Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Are those teeth? edition)


These are merely pansies outside Holy Redeemer church here in Andrews. They are at the end of their season. They are the ones who tough it out all Winter long. You’d think they would need a substantial protein based diet. Well…

Technology with cameras has developed. I never noticed that pansies have what look to be teeth in the style of Venus Fly Traps. I’m sure you know what they can do:

Attack flowers for Jesus’ good mom! She can set them round about so as to keep all things in good order. Flies are good, just not in the kitchen. Frogs are good, just not in the kitchen. Well, unless you make frog-legs like French Fries. Mmm mmm!

I did have a Venus Fly Trap as a little kid. I did try to feed it little green “peeper” tree frogs that would cover the windows of our Minnesota home in the Spring at night. My eager wide-eyed wonder at the wonders of nature… I’m sure we all share that… and that’s how we should be all the time, in the best as in the worst conditions. The capacity for wonder at God’s good creation, which He created with such love (and that’s the point of everything)… and the desire to share that wonder for God’s love also in His creation… all that is just a glimmer of what Jesus’ good mom would have with her purity of heart and agility of soul… and enthusiastic wonder… A flower for you, Mary. Hail Mary…


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2 responses to “Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Are those teeth? edition)

  1. pelerin

    You have brought back memories! When the children were young I once bought them a Venus Fly Trap. One day I fed it a small piece of raw liver and I think it must have disagreed with it as it promptly expired!
    I am sure you are right about the design of the interior of the flower shown – made obviously to attract insects who would then pollinate them.

  2. Dolores KOZLOWSKI

    I have to be honest I am not a big fan of frogs and bugs – but after watching that video,I found myself cheering for the ones who managed to get away. It reminded me in a way of how we are so easily grabbed by evil, if we aren’t alert and careful. Thank You Jesus for saving us from the teeth of the devil.

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