Hanukkah: Night and Day Three

Investigative meditation on Jesus who is the Light of the Nations, the Lumen Gentium:

Get a concordance to the Scriptures and look up the word “glory” as related to God. Perhaps you have a good memory and can recall a few passages. I think you’ll find that the glory of God is the effect of God’s presence in human nature.

Because of the hypostatic union of the divine and human natures in the One Person of Christ Jesus, this glory is perfect in Him.

Saint Paul speaks of our participation in the glory of God. This is based on the Body of Christ, Christ the Head, we the members, the glory of God in us.

The participation we have now is structured by our bearing with the effects of original sin while we are in this world. We do live, please God, in sanctifying grace. If we could plainly see this, I think we would die for joy, quite glorious, so to speak.. but we don’t see this now. Saint Paul says that this same grace turns to glory in heaven. In other words, we being now in some way with this glory of God, but it will be entirely manifest in heaven.

Again, Hanukkah celebrates God’s assistance with the military victory bringing about, once again, the free exercise of religion as witnessed by the rededication of the Temple. Even more, Hanukkah celebrates God’s assistance with worthy liturgy in that Temple. Jesus is that Temple. Jesus is the Light.

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