CDF Rumors on blessing same-sex couples: solicitation and excommunication

So, rumors have it that the guy in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith at the Vatican who said that the Church can’t bless same-sex couples is being moved out of the CDF and is being demoted against his hierarchical rank.

And then it’s said that a certain militantly homosexualist ecclesiastic who has been promoting same-sex couples as being blessed by God, created by God, is taking his place and is on the fast track to becoming the prefect of the CDF.

If that’s true, I’m dead. I’ve spoken against that guy very strongly for years and years. I don’t take back anything I said. Is he thick as thieves with another guy who almost single-handedly created the abuse crisis the way it played out first in America and then around the world? Just a question.

That other guy personally told me that he has the goods on pretty much everyone in America, across the pond, and over in the Vatican. I wish he would come forward with what he’s got. Not that that would make any difference. It seems that right now the worst rot out of hell is a virtue. We live in dark times.

Pope Francis says that we’re not supposed to pay attention to rumors. But when things actually happen and Pope Francis himself defends same-sex civil unions, what is one to think? Just a question.

And, by the way, there is no such thing as a chaste same-sex civil union. The only reason the logistics are what they are is because of a disorder. To pander to that disorder is a sin against the virtue of chastity. For an ecclesiastic to promote sin (such as not calling it a sin) is called solicitation, at least when this is done in the Confessional: “Oh! Tsk! Tsk! That’s not a sin anymore!” That brings on an automatic excommunication.


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2 responses to “CDF Rumors on blessing same-sex couples: solicitation and excommunication

  1. Paul Maliborski

    We’re being infiltrated on all fronts. Take a proud stance for what’s right. We’ve amassed a great army for God. Jesus send do not die by the sword, he was referring to saving his life. When it comes time to defend Christianity we will take care of business and defend what’s right. The infiltration has been taking place since Vatican two. Unholy pope, China virus to create a psychological separation between local citizens, acceptance of a new norm that is not correct with the teachings of Jesus. A bishop who has protected and hidden homosexuals now at the head of kofc.
    Consider what Hitler did to the Jews. Started oppressing the in the early 30s and when that didn’t work he tried to eliminate them. A holy sect that stood by like deer in the headlights. Why, they said, no, this won’t happen. The same bs is going on right here in America, starts out with suppression of your rights and then controlling you through oppression.
    If the Supreme Court rules in favor of this osha
    mandate then we’re at the start of government being able to make their own laws without representation of the people. Next will be your second and fourth amendment.
    Is there a difference between North Korea and Australia. They are looking more and more alike. Australia is killing their own people who are protesting the governments handling of energy prices. Control by religion, economy, and eliminate social gatherings .

    It can and will happen here if we let it. My sword is ready. Vivat, Jesus

  2. sanfelipe007

    My weapon of choice is the Rosary.

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