Terrorism, from whatever source, is always to be unreservedly condemned

Multiple mosques were attacked today in New Zealand. Dozens killed. Dozens injured. This is pure evil.


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6 responses to “Terrorism, from whatever source, is always to be unreservedly condemned

  1. elizdelphi

    I hate this. Did they have to do this abominable evil in a place called “Christchurch”? I don’t imagine the shooters were probably believing Christians but I think Christians’ blood will be shed over this. The people who did this want evil for all of us. Like other terrorists they probably intend to create conflict and war.

  2. pelerin

    I am surprised that there is only one comment so far but perhaps it is because we are all too shocked to put our thoughts into words.

    The shooting has, quite rightly, been covered extensively both on the television and in the papers in Britain today unlike past shootings in various Christian churches which have gone almost unnoticed by the media here.

    • nancyv

      Dear pelerin, Believe me, Father George probably got more comments than he wanted on this one. I, for one, am grateful he did not post them all. He is watching out for our souls. (I made one in a thoughtless impulse) With all the swarf produced from the stupid politicos, most still fail to see that “Terrorism, from whatever source, is always to be unreservedly condemned.”

  3. This just reinforces that terrorists, as tools of the devil, will take any side to achieve their agenda. The devil is out to destroy all who believe in other than him.

    • I agree. The shooter is a political activist trying to promote division and war to effect change in the political/earthly game play.
      He (like all terrorists) is playing the Devil’s tune.

  4. sanfelipe007

    Other than offering prayers for the victims and families, we should all wait a few days (weeks?) and ignore the media frenzy and rushed reporting, especially the media’s featuring of those politicians who use the bodies of the victims to score political points or to further an agenda. Lord have mercy on us.

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