Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (dead of winter, edition)

Dear Father George:

My wife Tina has been growing this now almost fully bloomed clivia plant since about Christmas. It has been beautiful to watch in the dead of winter, as it blossoms.

The only place in our house to capture the colors with the low winter sun, was by this statue of Mother in our front window.

God bless you. Michael

//////// Thanks, Michael. Nice to have a guest post. I’ve been and still am so sick like in the dead of winter.


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9 responses to “Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (dead of winter, edition)

  1. What an amazing Clivea picture – with that light on it, and right by Mary, that is so exquisite. Tomorrow is the feast day of St. Brigid which is celebrated in Ireland as the first day of Spring, from the old Celtic calendar. So only one more day of winter! (today). Happy spring, everyone!

  2. nancyv

    OK everyone, in thanksgiving for Tina’s greenthumb and for Father’s recovery in sadness and sickness, Hail Mary, full of grace…

  3. Joisy Goil

    Great idea nancyv!

    Let’s just add two more while we are at it.

    Our Blessed Mother promised that whoever would pray three Hail Mary’s every day would receive her help during life and her special assistance at the moment of death. There’s no problem she can’t help us with.

    Additionally, I believe she has a very special place in her heart for her consecrated sons.

  4. sanfelipe007

    I have a quick prayer request:

    My brother is in the hospital with covid and has been intubated. He has been visited by a Priest (Thanks be to God!) but is not doing so well. They have him sedated until his numbers get better. His name is Steve. Thanks, everyone – every prayer counts!

  5. sanfelipe007

    Thank you, Father! I am greatly comforted by that.

  6. Aussie Mum

    Sanfelipe007, sorry to hear of your brother’s intubation and will gladly pray for his full recovery.

  7. Joisy Goil

    Sanfelipe007, I just saw your request. I will place your brother Steve on my prayer list. (and you too)

  8. sanfelipe007

    Thank you, and thanks be to God for your prayers.

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