Double Rainbow


The above double rainbow was seen after Mass yesterday evening over the rectory (the house with the sunshine shining on it). The sunshine you see on the far side of the street leads up to the Veterans Memorial.

For a long time, Father Gordon MacRae is trying to get me to read Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six apparently on the exploits of a counterterrorism unit. The problem is that I’m the most un-well-read priest in the world. I read one other book by Tom, The Sum of All Fears, perhaps exactly twenty years ago, which is about the only novel I’ve ever read in my life. The problem is to actually order it.

Meanwhile, the time draws near for the centennial memorial of Joyce Kilmer here at his memorial forest at Slick Rock in the western reaches of Graham County in the Smoky Mountains. In my opinion, Joyce should have a star on the memorial wall of the CIA for his own activities which brought him to his death. The CIA and even its forerunner were not yet founded, but there’s a pretty direct line. Another reason why the CIA has been dubbed the Catholic Intelligence Agency. Joyce was a member of the famed Rainbow Division, actually The Fighting 69th.


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3 responses to “Double Rainbow

  1. sanfelipe007

    I’ve seen a double rainbow! It was unexpected and beautiful. I have also seen a lunar “rainbow.” Where it circles the moon in monochromatic bands. Freaky. That is how I would describe what I saw.

  2. God sends us rainbows 🙂

    I was gifted with this unexpected rainbow after attending an Easter Morning service that made me feel quite uncomfortable. I couldn’t wait to get out of the church after the service (without going into detail the service was inappropriate for an Easter service).

    Driving through the countryside after the service, I was given the gift of this beautiful image (excuse my imperfect photo of it):


    The gift was wonderful 🙂

  3. Monica Harris

    If you have an amazon account, we can send you whatever we think you should read 🙂

    Tom Clancy’s early books are pretty good, at least many veterans think so. Novels can be so very close to fact, and I am sure Father MacRae has good recommendations, librarian that he is.

    What a great double rainbow, and over the rectory and Vietnam Memorial road!

    Your beautiful Easter Rainbow as well, Cherry Pie.

    God keeps His Promises, and surprises us too, as Pope Francis has reminded.

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