out, a kind of mania. Looking for comments? Was it the perp himself? Was it a wannabe? Was it an offended party or someone who was simply using that post as PTSD fodder for prayer? Dunno.

A short time after that, the audio of the above video was scrambled on purpose. I thought that was really interesting. Because of that, I searched for an unscrambled version and found it in a longer video at the Washington Post.

Some years have passed. All of a sudden, there is quite a bit of interest in Sean Patrick Nielson again, particularly from a particular flight school. I thought that interesting enough to hunt down my original posts. To my surprise, the audio has been UN-scrambled in the first video. ;-) We’ll see how long that lasts. Interesting.

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