The druggie girl strikes again: fried

fried brains drugs

A while back I wrote about the lady who almost T-boned me as she raced out onto the road without looking, how she then drove to a known alleged drug house, all without a licence plate on her car. Well, just yesterday, she was parked on the road outside the rectory (about 20 yards away), straddled across both lanes, moving a few inches when she saw me coming, but then staying there as if defiantly. I had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting her. But, of course, I realize that she was totally wasted on drugs. She finally moved after a stare down inasmuch as that is possible: her vacuous blank stare really made me feel so sorry for her. I should have reported her but we don’t have a drug dog anymore in town and she would probably register no alcohol on a breathalyzer. I suppose our LEOs would easily see she was totally wasted, and could haul her in for a blood test after an easily made traffic stop, what with her being all over the road hardly knowing where she is. I really should call that kind of thing in…


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3 responses to “The druggie girl strikes again: fried

  1. Yes, before she causes a fatal accident or injures an innocent pedestrian. Remember what you say about being ‘nice.’

  2. elizdelphi

    I think if it happens again you should call for the sake of her well being so she may be moved to get help, and emphasize it’s the third time. If somebody hits her next time she is parked across the road she should hope the local Missionary of Mercy happens along soon to anoint her. Poor girl I prayed for her.
    is that a brain deep-frying in a pot? I couldn’t tell what it was supposed to be at first.

  3. sanfelipe007

    “She finally moved after a stare down inasmuch as that is possible:”
    Now that, right there, is funny! I am pretty sure the stare down existed unilaterally.

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