Laudie-dog (2010-2022)

I’ve been spending lots of time with Laudie-dog the last couple of weeks, especially the last number of days. I’m sure there are those who think that pets are a waste of time for a priest.

But she’s been very sick. The last picture above was yesterday morning.

And then, some hours later…

I did everything I could to keep Laudie-dog going, to no avail. She was quite old in dog-years.

She adopted me as a puppy at the hermitage, skeletal thin, a bit mangey, and it seems whoever her owners were dumped her in the forest and shot with bird shot between the shoulder blades, surely to make her run away and never come back. Was it because she was the sweetest dog in the world?

After being nursed up to good health Laudie-dog saved me umpteen times from bears, coyotes, red wolves, a grey wolf, lynx, mountain lions, and, worst of all, a panther, twice. The last incident with the panther was a bit scary. That went on fully forty minutes.

Meanwhile, moving to civilization here in Andrews, she was shot with a hunting pellet on the side of her neck, then later, according to the Vet, again shot with another hunting pellet point-blank in the esophagus. On that latter occasion she was also poisoned, as was Shadow-dog. They were both dead sick for some days.

Meanwhile, Laudie-dog was a good friend, totally the outside dog, but when I would come home, totally the inside dog. She was the best at running a million miles an hour down steep forest ridges, but even better at catching up with some shut-eye inside. From what I’ve seen of how PTSD dogs work, she would have been the best ever.

Meanwhile, did not Charlene send her treats galore. It was the Milk Bone marrow nuggets that kept her going in these last days. Others stopped in personally to give Laudie-dog treats, and then leave the whole bag or container. If she was the sweetest dog, she was also the most spoiled dog.

It’s always good to have such as Laudie-dog ’round about. Did not Don Bosco have Grigio? And how about that dog who fed Saint Roch?

Meanwhile, Shadow-dog is a bit disoriented without someone to play with.


Meanwhile, I thank God for Laudie-dog…

As requested, Laudie-dog smiling, here just having woken up:



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25 responses to “Laudie-dog (2010-2022)

  1. Lioba

    I’m so sorry to hear this! You gave her a wonderful life, and she gave her best to you. Your readers all loved her.
    Could you please post a few more of your best photographs of her? I remember there’s one with her signature smile!

  2. James Anderson

    It is hard to lose a friend no matter the species.

  3. Lara Traylor

    Oh sweet pup! I’m sorry, Father. I know she is missed terribly by you and Shadow. What a gift our Lord gives us in these creatures.

  4. meshugunah

    Such a good dog! Very sorry for your loss, Fr. George. I’m certain Laudie Girl will be waiting for you when you get to Heaven…

  5. jane a brown

    having had many dogs and cats over the years and having to say good by to them because of disease or age is a painful time.our hearts are sad for you and shadow.God bless you and give you took such good care of her.i believe we will see our beloved pets in heaven also

  6. Claire Dion

    I am so sorry Fr Byers.. Pets are
    a big part of our lives. Pets are never a waste of time for anyone.

  7. Dianna

    I am so sorry. My pets have saved me over the years. They are truly God’s gift to us. I cannot imagine the soul of people who abuse animals. Surely they abuse people also. What a good life you gave her – in return, she gave you love and loyalty. God bless you Father…what a wonderful story of rescue and love. You are always in my prayers. Surely we will meet these beautiful souls again. Again, so sorry, yet happy for your years together.

  8. Tom Schott

    Sad to hear, but you gave her a good life. She was a good, loyal friend to you and Shadow.

  9. Father George David Byers

    From Father Gordon MacRae:

    Hello Fr. George,

    I am so very sad to hear about Laudie-dog. It is like losing a member of the family because that is exactly what she was. The story of your having saved her is very moving. It will be an adjustment for you and Shadow-dog, but you gave Laudie-dog a good life and you can be proud of that.

    With fraternal blessings,
    Father G

  10. Anne

    Laudie was a true friend. You shall meet again one fine day. Love the sweet pictures of your baby!

  11. pelerin

    I am so sorry to learn this. Although I have always preferred cats I followed the life of Laudie dog on your blog and gradually came to love her from afar. She actually changed my view of dogs over the years and I now have tears in eyes understanding your sadness.

  12. sanfelipe007

    So much has been said already, so I echo the others.

  13. Carroll Keen

    Sorry to hear Laudie-Dog has left you. Prayers for you and Shadow Dog.

  14. Joisy Goil

    So sorry to hear that Laudie-Dog has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I know your heart must be breaking now, but just imagine she is probably sitting at Our Lady’s feet wagging her tail in joy.
    She is also probably awaiting a joyful reunion with you and Shadow. Prayers for you and Shadow.

  15. Stephen Round

    Condolences-Hank Fritsy Katy Bowie Rommel Timmy Toby.Just some of the dogs
    I have loved and lost.Its real true gut wrenching grief.Especially at night.I got ashes here in rocks and pictures of some.You know when they are fading.I grow old so a lot of Dogs pass before me.I am sad

  16. Carmel

    Tears and prayers for you in your sorrow, Fr George. 😢 (I love the image Joisy’s words conjure up!) it’s so sad when our dear devoted pets leave us.

  17. Catherine

    Father George, thank you for this lovely tribute to a very special guardian, dog and best friend. Laudie-Dog was a God given gift to you. All of us who follow your life enjoyed the stories of his bravery and spunky character . He showed us what love and loyality is. Laudie-Dog wiggled his way into all our hearts and a few tears are shed over this sweet little guy . He will be missed but I know he will be thrilled in dog heaven. God bless you Father!


  18. So sorry to hear about Laudie-Dog. I’m so glad you had her for a while. She was a Very Good Dog.

  19. nancyv

    God’s Providence has arrived. Again, here’s a favored song that gave me comfort knowing how much you love God, who loves you, who loves your Laudie Dog…

  20. I am so sad for you. God bless Laudie Dog. I always was uplifted by reading about her adventures and seeing pictures of her smile. What a beautiful gift she was to you and to Shadow. Maybe she is playing right now with my dogs who have gone on – Rose, Angel, Zoe and Aengus ( Mr. Sweetboy). God bless you Father.

  21. 125gardener

    It is a comfort that you were able to be with Laudie-Dog then.

  22. elizdelphi

    I am so sorry for your loss, Father–a loss for all of us.

  23. sanfelipe007

    Such wonderful photos. They never fail to lift my spirits.

  24. Aussie Mum

    Father, I am so sorry you have lost her.

  25. I’m sorry to hear about Laudie-Dog. I know they don’t have the dignity of human beings, but I still cried my eyes out over every pet I ever had when the time came to give them back to God. Animals have so much to teach us in so many ways.

    The article below, “Of Grizzlies and the New Creation” may be some comfort.

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