Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Seeing the hidden, edition)

This view of a gazillion flowers hides three perspectives from the back yard of the rectory:

  • What you can’t see is the dark side, but it is there and, quite guaranteed, anyone anywhere in that murky world involved in such obscurities are not witnessing the beauty that Jesus created for His good mom. They just don’t see it, at all. Nothing. In fact, such beauty makes them all the more miserable. You want to bring such minions of the dark side to the light…
  • What you can see is the peripheral beauty but only through the eyes of a fallen human nature, which, even united with sanctifying grace, is always at the ready to try to escape such beauty so as not to face the reality of the goodness of God, because, then, we would be pushed into change for the better, and the temptation is to escape. But, in the state of grace, we are able to invited to lift up heart and soul to the Most High. A great way to give assent to this is to give such flowers to the Immaculate Conception. Hast thou a vase at the ready?
  • What we have no idea about is the perspective of Jesus and His good mom. Jesus, as Creator, sees the analogy, obviously, of what is created with the Creator, that is, with it’s pristine purpose of love in truth. That’s all very wonderful, but in the lived experience on this earth of the human nature of the divine God-Man Person of Jesus, and of Jesus’ good mom, they noticed in a way that we cannot begin to see the contrast between the goodness of God and the fallen darkness of the world. This would be a suffering to endure for our sake. All the beauty and all the darkness all at once.

Thank you Jesus. Thank you Mary: flowers for you.

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One response to “Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Seeing the hidden, edition)

  1. Monica J Harris

    I like the third paragraph, especially the last lines.

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